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The Oregon Nudist:

My name is Logan (pen name) and I have been a nudist for three years now. I grew up in a conservative family where any revealing clothing was taboo for both men and women. It was stressed as their version of modesty because their religious beliefs prevented them from viewing different opinions. It was not until I met my wife that everything changed, and she was not a nudist. In fact, she was raised in a much more conservative lifestyle than myself; however as life would have it, she wanted to wear a bikini, and I wasn’t too fond of the idea, but I didn’t want to tell her she couldn’t so I thought of ways to make myself okay with it.

Logan Oregon Nudist blogger

The Oregon Nudist

I decided to take a chance, and I have yet to return. I drove down to the closest nude beach I could find in my general area. I was freaking out the entire way there, but I had reasoned with myself that if I could go nude on a beach then why could I ever have a problem with my wife wearing a bikini. After all, being nude was much more scandalous than wearing a bikini at the time. I arrived at the beach and I did it. I removed all my clothes. It felt weird at first to be completely exposed to the elements, but somehow refreshing and freeing. I was hooked. Every chance I got I went down to the beach to be nude. It was an amazing feeling.

What I had not expected was that it would change my life. I felt more confident and less self-conscious than I ever did. I knew I wanted to always live this lifestyle after that experience. I had told my wife, and she was supportive of the decision. I never realized that the simple act of being naked could be so freeing. I finally felt like I knew myself better than I ever did. I would recommend nudism to everyone. It changed my life.

Logan is author of The Oregon Trail Nudist Blog and leader of YNA OR Chapter (Young Naturists America Oregon Chapter).

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