Body Image Issues In College

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How I Overcame My Body Image Issues In College

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Overcoming My Body Image Issues While In College

Body Image Issues In College – I never really thought too much about the little bit of extra weight I have always carried, especially on my hips, thighs and of course, my derriere (my Butt!). I was always able to dress in just the right way so that I could always look at least ten pounds lighter than I actually was. I never thought I would be the “type” of person who has body image issues… That is, until I went away to college.

My first trip to the community bathroom at my dorm kind of shook me up. As soon as I walked in I saw all of these lithe girls walking around. I immediately pulled my towel up and tied it as tight as possible around my waist. In fact, I felt so self conscious that I would get up hours before anyone else just so I could shower in privacy and not have to expose my naked body to others. This went on all throughout college. I never could shake that feeling of being less in shape compared to everyone else.

Over time, I started to get a little more comfortable in my own skin. But that quickly changed once again once I met the man of my dreams. As soon as we started to head down the path of getting intimate, I always had to be the one to jump up and turn off the lights. I never gave my body image issues much until my boyfriend started talking to me about my issues. I was a little shocked at first. It took some time and while it was somewhat of a process, I slowly began to enjoy leaving lights on.

Body Image Issues In College

Body Image Issues In College

I think, now that I look back, it took more naked time for me to be able to finally accept my body. I started to notice that the more time I spent with my boyfriend without having to worry about being covered up (or having it dark), the more I started to open up. As time went on I was even able to actually appreciate my body. It has taken years, but I finally understand how nudists must feel. The ability to accept or even celebrate the naked body is special a special thing. Today I can finally stand in front of a mirror naked and not hate the person I see. We all have issues and thing we would like to change but we are also all unique and beautiful in our own way.

I guess I could say that being naked in public (or semi public) gave me the tools I needed to accept my body and, in many ways, myself!

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