How To Be A More Earth-Friendly Nudie

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Happy Earth Day! Here’s How To Live A More Earth-Friendly Nudie Lifestyle

Today is Earth Day! Today is the day when we give special attention to the home that humanity has been gutting and destroying for some thousands of years.

For many of us nudies, the woods, lakes, oceans, dirt, trees –this natural world is our playground. And it’s important that we take better care of it!! At YNA, we feel that respecting and take care of the environment should be an inherent part of naturist values. We all know climate change is happening (those who don’t are either uninformed or still in De Nile), and it’s really more crucial than ever that we find ways to reduce our carbon footprint and negative environmental impact.

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Why would we wanna destroy our own paradise?

I wanted to share a few ways to do this, other than the usual “turn off your lights, use CFL light bulbs, and take public transportation” tips that get repeated again and again. So here are some ways for everyone to lead a more earth-friendly lifestyle.

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The first tip is actually for the whole naturist community: Let’s end the use of STYROFOAM! Jordan and I have been to countless nudist clubs and resorts that serve food using Styrofoam. It’s often chosen over paper or plastic because it’s the cheapest option. But here’s why its environmental (and health) cost is much greater. Styrofoam is actually the brand name for a petroleum-based material called Polystyrene. It’s made using toxic chemicals and contains known carcinogens. These chemicals leach into our liquids and food when using Styrofoam and get stored in our fat tissue. In looking at health effects, the focus has been on a suspected human carcinogen called styrene. In a 1986 study, the EPA found styrene in every sample of fat tissue taken in 1982. It doesn’t take much to get into our body tissue, where it accumulates over time. So what does it do to our bodies? Studies have determined that it can damage the nervous system, disrupt normal hormone functions, cause cancer and more. There are not enough studies to know the ill health effects of small amounts of it in the body, but we do know that long-term build-up of foreign chemicals in the body generally have negative effects. But this information, plus the environmental impact, is enough for me to quit using it! There is also evidence that styrene causes cancer in animals.

The environmental impact:

– The production of polystyrene uses hydrofluorocarbons (HFC’s) and releases some of the worst toxic air pollutants that damage the ozone layer. (Note: you might see products that claim to be ridden of the ozone-destroying chlorofluorocarbons –“CFC-free.” But these products still likely contain HFC’s, which are less harmful but are still destroying the ozone layer.)

– This shit doesn’t break down. It sits in the landfills for hundreds of years before it degrades. As Christine Quinn has said, “The only thing in the world that lives longer than cockroaches or Cher is styrofoam.” – It is typically not recycled because the process of recycling it is too costly. – Styrofoam cups, plates and containers easily end up in small pieces, which animals can eat and die from ingesting.

– It makes up a large part of ocean debris and urban litter.

– It has been banned in many U.S. cities. As of December of 2013, NYC became the largest city to ban Styrofoam containers.

With its terrible impact on the environment and our health, I see no reason to keep using Styrofoam. If you see it at your nudist club, talk to management about switching to something more biodegradable, like recycled paper. Talk to other members about it, too, especially when you see them using Styrofoam. You can also bring your own reusable tableware when you travel, so you can at least reduce your own impact.

I have also found a few ways to reduce my contribution to landfills. We don’t often think about where stuff goes after we release it down the garbage chute. But it all has to go somewhere, and we’re running out of room! It’s also polluting our land and water after it leaves the home.

Use to get rid of stuff. It’s basically like a forum where you can post items that you want to give away for free. This is especially good for things that are not worth much, but would be useful to someone else. Or for things that you just can’t be bothered to sell yourself. I’ve given away tons of stuff, and it’s so easy. It’s like recycling for the lazy person. People come to your door, at a time that’s convenient for you, and they pick it up! If there’s no group near you, you can start your own.

Recycle your old clothes, fabrics and shoes at a Greenmarket textile recycling booth. At certain farmer’s markets in NYC, you can drop off your textiles and shoes to be recycled or reused in some way. This is good for worn-out shoes, stained clothing and stuff that a thrift store wouldn’t take. See the Greenmarket website for drop-off locations / hours.

Bring your fruit and vegetable scraps to compost at the Greenmarkets. I had no idea this even existed, until I saw a pamphlet about it at one of the markets. (For some reason they don’t put up any signs around the compost deposit bins.) But generally at markets that offer it, you’ll see a group of garbage bins where you can dump your scraps. I store my scraps in a plastic bag in the freezer (no smell) and take it with me when I go to the market. See the Greenmarket website for locations / hours. I’m sure there are other ways to compost for those who don’t have this option available to them.

For women, use a menstrual cup, like the DivaCup, or reusable menstrual pads. Menstrual cups are so much easier when you wanna be naked on your period, and they are very eco-friendly too!

Switch to homemade body care and cleaning products. Did you know that baking soda can serve as both shampoo and toothpaste? There are many easy recipes online for making your own body products out of natural ingredients. This reduces garbage and toxins both in the Earth and in your body. For cleaning, vinegar and baking soda go a long way and can be used to clean counters, toilets and floors. Many of the cleaning products sold in stores are unnecessary, create more garbage and pollute the environment.

So that’s my list. Please share this article to spread the word about Styrofoam and to help all nudies adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle! Also feel free to share your eco-friendly tips in the comments, guys!

Styrofoam resources:

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