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Guide to The Sex Positive Movement

The sex positive movement embraces a cultural philosophy that stems from the idea that sex and human sexuality can be a positive force in one’s life.

This sex positive community promotes the acceptance of everyone’s sexual choices and lifestyles within safe and consensual environments. Sex positivity always includes the idea of consent and agreement of partners as a crucial aspect of sexual behavior and emphasizes the use of safe sex practices and healthy habits in the course of chosen activities.

The central characteristic of the sex positive culture is that it rejects the notion that sex is somehow shameful or bad and instead tries to promote a positive view of natural urges, sexual pleasure, and diversity.

The Sex Positive Movement by YNA

The Sex Positive Movement

The Basics of Sex positive:

Sex positive celebrates sex as natural and healthy. All forms of consensual sex are acknowledged and accepted within the movement. There are no moral judgments about choice of sexual activities, preference of partners, or erotic experimentation. The sex positive movement promotes equality for the LGBT, queer and alternative lifestyle communities. Sexual diversity is open to be explored and celebrated. Within the sex positive attitude, varied sexual practices such as masturbation, BDSM, polyamory, and role-playing can be safely embraced ways to explore intimacy and pleasure.

Sex Positive Attitude:

Having an open attitude about sex, human desire, and intimacy can really help us feel more confident, comfortable, and content with our lives. Since the sex positive philosophy is all about acceptance, many people feel liberated and happy when they leave their biases and shame behind. Learning to love and value our own bodies is a crucial process of the movement. Sexual wants and needs are nothing to feel guilty about; the sex positive community is a safe place for people to explore who they are and who they want without the damaging criticisms of the traditionally sex negative aspects of society.

Perhaps the most constructive part of the sex positive movement is that it gives people the ability to respect their sexuality and good reasons to value pleasure in their life. Sex is important! It is a normal aspect of relationships, it feels good, it relieves stress, and it’s just plain fun and exciting. Sex positivity means accepting sexuality as an integral and essential part of ourselves and our lives. This also lets us accept people for who they are on deeper levels. Beyond the personal aspects of sex positivity, there is also a social aim. The sex positive movement strives for a world in which everyone feels comfortable with themselves and doesn’t harbor judgments against others based on their sexual preferences.

The movement includes such a wide range of people and philosophies that events for people interested in sex positivity are as diverse as the community itself. Sex positive activities can include public happenings like gay pride parades and festivals, or they can be more intimate affairs like swinger socials and poly-amorous dating groups. Because human sexuality is fluid and open, there is much to explore and room enough for everyone.

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Jordan Blum is a lifelong nudie and co-founder of Young Naturists America.
  • zharth

    This sounds wonderful! Unfortunately, most sex positive individuals I’ve come across still have some sexual hangups and fall more or less short of this ideal. But we should have something to strive toward!

  • Eddie Gamble

    I was surprised to see this article and to find it associated with other articles of a nudist nature. I’ve often thought about the unnatural rejection of sexuality by promoters of the nudist/naturist movement, and especially how nudists are so preoccupied with acceptance by the textile world that they forget to be accepting themselves of the sex positive movement or nudists who aren’t afraid to talk about or indulge in sexual activities.
    It’s OK to be a non-sexual nudist and to refrain from mixing the two in a nudist environment, but I think that sometimes “hard core” nudists go a little overboard with it. It’s not easy to stop yourself from looking at a beautiful, sexy girl’s breasts, especially if she’s nude, yet we’re expected to avoid that, it’s sexual.
    I, for one, am turned on by the sight of a pretty woman who is nude,,,not to the point of obvious arousal, but to a point where I have to be careful not to get caught liking it.
    If I joined the sex positive movement, would I still be allowed to go to AANR sanctioned resorts, even if I promised to behave? (Which seems kind of silly, anyway).

  • UNYBill

    Good article. Just be prepared for the onslaught from critics of the sex positive movement.

  • ChrisRidgepart

    Check out CatalystCon East
     Sparking Communication in sexuality, activism and acceptance.
    March 15 – 17, 2013
    Washington, DC