Ga’ash Nude Beach In Israel Reviewed

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Review of Gaash Nude Beach Near Tel Aviv, Israel

During our trip to Israel last spring, we had the opportunity to visit one other nude beach in addition to the Dead Sea. This was Gaash Beach on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, just north of Tel Aviv. (Ga’ash is technically the correct spelling, but online it’s spelled with and without the apostrophe.)

The nude beach gets its name from the nearby Kibbutz called Ga’ash. It has been known as an unofficial nude beach for many years, though I don’t know exactly for how long. It also has a well-established reputation as a gay beach. When you search for Gaash Beach online, a few gay websites come up first with a little bit of (outdated) information about the nude beach and how to get there.

Jordan had been to this Kibbutz and beach a long time ago. With his memory of the area and our GPS and smartphone maps, we figured we’d be able to find it well enough. Well, that is not what happened…instead we got very lost!

We were first under the mistaken assumption that the beach would be simple to find once we were in Kibbutz Ga’ash. The problem was, the area had changed quite a bit and certain roads were blocked off due to construction. So we stopped and asked for directions a few times. Still, we couldn’t figure out how to get there. The little bit of information we could find online wasn’t helping either.

After driving into the adjacent Kibbutz Shefayim and wandering through a shopping center, Jordan observed a car driving off on a dirt road. On a hunch, he veered off the main road to follow it. We drove along a dirt road which quickly turned into soft, deep sand. After a few minutes of off-roading…lo and behold, we ended up at a beach parking lot! But would this lead us to the nude beach???

gaash beach israel parking lot nude beach review yna

Parking lot at Gaash Beach

gaash beach trash cleanup sign israel young naturists america

Gaash Beach entrance sign reading: “Hello to the pretty people. When you are done having fun at our beach, you must dispose of your trash in our trash bin which is located in the parking lot, so that we could all continue to enjoy the clean beach.”

We wouldn’t know until embarking on the winding sand path down to the beach / water. The beach here is located beneath towering sand cliffs all along the coastline. From up above this makes for a spectacular view of the Mediterranean Sea.

gaash beach mediterranean sea boat view nude beach review yna

View of a boat on the Mediterranean Sea at Gaash Beach

gaash beach israel path nude beach review yna

Jordan walking the sand path down to Gaash Beach

Down at the end of the path, we came onto the beach where some people and a family with kids were hanging out in swimsuits. A sign to our left marked the start of an “Unauthorized Swimming Zone” with no lifeguard. Other signs warned of cliff landslides. We headed off into the “unauthorized” zone hoping to find a nudie section.

gaash beach unauthorized swimming zone warning sign nude beach review yna

“Unauthorized Swimming Zone” sign

gaash beach warning sign israel yna nude beach review

Landslide warning sign

After a little bit of walking along the remote empty beach, we found a naked person! It was a young friendly guy sunbathing nude on the sand. He told us the main clothing-optional area is further down; he just didn’t feel like walking so far that day. But then he decided to walk with us and be our guide.

Further down, the beach was still practically empty but we encountered two or three other naked men. Jordan chatted with one other guy in Hebrew, who was maybe in his mid-30’s. He was a seasoned naturist who was very familiar with this beach. He told us that if we walked 15-20 minutes in the other direction, we’d find the gay section. This is also clothing-optional but he told us it was very sexually-oriented (with people having sex on the beach). We were happy to be at the strictly nudist beach.

The Gaash beach / coastline is absolutely beautiful. It’s narrow but the sand stretches for miles. And it’s clean! Older Israeli naturists (and even Jordan himself) remember this beach being really dirty and littered with garbage. But thankfully, this has changed thanks to local Israeli naturists who conduct regular beach clean-ups. There were no trash cans, but we did see a few green cloth bags laying on the sand that were full of trash. These are the bags left by the naturist cleaning brigade to be picked up and disposed of by the local Israeli national park people.

Here is a 360 degree view of the beach:

At this nude area, there were also ledges of rock that formed shallow pools. You could wade into these calm pools or observe fish and other creatures while perched on the rock. The sea was clean and not cold at all. The downside was that beyond the rocks, the waves were kind of rough (it was a choppy day) so I didn’t feel comfortable swimming out.

gaash beach mediterranean sea pool israel nude beach review yna

Shallow pool in the Mediterranean Sea

gaash nude beach review israel felicity yna

Sitting on the rock ledge in the sea

gaash nude beach israel review felicity yna flag

gaash nude beach israel mediterranean sea review felicity yna flag


gaash nude beach yna review israel

Though the other men on the beach all seemed okay, we learned that there is a more hidden creep factor here. Our new naturist friend told us that clothed people sometimes sit on the edge of the cliff in a beach chair, to just stare down at the naked people and take photos from the cliffs way up above.

Sure enough, one of these men did show up, and I did one of the few things you can do in this situation. I turned our camera on him and took his photo. And it worked because he left soon after!

He looks pretty high up and far away in this photo, but still, this spying behavior is creepy and taking photos of people is not cool.

gaash nude beach creep sand cliffs photos yna review

Creeper in the cliffs at Gaash Nude Beach

If these guys were on the actual beach and not high up on the cliff, it’d be easier to get them to leave or stop taking photos. Here in Israel are no laws against non-consensual nude photography in public (just like in the United States).

So there’s not much naturists can do it about it, aside from confronting wrong-doers and promoting nude beach etiquette. But this creep certainly didn’t ruin our afternoon or anything.

Due to getting lost, we didn’t reach Ga’ash as early as we’d wanted to, but we had a lovely hour or two in the sand and sea. We would definitely recommend checking out Gaash Beach if you get the chance!

gaash beach sand trail felicity israel nude beach review yna

Walking back up the Gaash Beach trail

gaash beach trail israel nude beach review yna

The sand trails around Gaash Beach are pretty cool too.

gaash beach trail snails nude beach review yna

We saw these small snails all over the place.

Our adventure didn’t end once we left the beach. As previously noted, we drove through some deep sand on the way in. While driving back, I lost a little control, hit the brake and our small rental car got stuck in the sand. Thankfully one of the guys we met on the beach was driving the same way and stopped to help. He got behind the wheel and drove it out with some skilled maneuvering. So drivers beware…don’t stop in the sand or keep to the side of the road.

How to get to Gaash Nude Beach

Here is a map below with a pin of where we were on the beach. I marked the parking lot, and the curvy white line is the path we took to the beach.

The road we tried to come in on is marked with a barred circle and question mark since it was closed for construction. We don’t know if or when it will reopen. The red arrow shows the road we ended up taking.

Nude beach GPS coordinates: 32.218895, 34.815621 and here’s a link to it Google maps.

Note that other directions listed online seem totally outdated and probably won’t help you find this beach.

gaash nude beach israel map directions yna

Gaash Nude Beach on Google Earth

For another naturist report on this beach, check out the Active Naturists blog.

UPDATE 10/25/15: A naturist who regularly visits Gaash sent us some additional information about the nude beach and how to get there!

“I’ve been going to Gaash Beach for many years. Here are my remarks: It is very easy and convenient to get there. You take the road from the store “Tsomet Sfarim” straight to the west. Parallel to the Village on Construction. Then you get to the Parking Lot. You can park also in the Village. In order to descend to the beach it is better to turn to the right. There is a sandy road. Not to take the path that you took. When you get to the beach you can go in either direction. Right or left / north or south. I always go to the northern section. You, it seems, were in the other direction. It is true that a bit north there is a gay beach which is sexually oriented but still you have before it a strip of maybe 1.5 Km which is okay. In my mind it’s even more nudist-friendly than the southern part where you mainly were.”

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  • naftali216

    Was in Israel in 2001 for first time an tho I had checked for nudist beaches, I couldn’t find any info.  Was a bit frustrated, although the Tel Aviv beach provided plenty of awesome eye candy.  It wasn’t until I was around the caves of Qumran that I found a nice place overlooking the Dead Sea.  There was a large boulder with a somewhat flat top and far enough back where one couldn’t really see from the road which was in the distance.  Realizing how remote it seemed, I quickly striped down and laid out on the rock to absorb the warmth of the sun.  I had set my watch to alarm in 20 mins. as I didn’t want to get burnt.  It was awesome and liberating.  While at the Dead Sea spa as I was mudding myself, women came to the trough and started to apply the mud.  after getting their body done and the open part of their breasts, they took their top off and finished covering their breasts and then pulled their bikini bottoms down enough to apply mud to their crotch area and buttocks.  While rinsing off I was also gifted with women’s naked breasts and crotches being rinsed and exposed.  I so wanted to apply the mud to my crotch and rinse it off too but was afraid I’d be arrested.  I think the women can get away with a bit more publically.  Now that I know of at least two places, my third trip will be even more exciting.

  • thisboyissilly

    gr8 review..evry detailed and straight out of heart…i had my first naturist beach experience this month in Rome…it was again a tardy task to reach to beach. Infact, i had to walk back almost 10 kms while coming back. But it was a great experience to lye down on beach in birth suit and stare at clouds and sea…

  • ShmilHamud


  • livefyrebob

    maybe we can revise Psalm 149:5 — let them be joyful on the beach