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*As of 2014, we, Young Naturists Nudists America, are no longer creating new chapters. We tried to rely on others who approached us about creating new chapters but while the intentions were all good, they were unable or unwilling to invest the time and energy needed to get a real chapter going. Like anything else, it takes a truly dedicated individual to be able to create something meaningful. We really thought that we could create more chapters and make our community accessible to more people. But the reality on the ground is not conducive to such goals (for now).

So please note that YNA SoCal (Southern California) is the only active Young Naturist chapters that we currently have. (If you come across any other groups who say they are YNA please let us know.)

However, we are still here and willing to support other groups that are in line with our ideals. If you are interested in getting involved with one of our chapters, or in collaborating with us in some way, or in starting your own local group, you are more than welcome to contact us. We’re always open to ideas, and we can offer advice and assistance for those looking to start a new group.

Here are a few independent young naturist groups that we support:

You can click the photos below to learn more about our chapters. As noted above, only 2 chapters (in addition to the main Young Naturists America organization) are currently open!

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New York Young Naturists Nudists

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Southern California Young Naturists Nudists

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