Naturism in Canada & Introducing Young Canadian Nudists KFFBS

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The Popularity of Naturism In Canada & Introduction of a New Young Naturist Group

Naturism in Canada and New Canadian Young Nudists Naturists Group:

Ask anyone who’s not from around here what they think of when they hear “Canada,” and the first answer will probably be “Cold.” It’s just the stereotype that our country’s picked up, and with good reason.

It may surprise you, then, to hear that being nude is a pretty common thing up here. Not in public, mind you; we are, on average, a quiet, shy culture that tries to offend no one. But it’s a rare Canuck indeed who’s never gone skinny-dipping on a hot July night at a cottage, or stripped off at a deserted beach, or lounged around the house with nothing more than a towel.

The latest Federation of Canadian Naturists survey, conducted by a respected third-party statistics firm, suggests that about two-thirds of Canadians have some degree of nudie in us. Almost half the country is OK with being nude around the house, 60 percent of us like sleeping naked, and fully one-quarter of Canadians think that skinny-dipping in mixed company or stripping off at the beach would be a fine idea.

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Federation of Canadian Naturists Survey

Ontario alone has at least nine official naturist venues, and we’re aware of a half-dozen other popular places – and hundreds of unofficial swimming holes – where clothing just ain’t needed. We are, after all, at the same latitude as the French Mediterranean coast, with a climate that is highly conducive to the clothing-free life for one-third of the year.

What, though, is a poor frozen Canadian to do in the cold season, when we’re putting on 16 pieces of insulated clothing to go plug in the block heater and crank up the snowblower? While it’s sometimes tempting to give up and hibernate until spring, there’s no need to change who we are just because the weather’s less than perfect. We have to make do with whatever Mother Nature decides to throw our way.

We may not be able to go out in the cold (at least not for long), but the main reasons for social nudity – the honesty, the openness, the freedom, the comfort, the equality, the respect, the fun – are just as valid indoors. So, when we get back from snowshoeing along the lakeshore, we migrate inside, we fire up the furnace, we toss a few logs on the fire. We slip something tasty in the oven, we put on some good music, we break out the beverages. We chat, we laugh, we swap stories. It’s hard to stay dressed when you’re basking in the glow of a cranked-up woodstove, even if it’s twenty below zero outside.

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Young Candian Nudists Enjoying Naturism in Canada

The hardest part, really, is finding people to share this with. Remember those statistics we mentioned earlier? Those were collected from people who knew they’d remain anonymous. We’re still a quiet, shy culture, and we’re taught that you don’t talk about such things, just in case someone might disapprove. The risk of being hassled by a troublesome prude, or of having to answer awkward questions from friends and family, seem to weigh heavily on people’s minds.

Anecdotal evidence and our own experience suggests that these are not actually problems – but the fear that they could be problems is real, and that fear is often enough to stop people from trying things they genuinely want to do.

Assuming the FCN survey results are even remotely accurate, there are several thousand twenty-something and thirty-something folks in our city (Kingston, ON) alone who would genuinely enjoy a fun, naked break from winter – if they knew it existed, and if they knew nobody would judge them because of it.

Young Canadian Nudists At Bare Oaks Naturist Park in Toronto YNA

Young Canadian Nudists At Bare Oaks Naturist Park in Toronto

Our obvious next step, then, is to create environments where young folks like us, many of whom are just starting to experience the clothing-optional life, can feel comfortable and relaxed, in a familiar culture and around supportive peers. Some states in the US have YNA-related groups, and we’re starting to spin up the Kingston-Frontenac Free Body Society (KFFBS) in eastern Ontario.

What is the Kingston-Frontenac Free Body Society? We’re an 18-to-late-30’s social group who enjoy new friendships and old, relaxing fun in the sun, and new ideas for open minds. We like intelligent conversation, cutting-edge science and good literature.

We like good food and drink, fun and laughter. We like the feel of the sun and breeze on our bodies. We’re about creating a positive, safe and friendly space where you can relax, de-stress and just enjoy being human.

The Kingston, Ontario area has some of the finest outdoors in the world, and we take full advantage of it – whether hiking, swimming, snowshoeing, sailing or just lounging around naked on the beach. We try to create a space that’s welcoming and comfortable for everyone.

KFFBS is a female-friendly, LGBTQQetc. friendly, no-pressure environment. If this sounds appealing, come read more about us. And, if you’re in our geographic and demographic scope, introduce yourself and come on out!

And yes, we keep going through the winter. We have a four-cord heap of firewood in the shed to make sure of that.

This article about the new Young Candinan Nudists and Young Naturist Group in Canada KFFBS was published by Young Naturists & Nudists America

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