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Personal Account About Body Image and Eating Disorders

Guest Blog About Body Image and Eating Disorders

Body Image and Eating Disorders – I can’t tell you how my body image issues started, but there are three girls in my family, all with severe eating disorders. Most of our struggles are now under control, but I know that being ultra thin remains an important, if unattainable, goal for my sisters. I spent years on a roller coaster of different diet and exercise programs, with varied results. The irony is that I never even fell outside of a healthy weight range. I just didn’t like what I saw in the mirror, and I didn’t like how I felt.

Then I met a nudist. This man was completely free from body shame. True, he had an enviable physique. Still, it didn’t seem like he was remotely exhibitionist, merely detached from any vanity regarding how he looked to others. His priority was strictly placed on how he felt, physically and emotionally. The first time I saw him strolling around naked, I was absolutely shocked. I had spent years trying to avoid not just nudity, but also occasions when swimwear or even shorts would be the expected attire. Here he was, buck naked, like it was nothing. He had moles, scars, and all kinds of marks that people spend time, money and angst trying to cover. His attitude on that was the same, of course. Those things had always been there. Who was he to conclude they were unattractive? Spending time with someone who was not at all body conscious was incredibly liberating.

Body Image and Eating Disorders

Body Image and Eating Disorders

We became a couple, and eventually married. Our first apartments were intentionally not ground-level places, because we didn’t want to bother the neighbors with our incessant flashing. Just being around someone with this free attitude, these balanced priorities, allowed me to go from the girl hiding in the dark, to finally feeling normal. This isn’t a case of finding oneself in someone else. It is a fortuitous example of having a great role model to show me that all bodies are different, and their features don’t become good or bad until someone labels them as such. After years of warped eating patterns and fearing the return of summer weather and summer clothes, life with Mr. Nudist allowed me to accept myself. Decades later, the love handles are appearing but our attitude toward caring for ourselves and each other remains unchanged. I wish everyone with body issues the same good fortune.

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