Event Recap: YNA Meetup at Gunnison Beach

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Our First YNA Nude Beach Meetup of the Season at Gunnison Beach in NJ

Ever since nudity was banned at Lighthouse Beach on Fire Island, the only official, public nude beach for the tri-state area is Gunnison Beach (other than Cherry Grove and the Pines, two small beaches where FINS isn’t enforcing the NY nudity law).

So that’s where we went last weekend for our first nude beach outing of the season.

It was supposed to be overcast all day according to the weather forecast for the area. But when we got to the nude beach around 10:00 am, it was sunshine all around.

gunnison beach sign nude sunbathers new jersey yna

Felicity Jones stands behind the Gunnison Beach nude sunbathers sign

We set up a “YNA camp” on the sand and raised our flag to mark the area. Shortly thereafter, so many YNA members started coming to hang out with us throughout the day!

We also made new friends with other beach goers who were drawn into our camp by the sounds of laughter and merriment.

gunnison beach young naturists america flag new jersey

YNA flag at Gunnison Beach

As is our MO, we brought some body paints with us, and people had fun painting on each other. We also brought holi powder, our new and easier form of decorating bodies in bright colors.

gunnison beach new jersey body painting art nudists yna

Naked YNA body painting photo at Gunnison Beach

We did a group holi powder session that went much like a pudding toss. But instead of throwing pudding we were throwing powder. It doesn’t stick as well as paint, but it does create some cool effects.

gunnison beach holi powder new jersey nudists young naturists america

Group photo after throwing around holi powder

gunnison beach new jersey holi powder young naturists america

Glowing with holi powder At Gunnison Beach!

There’s always a volleyball net set up on the beach for anyone to use, and it gets a lot of use on a nice day. There are groups of players who take their games seriously if you’re looking for a competitive game. We tend to be more casual about naked volleyball, and some of our group managed to get a small game going when the regular players stepped out.

Back at camp, someone put on music and got a limbo stick competition going. This is just another example of how lively the scene is at Gunnison.

It’s still the beginning of the season, so the ocean was numbingly cold. It is nice to get in after you heat up in the sun further inland. Early on in the day, the tide was out and a big sandbar formed, which made it easier to get in the water.

The sun is strong at Gunnison, and the ocean breeze does a lot to dispel the heat. But this also makes it easier to get burned without noticing… which is exactly what some of us did! I was red as a tomato by the end of the day. So I remind you, fellow nudies: sunbathe responsibly and apply sunscreen often!

There’s no shade on the beach, so an umbrella or sun shelter is always a good idea, too. And now at Gunnison you might not have to worry about bringing your own. This Saturday there was a vendor at the entrance renting umbrellas and chairs. We don’t know if he’ll be there every weekend, but it’s nice to have that option when you don’t feel like schlepping your umbrella from home (or in case you forgot yours at home).

The nude beach changed quite a bit since Hurricane Sandy (in 2012). It’s a lot smaller than it used to be. But thousands of people still visit every weekend and the parking lots will generally fill up by 11:00 am on a hot summer day. Luckily for us, on Saturday, the cloudy forecast must have deterred some visitors as it was no issue to park and the beach wasn’t so packed.

There is no longer a hot-dog food cart on the beach itself. But the entrance, sometimes, has a food vendor with drinks and fast food (hot dogs, French fries, etc). A vendor was present the day we went.

Another pleasant discovery… one of our friends who attended uses a wheelchair. We were planning to use a snow sled to get her on the beach; but thanks to another awesome new friend, we were pointed to a shed at the entrance which housed this heavy-duty all terrain chair!

gunnison beach new jersey wheelchair disabled yna

Gunnison Beach all-terrain wheelchair

So we borrowed that for the day… Thank you, Gunnison Beach for being wheelchair-accessible!

By 6:00 pm, the sun was starting to go down and the temperature quickly dropped. It was time to get dressed, pack up and go home.

This meet-up was a great time, and we are planning to schedule another one for Saturday, July 23! So if you missed out, join us next month for another beautiful beach day.

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  • MarkRunNJ

    It looks like some members got some real bad sunburn. Oh wait, that’s the red powder. I wonder if any beach patrons that came upon the marked bodies thought just that. I had a good time sharing time with the group and playing volleyball. I left early because I knew my winter skin needed to ease into the nudist season.

  • omergolan Yes you did! We wanna see you at the next one. The heat (and the sun) is a lot to deal with there lol. I think umbrellas are a must if you’re going to spend more than an hour on the beach.
    And ha ha no it’s certainly not conducive to baby strollers! Gotta carry the babies. Or put them in a beach cart with big wheels.

  • palodequeso

    FelicityJones palodequeso
    Excellent, I’m free. Hope to see everyone there! :)

  • palodequeso Yes

  • palodequeso

    Is the one on the 23rd also on Gunnison Beach?

  • omergolan

    Can not believe that we missed such a great get together. We had a different experience on our last visit there, but it mostly has to do with the fact that we were completely unprepared for the HEAT. Also, this beach is not very friendly to baby strollers mind you.