First Time Nudist At The YNA Weekend Naked Gathering

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Jessica’s First Time Nudist Story

Guest Nudist Blog By: Jessica Marie

First Time Nudist – If you asked me to join a nudist club a year ago, I would have been out the door faster than you would have even begun to take your clothes off. Why? Because I have been extremely self-conscious my entire life. Starting in middle school, I had always tried to fit in.

I joined cheerleading, the town dance group, gymnastics, and the school band. But even after all of these attempts at being a part of something, I was always the odd man out. I always saw myself as a little too chubby, a little too awkward, a little less flexible, and not as coordinated as everyone else as I approached my teen years.

It was in high school where I finally found my place, but I was still uncomfortable in my own body, so getting naked was far down on my list of things to do. In fact, it wasn’t on the list at all. After all, I was seventeen, barely five-feet tall, and (gasp) a size A cup.

Even now, after college, not much has changed. Even recently, I was still terrified to take my shirt off in front of anyone for fear they might see my barely existent love handles and my small breasts. And then I met someone whom I will refer to as Bryan.

first time nudist juniper woods campground YNA event

First Nudist YNA Gathering

I first met Bryan through a website, and when we finally decided to meet in person, it was no secret to me that he was totally comfortable being nude and not a first time nudist like me. After a month or so of getting to know him, he asked me if I wanted to go to a nudist event held by YNA at Juniper Woods. Since it was YNA organizing the event, I learned that young people would be attending. I automatically said yes to the invitation since I was already comfortable around Bryan. I had absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into.

A week passed and all the while, Bryan and I were hyping up how cool the event would be. And then the day to go came. I packed my things, he picked me up from my house, and we made our way to the Catskills. The first half of the car ride had been wonderful as we sang and I watched the beautiful countryside pass by the window. And then we passed a sign for the Rocking Horse Ranch, where we had school camping trips when I was younger.

I tried picturing a camping trip with all the kids I went to school with getting naked, and all I could think of was how judgmental they would be. I freaked out. I started hyperventilating. I couldn’t believe I was actually going to get naked in front of people I didn’t know. How many would be there? Should I just wear shorts? What about my small boobs? I should definitely wear my hair down in front of them. Oh, and I’m going to have to suck in my stomach. Bryan talked me out of one anxiety attack after another. I soon learned I had nothing to worry about.

We finally pulled up to a large gate with a sign in front with buzzer. Bryan spoke into a box saying we were here for the YNA event. I sat there unable to speak or move. The gates began to move after some time, and soon before our car was a middle-aged woman, completely naked, sitting in a golf-cart. I thought it was funny. I hadn’t seen too many naked people out in the open like that before.

After we finished filling out some paper work, we drove down to our camping spot where Bryan sat up the tent. I tried helping as much as I could but my mind started racing again as the only thing left for me to do was get naked. And there was no turning back. After all, if I just sat at our campsite fully clothed, I would, once again, be the odd-person out.

It was then I realized that if I didn’t strip down within the next five minutes, I was probably not going to do it at all. So, when the tent was finally up, I went inside and got butt-freakin’-naked. It was a strange feeling being completely nude outdoors. It wasn’t really so bad, I thought. But the real test of my new-found courage would be facing all of these complete strangers.

When Bryan was done getting naked, we walked down to a tented area where the nudies were body painting. Bryan introduced me to a few of them and told them I was a first time nudist and that it was my first time at a YNA (or any) nudist event. And before I knew it, I had a group of people coming over to meet me.

Everyone was extremely friendly, and although I was still nervous, I began to feel more comfortable. They weren’t like the people who I went to school with who I knew would have been eyeing me up and down. Instead, my new friends were giving me comforting smiles and waves. I looked around the small group of people; they were all different shapes and sizes and they were so comfortable in their own skin. I knew at that moment the feelings they had were what I wanted.

It was in that moment when I finally let all of my guards down and declared to the world, “I am Jessica!”

The weekend was probably one of the best of my life. I got body painted, went to a bonfire, danced, went swimming and hot-tubbing. But most importantly, I was beginning to see past my insecurities and in my own skin I felt, to be honest and clichéd, liberated and so very free. I was slowly but surely learning to love everything about myself, even my small breasts and love handles.

In doing so, in learning to accept who I am on the outside, I can fully concentrate and love my entire person, both inside and out. And this change happened with the help of everyone there. I know if everyone wasn’t so incredibly nice and welcoming and totally and completely non-critical, I would have never kept my clothes off, and I wouldn’t have felt everything that I had experienced.

My first nudie adventure was only a couple months ago, and since then, I have been going to every nudist event that I can. Through Young Naturists America, I have made incredible friends, and the old insecure Jessica is slowly becoming just a shadow of my past.

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  • dncarp

    Wonderful article and how true to life.  More so to Women than to Men perhaps but the fear of being nude in front of others who might be judging your appearance is certainly a problem to most.  It is when the realization that we are all the same, just with different attributes, that we become truly free.  More people around the world need to come to this realization and forget that nudity does not equal sex.