Cindy Gregory’s Letter To The American Association For Nude Recreation

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Cindy Gregory’s Letter To The Board Of AANR – The American Association For Nude Recreation

This is the complete and unedited letter which Glyn, owner of Lupin Lodge, read to the American Association For Nude Recreation – AANR board in 2011, prior to AANR removing Lupin from its network. For more information on this, read Jordan’s article: “Why Did AANR Remove Lupin Lodge?

Cindy’s Letter To: The American Association For Nude Recreation AANR

“I am a resident staff member at Lupin and have been so for the past five years. As a single woman, I have always felt completely safe here, in regard to my physical safety as well as feeling safe to express myself in an atmosphere of body acceptance. This is one of the reasons I remain at Lupin, in addition to the joy of living in such a beautiful place, and living in a community of like minded freedom lovers.

As the Special Event Hostess, when we were approached by these two groups, I was very happy that they were interested in Lupin for their organizations’ activities. During the interview process, I discovered that these groups provide an outlet for self expression that is in keeping with Lupin’s standards of behavior, i.e.This club’s membership, staff and management support the right of each man, woman and (especially) child to a comfortable, clothes-free experience. While our intention is not to prohibit mutually acceptable, affectionate gestures within individual relationships nor to govern the private acts of consenting adults, sexual harassment will not be tolerated at Lupin.

Both of these groups have rules for their participants also. In talking with the leaders, they were completely understanding of our rules, particularly regarding the firm policy of any sexual activity taking place in private. Many of them have children also, and understand that children live here in our community, and that we are extremely protective of what they might see.

I was present with the Fox Hunt group during the entire day and evening of activities both times they came to Lupin. I can attest to the fact that NONE of Lupin’s rules were broken during their stay. The hunt itself took place on the upper open space of our property. Signs were clearly posted regarding no photography, and that a private event was taking place. As far as I could see, no one outside of the group was present, and if they had been they would have seen adults dressed as animals playing what looked like a masquerade hide and seek game. After the hunts, many of the participants took off their costumes and enjoyed the hot tub and pool in the nude. ,The group met later in the privacy of NuDome for the rest of their social activity. There were signs posted outside of NuDome indicating there was a private event inside, just like we use for any other group that comes to Lupin. As a side note, Lupin members held a dance that evening in our clubhouse. The fox from the hunt, who was dressed in his Disney like costume danced with many of our members who thought it was so much fun to dance with such a cute fox! The group fell in love with Lupin, plans to return in September, and I am happy to report that many of them have returned to Lupin on other occasions just to enjoy the freedom and beauty of our paradise. I am gratified that they feel accepted here and comfortable enough to express themselves.

In terms of the MAsT group, they have been coming to Lupin for a year now on a monthly basis. They too, appreciate the beauty of Lupin and completely understand and abide by our rules. They meet at 7 PM on Sundays in NuDome, a time when Lupin is generally very empty of visitors since our members usually leave for home around 4 PM on Sundays. They have a topic driven discussion every month, followed by social interaction within their group behind the closed doors of NuDome. Many of them use the hot tub and pool also, following Lupin’s rules at all times. I have discovered that a few Lupin members are also a part of this group, and they attend the meetings regularly also.

In my opinion, these groups are very compatible with Lupin and our standards of behavior. They are appreciative of our space and land, and contribute to our revenue by paying gate fees and eating in our restaurant. Their activities are safe and sane, and practiced IN PRIVATE among consenting adults. As a resident and staff member and also as someone who loves Lupin, I would not welcome them here as I do under any other circumstances.

Cindy Gregory

Lupin’s Special Events Hostess”

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  • SoWhatAgain

    nudiarist Your point is, if you have one? I have a strong sense of “So what?” coming to me, along with “Look at the hypocrites”.

  • CindyNyob

    From the page where Lupin is not mentioned…….BDSM/fetish wear in designated areas……… indoor BDSM play space, and a large forested area for the hunts. 

    Again, no sexual activity other than in private. No violation of Lupin rules.

  • nudiarist

    Does anyone really think of “Disney” when seeing photos of furry fetishists in animal costumes? Here is more information about the sort of Human Fox Hunts which took place at Lupin Lodge: Stampede Ponyplay Events