Nude Body Painting At Figment New York City

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Nude Body Painting and Interactive Art at Figment New York City 2012

Some Nude Body Painting With Andy Golub At Figment NYC

Nude Body Painting – We went to Figment NYC yesterday! The Figment art festival is an interactive art event made up of exhibits, installations, music, and activities and takes place annually on Governor’s Island in New York City (among other places).

The best part of the entire festival (at least for us) was body painter Andy Golub who was doing live naked body painting. He painted me and a few others, and we all had a blast. It was funny to catch people’s reactions, but most onlookers smiled and seemed to enjoy it.

We also walked around to check out the other art installations and especially enjoyed Love Yourself and Tree-House. Who knows… maybe one day they will allow us to do a real Nude body painting event!

Check out the picture below to see Andy’s handy work!

Naked Body Painting At Figment NYC By Andy Golub YNA

Naked Body Painting At Figment NYC By Andy Golub

Nude Body Art Image Gallery will be coming soon (at least we hope it will!)!

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