Nude Figure Studies Casting Call

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Canting Call For Nude Figure Studies

Another opportunity to make and be part of nude art! We have been in contact with the people organizing this nude art project in Manhattan, and they are looking for participants! All body types are welcome, and this will be full nudity. David Michalek is a photographer and visual artist whose works have exhibited in 17 international cities. This new project is based off of David’s previous work, SlowDancing. Check out these videos to get a better idea of the concept of Figure Studies and really slowing things down.

Figure Studies Nude Art Project

Figure Studies Nude Art Project

Nude Casting: week of May 29th

Naked Shooting: June 12th-16th in Manhattan

Compensation: 100USD + a still of yourself from the shoot signed by the artist

Participants needed for David Michalek’s new multi-media project to be exhibited at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and in Paris in the fall. “Figure Studies” is an installation of super-slow motion scenes that show the beauty of the human body in several everyday situations.

We are looking for nude models for:

1. Athletes, or people who have some experience (they don’t have to be professional athletes but must have some experience) in one or more areas of sports such as:
Wrestlers, gymnasts, distance runners, discus, shot-put, weightlifters, paralytic athletes, fencers, boxers, body builders etc.

2. We are also looking for elderly people and people who look younger that 18yr (although they are legally older than 18yr).
Please submit heads-hot, resume, full body photo, age, description of any athletic background, ethnicity to figurestudiescasting[at]aol[dot]com

The photo shoot/filming will take place in Manhattan in mid June.
See website for past works:
Participants will be primarily nude.


Figure Studies, will seek to apply the technology of high-speed HD video toward capturing scenes and subject matter reminiscent of the famous Muybridge photo-sequences of human motion. That body of work, containing some 4789 photographs, illustrates several hundred different types of actions: elderly man lifting log, woman sweeping, men boxing, wrestling, jumping, etc. The movement sequences, the whole of which constitutes one of the great monuments of 19th century photography, are also considered a progenitor of motion picture. Now, nearly 115 years later, we are able to record at such astoundingly high-speeds that we can slow down human movement to such a degree that it begins to approximate stillness (a strange inversion of what Muybridge himself was doing: approximating movement with a few still images). But the miracle of this new kind of super-slowness is the density of information that it provides about the mover.

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