Clothing Optional Resorts Guide

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A Comprehensive Guide to Clothing Optional Resorts

Questions and Answers About Clothing Optional Resorts:

Thinking of visiting clothing optional resorts? The first visit to a nudist resort or other nudist location may feel like an intimidating experience. If you are new to nudism and naturism, then many locations or resorts are capable and willing to help you feel better adjusted. They may do this by either slowly introducing you or by allowing you the option to undress as you feel comfortable. It may also help to inquire before visiting whether it is a strictly nude resort or if clothing is optional until you are more relaxed.

Clothing Optional Resorts Packing Guide:

Packing for a trip to a clothing optional resort may seem a little confusing. That said, it is important to bring at least some clothing in case there are situations where being dressed is more practical. The use of towels is also encouraged to both rest on and cover up as needed. Cameras are generally frowned upon so it may not be ideal to bring any unless otherwise noted. Bring plenty of sun-block or sunscreen, sunglasses or other toiletries as needed as you would on any other trip.

Those with pets or children should ask ahead of time whether they are allowed. Also, make sure to ask if any special accommodations need to be made for them. Some resorts may be adults-only or a pet free location.

Clothing Optional Resorts that are adult only

Adults-only is not always to be taken as adult-themed behavior, it may just mean that adults or couples may be more free than they could if children were present.

What to expect at Clothing Optional Resorts:

The most important thing to expect when visiting clothing optional resorts or locations is that other guests will be in various states of nudity. It is a completely natural way to be and these resorts offer guests a place to be to enjoy this without the worry of interruptions.

Locations that offer a clothing optional environment can be a good place to become accustomed to and comfortable with social nudity without feeling pressured to participate right away.

Clothing Optional Resorts

Clothing Optional Resorts

Five Tips for Visiting a Clothing Optional Resort

If you are curious about the naturist lifestyle, there is no safer way to experiment than through a visit to a clothing optional resort. These resorts are much like any other resort, but they allow you to enjoy your vacation in the nude (if you prefer). To ensure you get the full experience, consider these five tips for visiting a clothing optional resort:

1. Stay in a legitimate clothing optional resort for an authentic naturist experience without awkward stares.

To get an authentic naturist experience, you have to visit a clothing optional or naturist resort that offers a true nudist environment. You will find legitimate nudists at these resorts, as well as others with a legitimate interest in exploring the nudist culture. What you will not find are the many people who flock to public nudist beaches just to gawk.

2. Study your chosen clothing optional resort online and in literature prior to your visit.

All clothing optional resorts have different rules, amenities, and scheduled activities. Some are located on private beaches and offer on-site entertainment, dining, spa services, and group activities. Make sure that you understand and can abide by all rules of your chosen resort.

If you are traveling with children, make sure you do not book at an adult-only resort. Some resorts prefer to keep their clientele free of minors, but this does not mean the facility is sexually oriented. It just means children are not accommodated and will not have entertainment options at those resorts.

3. Do not forget the sunscreen when visiting a clothing optional resort!

If you do decide to take it all off and fully immerse yourself in the naturist lifestyle, you will need some sunscreen. Full-body sunburn is nothing you want to experience, so lather up before you head out to the beach to soak up the sun and play in the sand.

4. If this is your visit to a clothing optional resort the keep an open mind and try new things.
Even if it means stepping slightly out of your comfort zone.

Visiting a clothing optional resort will force most people to step outside of their comfort zone. So you are not alone if you feel nervous. Spend some time observing others. Keep your mind open to new experiences. Give yourself time to get comfortable and this will be an experience you may never forget.

5. Never strip down naked without a towel handy.

Nudists are always conscious of basic sanitary and safety rules. One of the most important rules is: never sit down on any piece of furniture in the nude without placing a towel underneath your body! Some nudists prescribe to this rule in their own homes. But all prescribe to it when sitting on public furniture. This rule of etiquette should be followed at any clothing optional resort!

You should plan your clothing optional resort visit just as you would plan any other trip (with the exception of some issues highlighted in these tips). You will meet interesting people. You will see just how normal it is and how little it may differ from a textile resort. You will see firsthand why nudism is becoming more popular around the world.

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  • Pennsylvania Insure

    Great details here, better yet to discover out your blog which is fantastic. Nicely done!!!

  • All-Nudist

    Great advice, and the only thing we’d add is to emphasize #1 & 2; make sure the resort you’re going to is what you expect it to be.  There are ‘nudist/naturist’ or ‘clothing optional’ resorts which cater to the swinging lifestyle without actually coming right out and saying so.
    When booking, specifically ask about their policies regarding that activity and press them for assurances that it is the kind of place you want to be.  It can ruin a holiday to find yourself in an uncomfortable situation.
    It also should be clarified that affiliation with a national organization means little when it comes to resort policies.  Affiliation means only that a venue agrees to abide by that organization’s general guidelines, not that you are guaranteed any level of quality, service, or behavioral standards.  That sticker in the window is better than nothing, but do your own homework too!
    That said, most resorts will make every effort to make your stay as pleasant as possible; they want you back and don’t want you to go home and tell everyone what a terrible time you had!

  • Armando

    Hi to who ever this goes to… I'm fairly new to this lifestyle and enjoy it thus far. Just wondering how to get more into it. For instance, where is there a resort or location in NY or close by..? Thanx