Gay Rights and Young Naturists America

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Young Naturists America On Gay Rights

The Issue Of Gay Marriage / Gay Rights

Gay Rights – Last night, prompted by a Fox News segment, we posted the following post about gay rights on our official Young Naturists America Facebook Page Wall:

“Attn: Fox News !!!

We at YNA want to abolish the term marriage from the legislators’ vocabulary! Civil unions only!

Marriage is a religious term only!

Gregory Angelo told Mike Huckabee that there are too many laws and legislation that have the word “marriage” in them and that disentangling them would be almost impossible… Young Naturists America is willing to step up and help explain to the government how to use the “find and replace” function in online text!

Grow up and move on! Separation of Church and state for crying out loud!”

This post prompted two comments that I would like to address in more detail.

Gay rights

Gay Rights

Gay Rights Post Comment / Question #1:

  • “Although I totally understand where this is coming from, the bit about “civil unions only” gives me the idea that this page is anti-equality. Can you elaborate?”

Great question! For years, I personally have been advocating for this new approach to gay rights and marriage. Based on my world view, which is also part of the YNA philosophy, there needs to be a clear cut differentiation between church and state. The job of the government is to take care of its citizens – all of them! “We are all created equal” are not just words, they are a value system which needs to be upheld.

Today, when people want to be recognized as an “official” couple, they get “married.” Individuals can go down to City Hall and apply for a marriage license. What I am suggesting is simple – states should issue only civil union certificates.

If people want a piece of paper that uses the term “Marriage,” they should only be able to get it from a religious institution.

Words mean a lot and their meanings can stir up much emotion. By eliminating the term from the government’s record, we could finally take a step towards recognizing the fact that government is there to take of its citizens’ needs.

Religious institutions are like private organizations. They can and do discriminate based on their beliefs and religious doctrine. But a government should be a place where all law-abiding citizens are treated equally regardless of race, religion, sexuality and so forth.

By eliminating the term marriage we eliminate religion from the process. Religious institutions will no longer be able to to argue that gay rights are, in some way, infringing on their religious beliefs or morals. It changes the piece of paper from being a religious one to a completely secular one.

Gay Rights Post Comment / Questions #2:

  • “You do not have to have a civil union and gay to be nudist so why talk about it on here? Maybe safer to say about nude unions and nude freedom and top freedom.”

Young Naturists America is not just about nudism or “nude recreation.” There are other organizations that are solely focused on the nudity. YNA is focused on the individual as well as the core social issues that we believe need to be addressed. Gay rights are one issue that we have a problem with. Governments should not be looking at what an individual’s sexual preferences are. All government should look at is a person’s track record as a citizen.

For us, the social nudity is more of a means to an end. A way to break down social barriers and promote acceptance.

Gay Rights by: Young Naturists And Nudists America YNA

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  • Joe Brownrigg

    This would be an excellent idea. This is what is already practiced in many European countries and it works just fine!!