Body Positivity and Skinny Dipping With Friends

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How Skinny Dipping With Friends Brought Freedom and Body Positivity to My Life

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Skinny dipping with friends was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life. When I first thought about skinny dipping, the idea kind of scared me. This is mostly because people don’t tend to be completely nude around people they are not romantically intimate with?

In the movies, skinny dipping always looks like so much fun. You see a group of friends tear off their clothes and jump into a beautiful secluded lake or hot spring. A lot of the fun in skinny dipping is centered around the spontaneity of the experience.

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Body Positivity

Social media and the internet cant truly convey the feeling of freedom and joy of randomly deciding to swim nude with a group of friends. It is still something that just needs to be experienced.

This whole skinny dipping situation began when I was hanging out with friends. At one point, someone randomly mentioned wanting to go swimming. The idea sounded fun, but it was around 3 in the morning so the regular pools weren’t open. But we did know of a public pool nearby that would be easy for us to sneak in and out of.

The pool was tucked inside of a little community and was a good private setting for my first ever skinny-dipping experience.. There were only four of us which made this whole adventure a lot easier – there wouldn’t to be too many witnesses!

Once we snuck into the pool area, we all quickly got naked and jumped in. From that point on, it was no different from any other swimming experience I’ve had. Lots of fun, splashing around, laughing and horseplay ensued. We started getting worried that someone would may check in so we only stayed for about an hour.

YNA'ers Skinny Dipping With Friends in Upstate NY

YNA’ers Skinny Dipping With Friends in Upstate NY

For me, the whole experience brought a wealth of body positivity to my life. It was relieving to see other people in the nude since it made me realize that my body was not much different from theirs. While obviously our naked bodies did differ from each other, those differences did not make any of us feel ashamed or have any other negative feelings.

Initially I was concerned that being nude around my friends would create some kind of sexual tension between us. I think we tend to associate nudity with sex because we live in such a repressed society. But that was not something that resulted from this liberating experience. This experience taught me to not fear being nude around people I am comfortable with. Being nude with my friends whom I trust felt natural, noninvasive, accepting of me and my body and non judgmental.

Skinny dipping is definitely an experience that helped me grow. It is also something that I would gladly do again if the opportunity arose.

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