Casting Call For International Documentary Film About Body Shame

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Norwegian Filmmaker Casting For New Documentary On Body Shame

We at YNA were recently contacted by a Norwegian filmmaker named Jan Dalchow who is working on a new documentary about body shame and nudity. Him and his team are currently casting for more people who have dealt with negative body image and body shame. The focus is on young people age 25 and under, but they’d also like to hear from people outside that age group. Jan has said that in addition to the film, he plans to create a campaign to address body shame issues. Read more about Jan and the casting information below, and be sure to contact him if you’re interested!



My name is Jan Dalchow, I am a Norwegian documentary filmmaker working on a documentary project about body shame and nudity.

For me body shame has been a challenge since I was a kid. But through hard work, both physically and mentally, I am getting closer to get rid of it. And I would like to help others do the same.

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Norwegian Documentary Filmmaker Jan Dalchow


Even though we’re all born naked, many feel ashamed of their nudity later in life. How do you feel about your body? Most people do not have a positive response to this question. Young people especially struggle with their body image. Nudity leads to embarrassment, shame and a feeling of being offended, and it has to do with power. By exposing your naked body to somebody you give them power over you. This has no logical explanation. It is an externally driven emotional reaction. And it connects to body shame.

We believe that to be exposed to a bigger variation of natural naked bodies would lead to less body shame and fear of social nudity. And it would improve many people’s health.

To help make a difference we are producing The Naked Dream, a feature length documentary to be distributed internationally online, and an awareness campaign with a focus on fighting body shame. The film will hopefully be ready by 2018.

It is clearly a topic that applies to people of all ages, including myself (at age 47). But we want to limit the selection to focus on youth, where problems with poor body image are biggest and growing.

So our main target group will be teenagers and young adults. According to Norwegian research (Ungdata 2014) every third girl says she is not very happy with herself, and around every fourth girl in the 15-16 age group are struggling with depressive symptoms. Reports from The National Institute for Consumer Research (SIFO 2014) showed that 85 percent of girls and 30 percent of young boys are experiencing body shame.

We will be filming in the US and other places in the world, so this casting call is open for everyone regardless of your location. But, we mainly look for young people under 25 of any gender (we will consider other age groups of young adults as well.)

Film a short video (e.g. with your mobile phone) where you present yourself and tell us about your relationship with your body (or send us a few words).

Is it important to you how others see you? How do you deal with being naked? 
How are you affected by all these things, and do you want to change how you feel in relation to this?

We are looking for persons who are struggling with their body image and those who are not, but maybe did before.

And if nudity has helped you to become more positive and confident about your body, it would be interesting to hear from you as well.

Remember, we also need: your full name, email address, mobile phone number, date of birth, and attach a photo of yourself. Send the email to: 
 Use or similar if you attach a video.

We answer all emails and all details are treated confidentially. More information can be found on

You can also here me talk about it in a video on Facebook, please share it:

We really look forward to hearing from you!

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(People over 25 may apply as well)

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