The Road to the Nude Sauna at Caesar Sauna

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Nude Sauna At Caesar Sauna – Poland’s Only Official Nudist Resort

Nude Sauna at Caesar Sauna – A GPS is only as good as the person who wastes good money to buy one.

On my way out to the first and currently only official naturist resort in Poland, the beautiful mountain-side sauna and relaxation spa called Sauna Cezar (Polish for Caesar Sauna), I was told that the freeway running from Wroclaw east to Krakow would probably be my best bet. I was supposed to turn right and head south on Wroclawska Street, (literally, the road to Wroclaw). The GPS would not stop telling me to turn around. I caved. I started heading north. I turned onto a narrow steep road, drove about 500 feet, turned the corner, and nearly crashed into a bollard. The rest of the road was a path for pedestrians.

bielsko biala poland sauna cezar caesar sauna europe

Bielsko-Biala, town of Caesar Sauna

The GPS wanted to take me east along a beautiful country highway. I realized it was set to avoid freeways. Driving on a freeway in Poland involves paying a toll. Poles are notoriously wary of paying anything. No wonder it was the default setting. I tried to navigate the menu to no avail. I tried to switch the language to English. Nothing worked. Country highway it was going to be.

There are very few traffic lights in Poland. There are also very few stop signs. Every road is either a priority road or not, in which case a driver either has the right of way or must yield it. This allows for a steady ride. It also tends to make drivers go fast. Polish highways have a reputation for being wild. Driving as I am accustomed on a country highway around 80 kph (that’s 50 mph), I was constantly being left in the dust trail of a Volvo sedan – until of course I came across a line of cars too timid to negotiate a big, slow-moving truck. Very few highways in Poland have more than one lane. In fact, just about the only time you see two lanes is going uphill – which never lasts for long. A determined motorist constantly risks getting squashed.

Despite feeling sheepish as I passed beneath the freeway I was supposed to have taken, I enjoyed the drive – until I reached the outskirts of Bielsko-Biala, the town in which Caesar Sauna is situated. An hour of traffic was backed up. Thankfully there were two lanes. When I saw the orange triangle sitting on the ground I realized it wasn’t the ubiquitous construction going on in the country. It was an accident. Motorists in Europe are required by law not only to have their own emergency road triangles, but also fire extinguishers, as well as an orange vest to put on when doing roadside repairs. Add the fact that you always have to drive with your lights on and the chances of an American being stopped by a policeman increase fifty-fold.

Luckily the “road demons” can be a friendly bunch. A whole string of motorists flashed me their brights before I took a swift turn down the highway. Sure enough, around the corner a motorcycle policeman stood next to his ride. I waved but he didn’t wave back. He was trying to inconspicuously cradle a radar gun.

When the GPS told me I had reached my destination I realized I was at another dead end. I called Peter, the Dutchman who with his Polish wife runs and resides at the small mountain-side nudist resort. He told me I was on the wrong road. It had the right name, but to get to the upper reaches, I had to drive up another road.

So much for GPS.

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