Artist Erica Simone Gets Naked in New York City

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Nude Photography Project by Erica Simone: A Naked Urbanite in NYC

Nude Photographer and Artist Erica Simone:

Nude Photography Artist Erica Simon – A Parisian photographer named Erica Simone decided to do an art series of nude photos of herself doing typical NYC activities.

Erica Simone nude naked photography

Erica Simone Nude on the NYC Subway Photo by Erica Simone

This was Erica Simon’s motivation for her NYC Nude Photography Project:

Watching this image-absorbed union of people around me care more about the sales at Barney’s than the homeless people they step over in the subway, it makes me think: What would we do without clothes? How would we portray ourselves to other people? How would we show our social status to obtain the treatment we want or deserve from others?

Erica Simone public nude photography

Erica Simone Naked on the Streets of NYC Photo by Erica Simone

Erica photographed herself nude while riding the subway, shoveling snow, getting a hot dog and other mundane tasks. Through this project she in part challenges people’s and society’s attitudes toward nudity.

The third photo below depicts a naked Erica on a cop car, getting arrested by an officer. This photo was actually staged and meant to point out the absurdity of simple nudity being illegal. She says in an interview, “The fact that one can be arrested for public nudity seems like a violation of human rights… It just doesn’t make any sense, that’s how we are born!” Read the full interview here.

Erica Simone public nudity photo

Erica Simone Naked Arrest in NYC Photo by Erica Simone

Her upcoming show, “Nue York: Self-Portraits of a Bare Urban Citizen,” will exhibit the photos at the Dash Gallery in Soho April 14th to 28th 2011.

This article about the artist Erica Simone and her Naked in NYC phography project was published By Young Naturists and Nudists America – YNA

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