Heartland Naturists in Kansas City Reviewed

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Dan of YNA KC Reviews the Heartland Naturists of Kansas City

Review of the Heartland Naturists:

Heartland Naturists – We have discovered (though it wasn’t difficult to do) the Heartland Naturists here in Kansas City!! We found them on the Internet, of course. After a few emails back and forth and an initial background check for security purposes, we were invited to attend a nude swim with them. Being new and not knowing anyone, we were not sure what to expect. We traveled to the location, a privately-owned saltwater pool, paid our non-member fee and walked into a warm social nude swim and naked pool party / gathering setting.

It was around 8:30 pm and thus dark outside. The inside was not brightly lit, just enough to meet new faces and see who you were talking to. The cool part…they also had a few small water slides! We met older people, younger people, people of all shapes, sizes and ethnicity. It was absolutely delightful. We immediately felt comfortable and welcome. The group didn’t boast a large member base but we were pleased to see about 50 or so individuals there, and attendance is growing!

The Heartland Naturist group are a non-landed group based in Kansas City with a rather pleasant team of leaders and members. According to their website, “the Heartland Naturists is open to singles, couples, and families of all races, orientations, scars of life, or disability.” They “strive to accept everyone based on their personality alone.”

We left the pool, around 10 pm, feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and like we had made new friends. We followed one member to a restaurant where around 15 of us had dinner and lively discussion, met more interesting people, had a lot of laughs and filled our bellies! That was our first encounter with Heartland Naturists (HN) members. Our next encounter was not with HN per se.

We were invited by a younger nudist couple to a house where there were only 6 of us lounging around, eating finger foods and shooting the breeze. We listened to a variety of music, spoke on numerous topics (including YNA) and played card games until 1 am when my lady and I had to leave. However short the visit may have seemed, it was a pleasurable experience with such a small group and I feel as if we may have stepped that much closer to making lifelong naturist friends.

heartland naturists nude swim kansas city yna missouri

Heartland Naturists Nude Pool Party

Our third encounter with “the group” was what they had dubbed “game night.” We were invited to an HN member’s home. It turned out that three of them lived there, and the place was HUGE! Built in the late 1800’s, it had been the private residence of some well-known people, a nursing home (as many large homes were at one time) and now, again a private residence. They purchased the place over 10 years ago and have been reconstructing it ever since. It was a great experience to see the “bones” of the structure and you could feel the history therein.

We had pizza for dinner and many members brought deserts. We had a tour of the house, played board and card games, and ended with a game of hilariously fun charades! Great people and great experiences. It was a very comfortable atmosphere.

We are so thankful to have met the members of the Heartland Naturists and to have been accepted into their society. One of the best parts is that they are not in this to make money. They just want to be able to live how they see fit!

We hope to be able to help increase their numbers, as we grow our own new group, YNA Kansas City.

Nude swims are monthly, and I’m certain they will be having more nudist activities in the future. This will definitely help get us through the winter here in Kansas City!

So check them out, it’s worth it! http://www.heartlandnaturists.com/

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Dan Stark is the leader of the YNA Kansas City chapter. He discovered naturism in the summer of 2013 and is now an enthusiastic supporter of the nudie life (along with his girlfriend).
  • SteveYnaNY

    Great experience and a really active group. We are working hard to get a core group
    going along similar lines here at YNA Upstate NY and it’s difficult to get people
    together, so hats off to Heartland Naturists!

  • IanJamesPatterson

    I love their inclusive attitude.

  • Christopher Judson

    Looks like the southern Maine swims I like to go to