Socially Naked For The First Time at Swanbourne Nude Beach

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First Social Naked Experience at Swanbourne Nude Beach

For most people, having strolled wild and free on a nude beach doesn’t immediately sound as an easy, sunlit experience.

I never expected to be one of those peculiar folks who would fit the mold of nudism, casting off clothing in favor of communing with Mother Nature in all her glory. It’s funny how life can occasionally lead us down unusual paths.

I was in Perth Australia on a business trip. A longtime acquaintance and fellow employee, whom I shall call Gloria, is a sun worshiper.

Her skin glows with health from the great outdoors, and no tan lines anywhere to be seen. I’d only seen her in the company’s main offices and once in a bar during an informal meeting with an important client.

Gloria had been sent to Perth to consult on a separate project and we found ourselves drinking coffee at a small company canteen.

After chatting a bit, Gloria grinned at me and suggested hanging out at Swanbourne Beach. I’m not especially a nature enthusiast, although I do like local hiking trips and short vacations in nature parks. I thought the beach sounded like fun.

Little did I know that this jaunt would be more interesting than merely playing catch-me-if-you-can with the sea. It did seem odd that Gloria seemed amused when I said I’d be right back with my bathing suit.

Swanbourne Nude Beach Perth Austrailia by YNA

Swanbourne Nude Beach Perth Austrailia

We headed to the beach which was a short 30 min away. The parking lot of full single adults and entire families getting ready to head down towards the water.

I was impressed by the startlingly white, flowing sand dunes. With a mischievous smile, Gloria tugged my hand to lead me away from the parking lot to a section of the beach a few hundred yards north.

A fair number of water-lovers were splashing about in the sea, strolling slowly or lying down on large towels to peacefully receive the blessings of the sun.

There was absolutely nothing wrong with them; they were ordinary beach-goers like others around the world. They were also completely natural and the were all completely naked!

After recovering from the momentary shock, I looked sharply at Gloria. She gave me a sly, challenging grin. I’ve never thought of myself as a naturist, seeing clothing as a necessary component of civilized behavior. Still, the beach-goers seemed so carefree and relaxed.

After hesitating, a strange anticipation swept over me. Gloria and I stored our clothing and applied sunscreen. I didn’t quite know what to make of the vastly public intimacy of touching Gloria, a woman, all over her back, but her mood was encouraging. She did the same for her and no one paid attention to us. We walked out to join the others in the open spaces of the beach.

I’ll admit that walking around with absolutely everything hanging out made me nervous. I kept expecting a cop to show up and arrest me for public indecency but naturally that did not happen.

As we walked, Gloria patted me on the shoulder and told me to relax. She then belted “Let’s swim!” and grabbed me by the hand as we assaulted the unsuspecting sea.

The ocean rolled on indifferently as we waged watery warfare and then quietly floated in its salty embrace. We soaked up some sun on the towels we’d brought, chatted about everything and generally drank fresh air.

It all seemed a bit surreal. But as the day went on, the naked bodies of the other beach-goers came to appear natural and even expected.

I didn’t suffer from any surprise erection which was also a big concern of mine. Gloria was just a friend, although I certainly did appreciate her obvious charms.

The experience, new and strange, fled by in just a few happy hours. Eventually, the dictates of work beckoned.

We showered, restored our clothes to their customary roles and drove back. I lightly kissed Gloria on the cheek. She said, “That was fun!” I smiled and said, “Yes.”

And so ended my very first social nude experience at Swanbourne nude beach – a day I will never forget!

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