Hippie Hollow Park In TX Was My First Experience With Nudism

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My Experience at Hippie Hollow Park

A Hippie Hollow Review and Experience:

Hippie Hollow Park In TX – As a college student at UT-Austin, I spent many enjoyable hours at nearby Lake Travis. My friends and I would drive to one of the many small coves on the lake and spend the afternoon swimming, windsurfing, or just soaking up Texas sunshine.

Lake Travis is a recreational beacon for Austin. It is a man-made lake, one of the clearest lakes in Texas, and was created when the Mansfield Dam, constructed between the years of 1937 and 1941, impounded the Colorado River. It is surrounded by 270 miles of shore with numerous secluded coves, and it’s been stocked with many species of important game fish.

I’m not much of a fisherman. I can’t even swim, so the scuba diving and windsurfing activities weren’t especially attractive to me. I went to sunbathe and hang out with my friends. I also went to check out something that one of my classmates casually mentioned to me one day at lunch: Hippie Hollow Park was a nudist beach.

Hippie Hollow was one of the many secluded coves of Lake Travis. It wasn’t any nicer or worse than the other coves, but the nudist aspect was of great interest to me as a young college male.

Woman Sunbathing Topless at Hippie Hollow Park in Texas by YNA

Topless Woman Sunbathing at Hippie Hollow Park in Texas

I’d never been to a nude beach before. To be honest, at that time I’d never seen many naked people in any setting, but that was my primary interest in Hippie Hollow. I imagined it to be some wonderland of naked college women who would be lounging around on the shore for free viewing. In some of my more excited moments, I imagined naked volleyball competitions, naked Frisbee, and naked gymnastics. The suitability of a beach for gymnastics, clothed or unclothed, never entered into my hormone-driven thoughts.

One of my college friends was a young woman from France. She had a very nonchalant attitude towards nude beaches. They are, apparently, not a big deal in France. When I kept returning to this topic again and again, she finally asked me if I would like to go to Hippie Hollow Park with her and her friends that weekend. I agreed immediately.

Swiming Naked at Hippie Hollow Park by YNA

Swiming Naked at Hippie Hollow Park

Her casual attitude toward nudity didn’t extend as far as sex. I had already asked her. To her, nude sunbathing and sex were vastly different things. When we arrived at the cove, she removed her top and cut-off shorts at the car. She wore bikini bottoms, but no top. She looked at me, standing there staring at her breasts, and advised me to calm down before we left the car. I can’t quite describe her attitude. It was like pity, humor, and disdain all rolled into one.

After thinking about calculus for a moment, I removed my swimming trunks, wrapped myself in a beach towel, and followed her to the beach. As soon as the path exited the surrounding shrubs, my dreams were shattered. Most of the people at the beach were old. They were 40-something, or even older. Many had weathered skin and white or gray hair. The vast majority of them were male. There were a few topless women there, but none went bottomless. We sat with my friend’s friends, all of whom were men, and a Swede named Gunnar kept making jokes with me about sunscreen lotion.

The people at Hippie Hollow barbecued lunches. They skinny dipped. They listened to cassette tapes on boom boxes, and they lay on blankets drinking wine coolers, water, or Diet Cokes. Some people played Frisbee, but there was no nude volleyball. There were certainly no gymnastics.

Hippie Hollow was not about sex. It wasn’t even really about nudism. The culture of that place was more about relaxation and attuning to nature. I was much too shallow to realize it at the time, but hindsight has a clarity that youthful acuity can never match. The fact that Gunnar seemed to understand, wile I did not, that the nudist culture was about much more than naked bodies or sexual urges bothers me to this day.

That was almost 25 years ago. While my youthful sex drive has diminished to a biweekly formality with my wife of 15 years, Hippie Hollow has grown to a clothing optional park that encompasses 109 acres of Texas hill country. The fact that one of those two things has flourished while the other has nearly disappeared should give curious new visitors something to ponder.

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  • jimmysimons84

    So far, the only time I have been to Hippie Hollow was about six years ago. I have always been totally fascinated about being naked outside, and had fantasized about being in a place where I could be naked with other people outside. After living in south Austin for a couple of years, on a day off from work, and on a day when my wife worked and unknown to her (because she totally would not have approved of my being around naked women), I drove out to Hippie Hollow. I did not know what to expect. I pulled into the parking lot after paying a small day fee at the ranger station, parked and decided the best course of action would be to walk off into the trees, then get naked, instead of doing so in the parking lot. It was exhilarating to be walking through the trees towards the lake, knowing it was o. k. to take my clothes off, get naked with other people around and walk around. There were signs placed every so often saying sexual activity was not allowed and that the park ranger makes frequent walk throughs to make sure everything is o. k. Some of the first people I saw was a couple right on the edge of the lake. The guy was lying on his stomach on a large flat rock, and his big breasted wife was standing facing me, giving him a massage. I didn’t want to be too obvious, but if I could have found a place to sit and watch them (her) I would have. I thought it would have been great to have sat watching her give him a massage while I was visibly aroused. As it was, I went walking around, just seeing the place. I found some flat rocks down lake side and sat down, with my legs over the edge above the water. After a while, I got up and walked all the way around Hippie Hollow, to the left of the parking lot. It was an interesting re-con, and when I go next time, maybe I won’t be as nervous and will find other people to be with.

    • FelicityJones

       @jimmysimons84 Hey thanks for your sharing your experience BUT please know that “watching someone while aroused” or even just hanging out with an erection is considered unwelcome overt sexual behavior, and it’s inappropriate at nude beaches, nudist clubs and resorts. Please check out our article about nudism and sexuality - http://nudistnaturistamerica.org/nudism-and-sexuality 

    • WalkLightly

      Do you think other people are going to want to be with you there if you are going to be “visibly aroused”? Nudist beaches exist only for people to enjoy the beach as normal and without clothing if they so like. The No Sexual Activity signs are there to remind visitors that no sexual activity is permitted. Beaches are not for people to get their cheap thrills whilst stareing at other people.

      • jimmysimons84

         @WalkLightly People can choose, or not, to go naked, whatever suits their fancy. That is a choice. It would be my choice if I chose to sit where I could watch a couple doing massages. Becoming aroused happens in response to the environment – whether naked walking at a park, with or without other people present, or walking through a group orgy at someone’s house, and is a natural reaction and occurrence. If you are going to a nude beach or park, you can’t go there expecting not to see a man aroused.

        • WalkLightly

          Yes, becoming aroused happens in response to the environment but civilized people learn to control their behaviour when in public, so as not to offend others. A “group orgy at someones house” is where sexual arousal is expected but at a nude beach it is not. Nude beaches are for families just like regular beaches are. Everyones behaviour at a Nude beach should be the same as if they were at a regular beach. People don’t expect to see aroused men at regular beaches so why should they have to see it at a nude beach?
          I understand that many nude beaches etc are blighted by aroused males displaying themselves for their own gratification but this does not make it alright and acceptable.
          You can help to preserve these places by respecting the public and learning self control, whilst enjoying the simple pleasures that nude recreation brings.

    • nomadicnudist

       @jimmysimons84 Wait, a minute.  You don’t tell your wife and you get aroused at nudist gatherings?  That’s exactly what most of us don’t want.  Please tell your wife or stop going.  You owe your relationship that much honesty.

      • jimmysimons84

         @nomadicnudist  @jimmysimons84 Hey, I just wrote about my personal experience at going to a nude beach, and my impression and how I felt about it. I guess maybe I shouldn’t have been so honest and open. Of course, even though the two of you decided to write and give your opinion about how wrong it is for an aroused male to show up at a nude beach where there are naked women(what’s wrong with this picture?), and to tell me if I’m not going to tell my wife to stop going, the ball is always in my court as to whether to consider your opinions or chalk them up to someone that doesn’t understand because they don’t have all the answers, etc., etc. So far, all I have heard are opinions, nothing based on fact, or science. If you see an aroused male at a nude beach, don’t assume he is there to ogle the women. He might be on a natural high like I get when I am outside naked. It just feels so good!

        • FelicityJones

           @jimmysimons84  @nomadicnudist You’re right, maybe he’s there to ogle the men. No matter what reason you would claim for having an erection, whether it be due to a “natural high” or from being a voyeur, it is still unacceptable behavior to walk around with an erection on a nude beach. And we are not talking about what is “natural,” here or “natural” reactions, we are talking about what is *appropriate*. The biological purpose of getting aroused is to have sex. Nude beaches are not the place for open sexual behavior. Any nudist resort or club would kick you out for flaunting an erection. I think the rangers at nude beaches would likely do the same. 

        • jimmysimons84

           @FelicityJones  @jimmysimons84  @nomadicnudist I’m beginning to wonder if I am in communication with another planet.  In my experience, I have never seen, or heard, of any of the actions Felicity or nomad have mentioned. Maybe I am in communication with nudists, or naturists, who are on  crack. If so, please stop using the internet to give a voice to your wild ideas. The places I have gone have been fine with “whatever” as long as no sexual activity with one’s self or with another person takes place. I think it is just my luck to have picked the site where the crazy women like to go.

        •  @jimmysimons84  @FelicityJones  @nomadicnudist If you don’t like what we’re saying, you can leave. 

        • FelicityJones

           @jimmysimons84  @nomadicnudist If you don’t like what we’re saying, you can leave.

        • jimmysimons84

           @FelicityJones  @jimmysimons84  @nomadicnudist Or just be quiet and let everybody wonder what I’m REALLY up to!

        • nomadicnudist

          @jimmysimons84  @FelicityJones 
          Whatever, Jimmy.  You’re the one who’s getting defensive for being called out for not controlling yourself or not being honest with your wife.  So you DO actually know what is right and wrong in public, you just aren’t acting on that knowledge.  
          Jimmy, I apologize for what I said about your marriage.  You are correct, I should not have held you up to the standards I have for my marriage and I should not have told you what to do. Personally, I wouldn’t do something that I couldn’t admit to my wife.  My wife is very modest in public and rarely goes anywhere clothing optional. She never disrobes publicly.  She has known all along that I am a naturist and she is fine with me going to nudist gatherings.  She and I trust each other 100% and I assume that other couples simply have that same respect.