Hippies Vs. Occupy Wall Street

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Hippies Vs. Occupy Wall Street – Love Has Staying Power!

The Hippies – Fighting Hate With Love Vs. OWS – Fighting Frustration With Hate:

Occupy Wall Street failed where others succeeded – WHY? Let me explain why I think it failed, the lessons that should be learned and the connections it might have to Young Naturists America as well as other nudist organizations.

So what was Occupy Wall Street? Basically it was an anarchist “leaderless” movement that, simply put, wanted to end capitalism. They offered up no real solutions to any of the problems but protested the things they did not approve of in society today.


Hippies Fight Hate With Love

Their name says it all — “Occupy Wall Street” — is a call to action for people to “Occupy” an area of New York City that does not belong to them (they were basically Squatting and claiming their right to a section of the city regardless of any inconveniences or issues that it may have caused).

The Occupy movement bears a striking resemblance to Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin’s “New Left” movement of the late 60’s and early 70’s. Both the New Left and Occupy movements attracted frustrated people who lost all confidence in the economic and political systems in the United States. Both were out to shake up the status quo with the hopes of conducting a social revolution / social coup.

Neither were really looking to solve the issues and work within the current system. They did not believe in the election system nor did they feel that any change could be brought about unless the administrations were to be taken over and reconstructed from scratch. There were no established goals or benchmarks for success and both were more revolutionaries than “evolutionaries.” They both used negativity to bring attention to their efforts and getting arrested on national TV was considered awesome!

OWS March On The Brooklyn Bridge

OWS March On The Brooklyn Bridge

In the case of Occupy Wall Street, the people behind the scenes, pulling the strings, used deception and flat out lies to get attention. With the aid of some reporters they put out fake announcements to attract attention.

Their first big hoax was their announcement that Radio Head (a popular music band) was going to preform when in fact, no such event was planned. People flocked by hundreds to see the band preform and once they got there, they were greeted by scores of Occupiers who began preaching. Needless to say, many people were put off by this publicity stunt, but at the same time it gave OWS the opportunity to address hundreds of new potential supporters. Those that stayed must have quickly forgotten that they were lied to.

In stark contrast to the New Left (and the OWS ideals) was the hippie movement. The hippie movement, which was part of the “Old Left,” was out to address specific social issues and wanted to create something new rather than destroy the existing system. Hippies wanted to end the war in Vietnam, they wanted equal rights, more tolerance and used positive messages to gain support.

Each of the above movements appealed to very different demographics. The hippie movement of the late sixties sparked something within a specific demographic that believed in nonviolent ways to address issues. They attracted people from all over America and ignited something with artists such as Joan Baez, CCR, Janis Joplin, The Grateful Dead and others who all dropped what they were doing and went to support the cause in a little known town in New York called Woodstock.

Naked Hippies

Naked Hippies at Woodstock 1969

The Occupy Wall Street movement, was about anarchy and totally shattering the status quo. Since they believed that lies and misinformation were acceptable ways to get attention, they appealed to those with very different value systems (or the lack thereof) than those who supported the hippies.

Just thinking about the impact of these social movements you can see that history does have a tendency to repeat itself. The New Left got its media attention when they protested at the 1968 democratic convention in Chicago. The 8 leaders / activists were arrested and put on trial in what is now widely referred to as the trial of the Chicago 8 (Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, David Dellinger, Tom Hayden, Rennie Davis, John Froines, Lee Weiner and Bobby Seale). But shortly thereafter, these leaders and the movement they created dwindled and pretty much disappeared without making as much of an impact as they would have liked.

Chicago 8

The Original Chicago 8

Occupy Wall Street is going through the same thing. They set out to topple the status quo and have very little to show by way of positive impacts. The hippie movement faded over the years as well, but they created a legacy that is felt and talked about to this very day. Their achievements in areas of civil rights and the Vietnam War had a significant impact on the United States. They also had a clear impact on the arts in all its various facets. Their ideals are echoing still today in music, art, and in everyday life.

What I am basically trying to say is that while anger and rage are strong motivators, Love has staying power. Young Naturists America is not about taking away, it’s about building on what currently exists and trying to correct much of the social issues that plague society today. We are not leeching off of others’ success, we are building a subculture that is complete independent and different.

Make Love Not War

Make Love Not War

Beginnings are tough and messy. It is easy to hate, but it takes much willpower to forgive. We are faced with many obstacles and people who, at the drop of a hat, will start creating drama. We have decided to let them rant while we continue on with our work. We are not looking to be the biggest social awareness or naturist group. We care about people and want to help them regardless of whether they are members of YNA or not.

We are far more in line with the hippie ideals of working for change. We hold our members to a high moral and ethical value system and believe in the ability of people / organizations working together to achieve a common goal. We try to unite people and to create discussions because we believe that through debating we can achieve a better understanding of what people are about and what organizations truly stand for.

We hope that others will follow our lead and stop spreading hate. At the end of the day – Love Has Staying Power!

Young Naturists And Nudists America YNA

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Jordan Blum is a lifelong nudie and co-founder of Young Naturists America.
  • jdi801

    Clueless. You weren’t there.

  • jdi801

    It seems no one under 50 has a clue about who the hippies were. The guy putting a flower in the muzzle of the rifle in the first photo? Not a hippie, just a student at Kent State before the shootings. Hippies were mainly about free love, recreational drugs, and fighting fire with love. Some did protest Vietnam, but most of the war protesters were the very kids who were at risk of being drafted and sent over. Hippies for the most part, were hedonists, wanting to live their lives without interference.

  • Pseudonymasaurus

    Jordan I love ya but…
    Hippies were a group of entitled boomers who thought that going to a big concert was the same thing as actually doing something (this is the generation that invented slacktivism), and held a weird belief that their particular brand of pop music would somehow magically change civilization.
    They had little to nothing to do with the actual civil rights victories of the 60’s, most of which came before hippies were on the scene anyway. Nor did they succeed in ending Vietnam, which was their raison d’etre (on that topic, their attitude toward returning veterans wasn’t exactly “loving”). And it’s worth pointing out that later in life they wound up voting in Reagan, becoming helicopter parents, hating their kids music (rap and hip hop) just as much as their own parents hated rock and roll, and today they greedily protect their entitlements with no sense of the sacrifice their parents made for them or the sacrifices they’re forcing their children to make to support their retirement. How is that success?
    If you want to emulate people who created lasting movements that accomplished things, then look to the people responsible for the movements in that era that actually did that. Take lessons from civil rights leaders, women’s rights leaders, gay rights leaders, the environmental movement. All managed to bring about real, lasting change to our society, while hippies were busy listening to music.
    Mind you, I’m not a defender of OWS either. They came onto the scene with legitimate grievances against the economic system – inequality, education costs, etc – and then decided that the best way to address that was with drum circles in zucotti park rather than organizing those people to vote (which the Tea Party had done to great effect only a year prior).
    The real lesson from both OWS and hippies is that if you’re not working in the political system towards the change you want to see then you’re just pissing into the wind. Worse than useless, IMHO.

    • @Pseudonymasaurus If that rationale was true, then YNA would not exist. Everyone would be working diligently within TNA and AANR to “change the system.” And that ain’t happenin’…

    • @Pseudonymasaurus If that rationale was true, then YNA would not exist. Everyone would be working diligently within TNS and AANR to “change the system.” And that ain’t happenin’…

    • You Know I love you too but you are way off here… you are also making broad general points that don’t fit the entire movement.

  • All-Nudist

    Good article and food for thought. Violence is rarely the best way to win people’s hearts and minds!
    (Psst. It was the ’68 ‘Police Riot’, as the Warren commission dubbed it; ’72 was in Miami)

    • jblumyna

      @All-Nudist You are 100% correct my bad! Thanks for pointing it out :)

  • StuartRyals

    I think that when you demonstrate and act with and for the posiitive value of all people then you support the right and dignity of each individual to be as they are. This may not be as catchy a phrase as “Love not War” yet I believe it is the underlying value and it resonates with the most human(and spritual) part in each of us.

  • natureboy1776

    Still can’t understand any goal of the occupy movement. I thought it was all in protest of Felicity’s arrest days earlier.

    • jblumyna

      The OWS is an anarchist movement… they dont have set goals, just complaints.

  • Wojo Walter John Deptuch

    your right I misread the first line

  • Dave Beeman

    Jordan did a good job with this.

  • Walter Wojo Deptuch

    your right I misread the first line

  • Felicity’s Blog

    If you check out the article, you’ll see it’s not OWS that succeeded..

  • Walter Wojo Deptuch

    while I like the message of OWS and I don’t think they are a bad group. In what way have they succeeded?

  • Wojo Walter John Deptuch

    while I like the message of OWS and I don’t think they are a bad group. In what way have they succeeded?