Does a Girl’s Breast Size Affect Her Self-Esteem

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Breast size and Their Affect On A Girl’s Body Image

(By Melissa Dejanude)

Breast Size and Self Esteem Issues For Girls:

As a little girl, most of my friends were boys. It wasn’t that I didn’t have female friends, I was simply a tomboy who preferred the ruff-and-tumble style of play that I could engage in with boys. It wasn’t until one fateful day in the fifth grade that I began to re-evaluate my choice of playmates.

I was sitting at my desk, when a group of male classmates informed me that I had won first place in a poll that decided which of the girls in class had the largest breasts. I immediately began to feel a sense of discomfort in knowing that the people who I considered to be my friends were actually looking at me as a sexual object.

I had always loved being able to get along with both girls and my male counterparts, but that day changed my ability to do that. Although I resented them for making me feel that way, the end result was a sense of shame about my own breasts.

As most girls in my class could not wait until their budding breasts peaked, I, on the other hand, could not wait for mine to stop growing. While many girls my age began wearing padded and push up bra, I, on the other hand, stuck to the models that would minimize them. But my breasts never went away and I was made even more aware of them once other girls began making comments.

Breast Size and Self Esteem By YNA

Breast Size and Self Esteem

I finally came to the realization that there was nothing that I could do about my breasts or breast size, at the end of junior high. Once I entered high school, I became surrounded by older girls with much more developed figures. Suddenly I was no longer faced with the issue of being the only top heavy girl on campus, but then a new issue surfaced: I felt underdeveloped.

In comparison to seventeen year old young women, a fourteen year old’s body pales in comparison. I felt a sense of insecurity and inadequacy when I looked at them, and that did not feel any better than what I felt before.

As my body continued to change and grade levels above me eventually moved on, I was again put in a familiar position: the large breasted girl on campus. Although it was not a new experience, it was still painful to realize that people no longer saw me for me; they only saw what was on the outside.

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  • Lynda

    Women in North America including Laci Green who is a disgrace to women everywhere acts like the rules don’t apply to her but it does to all men. If they say my breasts are pretty from a stranger at a mall and in a supermarket automatically must get easily offended at that and must use my imaginary hurt feelings as a excuse to deceive Gerald Ford and all of North America’s leaders into passing a sexual lets lie about men’s compliments because that will make us look good if we harass them and get away with it hassling law.

  • Mohammed Ali Singh

    You a so-called sexual object? What? Makes me laugh my ass off. Your self-conscience about that? There are worse things in the world then hearing a man compliment your bosom and cleavage. By the way North America should have never passed the satanic lie of sexual harassment as a law.

  • I bet growth hormones in meat and dairy make breasts bigger. A lot of pollutants such as car exhaust contain estrogen and are probably a big
    reason why women have bigger breasts than they did long ago.  If a girl wants to stop her breasts from
    growing she should stop eating foods with growth hormones and maybe rub stuff on
    them like testosterone.  Testosterone level
    has a lot to do with breast size. An adult male will start growing breasts
    within 10-23 days of castration. In
    India they castrate boys before puberty and they often get full size breasts.