5 Body Shaming Comments Naturists Are Tired Of Hearing

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Let’s Do Away With These 5 Body Shaming Comments

(This body shaming blog was updated on 5/13/2016)
Inspired by body positive activist Virgie Tovar and this recent article on Mic, “5 Body Shaming Comments That Everyone Should Quit Saying This Summer” I decided to write my own list of body shaming comments that naturists are tired of hearing. This list is all about how people shame the naked body, especially the female body. It’s also about how naturists are shamed for daring to be naked and accept themselves as they are.

1. “Why are people at the nude beach never the people you want to see naked?”

I brought up this comment in our 10 common myths about naturism, but here it is again, as it has everything to do with body shaming.

Naturism is not about looking “pretty” for anyone. Nobody (unless they are exhibitionists) goes to the nude beach to be your eye candy. If you go to a nude beach or nudist resort just to look at bodies you find attractive, then your creepy behavior is called voyeurism.

For a long time, marketers have been using the idea of the “beach body” or “bikini body” to promote certain beauty standards and sell products. Those products are somehow supposed to make that specific body type seem attainable to consumers.

The female “beach body” is slim, toned and tanned with perky breasts and a curvy, firm butt. The male beach body equivalent is slim, tan and muscular.

The notion that people have to pursue and attain a certain body to visit and enjoy the beach is total bullshit.

body shaming beach body ready weight loss ad beauty standards yna

Beach body weight loss ad trying to profit from body shaming

While the “beach body” is all about looking attractive in a swimsuit, the media and advertising are just as effective at telling people what they need to look like to be naked in public. Whether it’s implied nudity or full-frontal, it’s usually a female model with the “perfect body” and flawless skin trying to sell us something or capture the male gaze.

Sexualized nudity is used to sell. But in advertising there’s only one version of “sexy” and once again, it’s nobody’s job or responsibility to fit someone else’s or society’s idea of sexy!

We all just want to enjoy the fucking beach.

2. “Nudists are overweight and thus promoting an unhealthy lifestyle.”

In a recent blog post, I explained how health concerns about strangers are really just another form of fat-shaming.

A person’s weight does not define health. Being fat does not suddenly require someone to disclose their health issues to anyone. Most naturists recognize and respect others’ right to privacy in regards to health as well as the right to do what you want with your own body.

Being fat or unhealthy is not a failure. Weight or size does not determine a person’s worth or whether they deserve to be accepted or loved as a human being.

body positivity acceptance all bodies yna

Body Positivity is for ALL bodies!

3. “Pubic hair / armpit hair / body hair is gross or dirty” or any form of telling someone else what to do with body hair.

At some point, female beauty standards started dictating that women must be hairless. While men’s hair can be a sign of manliness or masculinity, female body hair is considered gross, dirty and unfeminine.

In the last few years there’s definitely been an increase in body-positive / feminist activism encouraging women to grow their hair out (IF they want to) and to not feel ashamed about it.

body shaming pubic hair body hair positive acceptance yna

Body positive drawing saying pubic hair is totally okay

Still, some people feel the need to impose their own preferences or shame others for having hair.

This is the YNA naturist philosophy on body hair: Everyone has the right to do whatever the fuck they want with their body hair, whether it’s on their armpits, genitals, legs, arms, whatever.

Got a personal opinion on body hair? Great, keep it yourself and do what you want with your own body hair.

4. “Naked people? Genitals? Ew, I don’t want to see that.”

Body shame is still a big issue when it comes to certain body parts and their natural functions. We still have those old puritan religious values that declared the human body to be obscene.

This issue is also tied up with sexual shame. People are taught to hide their sex organs. In schools, most are still taught to ignore their sexual urges with abstinence-only sex education. Students learn about their sexual parts in school via anatomical drawings. They are left to guess what real naked bodies look like. Or they get a completely unrealistic idea from Internet porn.

And so, the disgust. The disgust people feel about their own bodies is projected onto others.

The “Ew, I don’t want to see that” comments often come up around public events like the World Naked Bike Ride when hundreds of cyclists flood the streets to protest against oil dependency.

There’s a simple solution for those who don’t want to see: Just. Don’t. Look.

5. “Women’s breasts are sexual, so women shouldn’t be walking around topless.”

Women’s breasts are not sex organs. Their primary function is to feed babies.

Do some people derive sexual pleasure from their breasts? Totally. A lot of people also derive sexual pleasure from their feet. And yet we have not banned feet from being seen in public.

Women’s breasts are continually sexualized and objectified for profit. Yet society shames the woman who dares to breastfeed her child in a public place. Cops arrest and shame women for trying to enjoy a park while topfree the same way men do. People sexualize and shame the bodies of little girls by making them cover up from a young age.

body shaming breasts sexualized objectification breastfeeding yna

Breastfeeding and Sexualized Breasts in Advertising

The real reason women can’t walk around topfree like men, in most places, is pure sexism.

The Free the Nipple movement has drawn a massive amount of attention to this equality issue. However the law still lags behind, and attitudes still need to shift.

Here’s an insightful quote from Laura Dodsworth, author of Bare Reality, about the female body getting censored and shamed: “It’s not what we want to reveal of our bodies, but who gets to decide what may be revealed, in what way and where, that is ultimately revealing of women’s place in the world.”

So that’s my short list! Naturist or not, what body-shaming comment(s) are you tired of hearing? Please share in the comments.

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  • DennisJustice

    I need to state this:  There is someone posting as “http://www.livefyre.com/profile/52777099/.”  This person may have the best intentions for my cause to bring a public nude beach to North Carolina, but this person is NOT me and really should change to username to something else.

    Thank you.

    Dennis Justice

  • Harry Rex

    All-Nudist.com lpn Because the people who will tell you that “only ugly people get naked” are the ones who think the only people who aren’t ugly are models. My guess is that they even dislike the way they, themselves look.

  • libertarian5150

    jerseyrod He he he…

  • jerseyrod

    If God wanted us to be naked, we would have been born naked.

  • libertarian5150

    lpn libertarian5150 All-Nudist.com
    Exactly. Why didn’t anyone tell those guys that 1984 isn’t an instruction manual?

  • libertarian5150

    lpn All-Nudist.com That’s a true story. The Russian government hires massive amounts of people to “troll” the internet, mainly YouTube, and Yahoo message boards. Anything remotely anti-Putin or anti-Russian, is instantly met with opposition. I can only imagine a lot of others do it as well. Even our own government.

  • BillSchroer

    Great article and wonderful,  “wish I’d said that” responses.  Here are   more body shaming questions/comments for your next iteration of this:
    “Why do you people have to go around naked?”-Have to???

    “I don’t judge but I could never do that” -Not a question but very superior, smug and self-righteous attitude
    “I’d need to get in shape to be nude”.  The self-hate that comes from listening/watching the media depictions of the perfect body.
    “Think of the children.”  As if non-sexual nudity will scar children for life.  Children are fine…its the hysterical, post-Victorian prudish protectors of the public morals that have the problem.
    Sorry for the rant…. :)

  • ChristopherJudson

    While not body shaming, I’d also like to add “so, you get naked with kids?!” my usual response is that “I wouldn’t ever go to an adults only place, like swinger resorts. That would be gross!”

  • libertarian5150

    Not sure if this applies, but I just love the poem…

    For me, the naked and the nude
    (By lexicographers construed
    As synonyms that should express
    The same deficiency of dress
    Or shelter) stand as wide apart
    As love from lies, or truth from art.
    Lovers without reproach will gaze
    On bodies naked and ablaze;
    The Hippocratic eye will see
    In nakedness, anatomy;
    And naked shines the Goddess when
    She mounts her lion among men.
    The nude are bold, the nude are sly
    To hold each treasonable eye.
    While draping by a showman’s trick
    Their dishabille in rhetoric,
    They grin a mock-religious grin
    Of scorn at those of naked skin.
    The naked, therefore, who compete
    Against the nude may know defeat;
    Yet when they both together tread
    The briary pastures of the dead,
    By Gorgons with long whips pursued,
    How naked go the sometimes nude!

  • lpn You have to wonder whether those people who complain that ‘only ugly people get naked’ are more offended by simple nudity or because it’s not only ‘hot chicks’ who do!  Silly me, we know the answer to that!

  • The only problem we have about body hair is when people argue about whether it should be removed or not.  That’s a purely personal choice and all the arguments we’ve seen, both pro and con, are utterly specious.  Hair is normal and shaving doesn’t cause problems.  Millions can attest to that.  Get over it, people!
    As far as folks’ sizes and shapes are concerned; it’s none of anyone’s else’s business. If someone doesn’t understand that aspect of social nudism, perhaps they should seek another community to hang around with.  They just don’t GET it!
    As far as bare breasts in public are concerned, we think it’s a bit idealistic to expect centuries of men’s fascination and obsession with women’s breasts to disappear simply because a small minority of folks today wish them to.  But that’s a different topic and not directly related to mainstream social nudism, which is our main focus.  Good luck with that one!   :-)

  • nudist_resorts

    I’m so tired of hearing, ‘There is good naked and bad naked. nudists are bad naked.”