Funny Nudist Story by Diane Kawasaki – I Was Naked In Public !

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Nudist Resort Story – I Was Naked In Public. That’s Right. No Clothes!

Guest Blog By: Diane Kawasaki

I was naked in public for the first time ever!

I Was Naked In Public – I’ll admit it, I like to dress up like a skanky whorebag for Halloween. I love taking stupid photos with complete strangers in West Hollywood—it’s like a tradition. However, Halloween 2011 was different. Instead of dolling up in the trashiest outfit I could find, I ditched clothes altogether, spent Halloween weekend at a nudist resort and had my first nudist experience. That’s right, I was Naked In Public. No Clothes!

I’ve always been happy as a “textile.” In fact, I’ve spent a small fortune indulging this lifestyle and never had any complaints. I’m not sure what brings most people to the nudist resort, but I ultimately made the decision to bare it all because I was so of afraid of nudity. Secondly, I liked the idea of being in a setting where it was socially acceptable not to wear pants. I hate wearing pants. Pants: the ultimate reminder that I have a big ass. Thanks pants, you bastard!

Diane Kawasaki

Diane Kawasaki

One of my best buddies is a nudist. Throughout our friendship, he’s shared bits and pieces of life as a nudist. I gave my buddy a lot of props for being so secure in his skin to hang out naked in front of complete strangers. I thought it was awesome and said my usual line, “that’s cool, we should try that someday” (I didn’t mean it AT ALL).

While the thought of overcoming those insecurities was indeed “cool”, I had never actually planned to seriously do it. That would involve me being naked… in front of strangers AND my friend—my MALE friend (i.e. I’d have to see his… you know… ahhh!).

A few days before Halloween weekend, my friend invited me to a costume party at Olive Dell—a lovely nudist resort in Colten, CA. I received his text right before bed and felt particularly adventurous at the time. For some reason, when I’m bundled in my blankets about to fall asleep, I feel invincible and oddly optimistic.

The next morning I woke up in horror. I looked through my texts and immediately regretted my decision. A part of me was still intrigued while every other part was completely terrified. I hopped out of bed, jumped in the shower and thought of every possible excuse to bail on the nudist resort weekend. At the time, my friend Nicole had caught a cold. I was so worked up over my fears and even thought about intentionally catching her cold.

I eventually accepted that I was going to spend my weekend at a nudist resort NAKED. From experience, the things I feared most usually turn out to be really awesome, life-changing moments. I knew that my friend was really stoked to have his first “textile friend” to “cross-over” into naturism and I didn’t want to let him down. I made the decision it was going to be great and that was it.

I told Nicole that I was planning to go to a nudist resort. She jokingly asked, “Is that like an orgy? Are you going to bang strangers?”

Angry Kawasaki

Angry Kawasaki

In response, I told her: “Uh, NO. Well, I don’t really know what’s going to happen. We’ll see.” She was horrified.
I really didn’t know what to expect. While my nudist friend filled me in on some details, I felt inundated by the unknown. What was it going to be like? Would everyone have perfect, statuesque bodies? Will people stare at me more than usual?

I’ve always been neurotic and it didn’t surprise me that I had all sorts of irrational fears surface as the weekend drew near. The greatest of all fears was the possibility of someone taking a photo of me without my permission. What if there are perverts lurking around? What if they take photos of me and I end up on some douchebag’s wall under the caption: “Little Person Gone Wild”?

The truth is that I am very uncomfortable with my body. While I enjoy (& prefer) being naked around my apartment, I never felt comfortable with others seeing me naked. In addition, I was also concerned with my own reaction to the nudity. Would I be my usual awkward self and look unnecessarily disgruntled throughout the weekend? Likely.

As soon as I got out of the car, I encountered the first naked stranger. I couldn’t help but stare at his penis. I just couldn’t look away. It’s not that I’ve never seen one before, but I’ve definitely never seen one attached to a body I wasn’t dating. It was definitely different. It was right there at eye level. I kept reminding myself: “look up, look up, dammit look up!”.

Everyone else was totally cool and they were just kicking back naked on a beautiful sunny day. There I was, still fully clothed and walking as if I was on a tightrope focusing on not looking down. My awkwardness also caused a neck ache from trying so hard to maintain eye contact AT ALL TIMES.

My friend was so sweet and never pressured me to get naked. He told me that everyone was very cool and wouldn’t make a big deal if I chose not to get naked. I figured it was pointless to be part of this experience and not actually face my fear. I watched as all sorts of people—all shapes and sizes—walked around securely in their bodies. It was beautiful and I felt envious of the nude freedom they carried so boldly.

I went to the bathroom and took off all my clothes. I sat on the toilet inside of the stall and clenched my folded sundress and underwear as I prepared to walk out. I must’ve sat there for 15 minutes before I actually got the nerve to walk out of the stall. A lady came inside the bathroom and I promptly ran back into the stall.

A few minutes later, I wrapped my towel tightly around me and walked out of the bathroom. My towel kept slipping off, as if it was an indication that the towel was just holding me back. I finally pulled off my towel and stood there naked. I expected a reaction from other people and prepared myself. However, I didn’t get much of a reaction at all. Everyone just treated me as a… person. No one was baffled by the fact I was smaller or that I had a crooked spine. No one stared at my massive ass or even glanced at the long scar on my back from my spinal surgery. It was nice. No one cared about my physicality. They all just wanted to have a nice weekend and enjoy the hot tub.

Prior to visiting the nudist resort, my friend educated me that most people have the misconception that nudism is a very sexually explicit lifestyle. The truth of the matter is that nudists are very respectful of the human body. Since being naked is part of his or her lifestyle, it isn’t something to be fawned over when someone gets naked. There is no shame in being naked. Once shame is removed, fear and lust dissolve.

As I surveyed the resort, everyone was having a great time. No one was looking at each other inappropriately and I didn’t even see one erection the entire weekend. Trust me, if anyone was going to spot out a boner, it was going to be me. Everyone was so respectful and there was even a sign indicating that people were not allowed to take photos without permission. All my fears dissipated and I soon realized that I was just creating problems that didn’t exist.

Later that night, I saw a really attractive man with a very beautiful penis. It was just perfect. I never saw anything quite like it before. It was just amazing. I couldn’t help but stare at it and soon realized I had found that pervert I had been afraid of: ME! I abruptly shifted my focus and resumed eye contact. If you fear perverts, but don’t manage to find one, odds are you’re the pervert. Look up, dammit, look up!

I’m so thankful to my friend for sharing this part of his life with me. I’m glad I went to Olive Dell and got to meet some incredible people. I also got to know myself quite a bit. While I won’t be ditching the textiles on a regular basis, I feel this experience will forever leave a lasting impression on the importance of living in the moment and embracing fear as part of growth.

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  • Diane Kawasaki

    Thank you for reading my blog and writing such wonderful and supportive comments. I really enjoyed my experience and am so grateful to be able to share my story on this awesome website. Thank you!!!


  • Mark

    What a really great story. Glad you had a good time.

  • Steve

    Great story Diane!

  • Kat

    I grew up at a nudist resort in Oregon, and one of the my mother's favorite friends was a little person who was covered with surgical scars and beautiful tattoos. I was really young when she was coming up regularly, and thought her tattoos were so amazing. She had all these fantasy scenes with castles and magic. My favorite was a rearing unicorn on her thigh.

    Anyway, thanks for the great post! I'm glad you enjoyed your first nudist experience, and I'm sure the resort you visited will be glad to have you back!

  • Chelbelle

    Im a New Nudist as well ;) Same thoughts… similiar experiences.. it was great to read your story… thank you for sharing it.

  • Felicity

    This story made me laugh out loud. So funny and refreshingly honest! I don't blame you for ogling the "beautiful penis." Just proof that nudism exposes a person to so many new and beautiful things! ;)

  • Dario Western

    Nudist clubs are NOT places to go drooling over guy's penises. Sounds like you need to re-assess your values before sprouting off on the Internet.

    • Kat

      Nudist recreation has a learning curve like anything else. In the US, nuditity is kept almost exclusively in the realm of erotic experience. Do we limit the social nude experience to the impotent? People who are new to nudism are bound to go through a period of cultural adjustment, and I think this is perfectly acceptable.

    • mark di

      Sounds like you need to lighten up! It is perfectly normal for a person to find a particular body part of another person especially beautiful. As long as one is not gawking or being impolite, there's no harm in writing about the full experience.

    • Bryan

      While you're right, this lady has the courage to relate her first time experience in a very honest – nothing hidden way. I'm thinking she's well on the way to learning that for herself. How your advice fits her comments escapes me completely. Perhaps you wrote it for yourself?

  • jochanaan

    What a beautiful guest blog, Diane! (May I call you Diane? You see, I'm a nudist too, and being formal when nude is just weird. :) ) I especially like your line "I had found that pervert I had been afraid of: ME!" But I bet you'll go back. There's nothing like nudists' complete, immediate, total acceptance of all bodies.