Do Celebrity Nudists Exist? If So Then Who Is A Naked Friendly Celeb?

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Are There Really Celebrity Nudists Out There???

Who Are The Celebrity Nudists:

Celebrity Nudists – Although it might not be exactly mainstream, casual nudism and / or social nudity, is hardly rare. Although you have likely never suspected it, it is likely that friends, neighbors, coworkers, and even family members have participated in nudist activities. In fact, there are tons of mainstream celebrities who are comfortable with their bodies and often eschew clothes in favor of living au naturale.

Celebrity Nudists

Celebrity Nudists ?

If you’ve ever wondered what celebrities prefer to live life naked, continue reading!

Brad Pitt The Nudist Celebrity?

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt The Nudist ?

Brad Pitt (Or Mr. Jolie, if you’re nasty) has made no attempts to hide that he prefers to live a life sans clothing. In interviews, Pitt will regularly let it be known that he likes to remain nude in his own home and around his family. As one of the single biggest stars in the world, his “advocacy” of the positive side of living a nude friendly lifestyle is remarkable.

Matthew McConaughey The Nudie?

Matthew Mcconaughey

Matthew Mcconaughey is the the eternal nudist ?

If you ask a dozen people what they picture when they think of of Matthew McConaughey, at least one of them will tell see him as the eternal nudist, playing his bongos in the buff. McConaughey is well known for wearing as few clothes as possible. This even comes through in his hit films, where this handsome leading man makes it a point to wear as little clothing as possible while on screen. This millionaire beach bum exemplifies the casual freedom that comes with nudism.

Kate Hudson The Nudette?

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson – The Friendly Nudie

Just like her Fool’s Gold co-star, Kate Hudson is very comfortable in her own skin. Brought up to be comfortable in the nude from a young age by her Hollywood parents Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel, Hudson has no qualms about shedding her garments for her own comfort. In her own home and in safe spaces, Ms. Hudson learned that it is safe, fun, and natural to go without clothing. Got to love her!

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  • All-Nudist

    Pretty cool, huh? Now if only these folks would make a point of advocating for social nudism whenever they get the chance! Unfortunately, their manner of enjoying being nude isn’t quite like ours and they have no reason to, say, offer to do promos for AANR.
    Hmm, but some might be talked into doing something for TNS, it being all nature-y and environmental-ish and all and less corporate-sounding!
    But at least they’r out there and not acting ashamed of their enjoyment of nudity!

    • jblumyna

      @All-Nudist let me play devils advocate here …. Why should they ?

      • All-Nudist

        Get Thee behind me, Satan! ;-)
        As I said, they have no reason too, and in fact probably don’t know that naturism even exists. They’re just rich folks who get to do what they want, and they want to be nude at home. They have no reason to help us, but neither do they have any reason to lobby in support of starving kids in Ethiopia, but they do!
        Appeal to their inner goodness? Appeal to their inner desire for publicity? Invite them to a party? YEAH!

        • jblumyna

          What happened to the love?!?!?! :)

    • jblumyna

      @All-Nudist let me play devil’s advocate here …. Why should they ?