Bits of Naked News + Fun Facts!

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Some Naked News and Fun Facts

(I know us naturists are “never about the sex,” but here’s a few naked-related facts from the Top 50 Weird Facts You Never Knew About Sex

In Medieval France, a wife caught cheating was forced to chase a chicken through the village… naked. Sounds fun?

Merkins, or pubic wigs, were invented in the 14th Century by prostitutes who had to shave their pubes off to get rid of lice. Later, the were used by prostitutes to hide the symptoms of syphillis. Pubic wigs? Seriously?

Donald Duck was banned in Finland because Donald was naked from the waist down. Yeah that crazy Donald, so inappropriate. Did anyone else ever notice how he always put on a towel around his waist after he showered though?

donald duck cartoon bath nudity

Donald Duck in a Towel next to Mickey Mouse

–Good article and well-written: Top 10 misconceptions about nudism

Sarah White in NY is the therapist to see if you’re looking for a relaxed young nude woman to listen to your problems. (Or you could just walk into a nudist club and find your own ;) I liked this author’s quote:
“While its effectiveness thus far may be difficult to gauge, one thing is certain: The world would be a lot less tense if people could work out their differences without pants.” True story!

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  • Mr Sandy

    I can't help wondering how much of Sarah White's method is for her own benefit rather than her client's. I would consider her therapy method valid if the eventual goal is to have the client join her in natural, comfortable nakedness.

  • Alan

    Great Blog Felicity loved the fun facts. I hope you keep at it we need more blogs about naturism from the female perspective. Keep it up.