Nude Hike And Hiking Naked For The First Time

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Hiking Naked and The Story Of My First Nude Hike

Below is a short guest blog post about a first nude hike and hiking naked.

Nude Hike – It was 75 degrees at my house today and I was actually off of work when it happened!

So I took advantage of the break in the weather. I poured myself a glass of wine and decided I would head for a short nude hike down to the stream that is on my property line.

With the sun beating down through the bare trees and a nice breeze blowing by, I was able to check out any winter damage. I pick up a lot of sticks and sunk my bare toes into the moist ground everywhere I went.

Man, my first nude hike! I thought to myself. what a way to start the weekend, and to think of the promise of spring arriving soon. Why have I not hiked naked before?

It seems so easy, and yet, I could not help but think to myself, that sometime, the things that seem the easiest to do might very well be anything but!

nudist hiker activist

This Picture is of John Cropper (Not the person who wrote this blog)

Hiking naked is such a great feeling, the wind, sun and just the feeling of pure joy that is so difficult to describe.

I totally suggest hiking naked to anyone and everyone who have never tried it. There is no real preparation for this and it is as easy as getting naked! Nothing beats being naked outdoors surrounded by nature and enveloped by the sounds of birds chirping.

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