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Kansas and Missouri Young Naturists

UPDATE: Unfortunately the leaders of Kansas City and Missouri Young Naturists didn’t follow through in their commitment to creating this chapter. Thus it is currently closed.

Interested in taking over the YNA KC chapter or starting your own young naturist group? Learn more on our chapter page.

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Young Naturists America Kansas City

YNA Kansas City is the Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas chapter of Young Naturists America. YNA was founded in the northeastern United States, with the first chapters in New York City and New Jersey.

This chapter was founded in October 2013, and is the first one dedicated to the Kansas City region. There are lots of ways to experience naturism in this wonderful city with a beautiful country landscape. We are surrounded by farmlands, horse boarding stables and close to our own Nascar track.

We also have the opportunities to visit such places as the Power and Light district, the Legends shopping area and Union Station. We are easy to get to from many cities, such as Independence, Grandview, Overland Park, Ottawa, Topeka, and beyond. You do not have to be a resident in Kansas City to attend our events or join the group. We are open to young naturists everywhere, whether singles or couples, and do not discriminate against race, religion, sexual orientation, or anything else that makes you who you are.

Going in line with the same mission and goals as the parent organization, YNA Kansas City aims to engage the 18-35 generation and connect more young naturists or young adults who want to try nudism in the Kansas City area, as well as all of Missouri, Kansas and beyond. However we also welcome experienced naturists who are older than 35, but who are young at heart. Especially those who actively want to help us reach out to the 18-35 generation! We are enthusiastic about promoting naturism and getting more young people involved.

YNA Kansas City will aim to have meetups, events and activities throughout the year, including the fall and winter months. This will allow more people to experience social nudity and join the community even in the colder months. We will look to host creative events that fit right into our Midwest scheme such as nude barbecues and naked football-game-themed parties!

In summer months we will work to organize meet-ups at naturist or clothing-optional locations, and events at local nudist resorts, BBQ’s and games, body painting parties, social gatherings, and more. All events can be found on the YNA events page.

Daniel YnaKC is the former leader of YNA Kansas City.

Learn more about Dan in his introductory blog post: New YNA Chapter for Kansas City Naturists

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Chapter Twitter account (inactive): @KansasCityYNA

Kansas & Missouri Young Naturists