Biblical Nudity and The Bible’s View of Nakedness

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Biblical Nudity And A Biblical View of the Naked Body

(Guest Post By Melissa DejaNude)

Issues pertaining to biblical nudity:

Biblical Nudity – The Bible tells us about the origins of our world and why it is the way that we see it today. In the first 2 chapters, we read that God created the world and then called everything that He created very good. We know that Adam and Eve were nude at this point and that it was God’s intention for them to be nude. God gave them 1 prohibition: “Do not eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil”; He told them the results of eating of the fruit as well: they would die.

Nudity In The Bible

Nudity In The Bible

In chapter 3, the Father of lies convinces Adam and Eve that God was wrong and so they violate the prohibition. They notice they were nude and so they clothe themselves. God wants to fellowship and Adam is hiding because he was afraid because he was naked.

God did not clothe them at that point, verse 9; God clothes them after he curses the ground, Adam’s punishment, v.18; God does that for their physical protection from The Curse. With that as background, simple nudity is mostly neutral, stated as a observation without judgement.

Although simple nudity has been presented in a positive light, with Saul and Isaiah, simple nudity has never been presented in a negative light; when it is cast in a negative light, another sin like homosexuality (Noah, Gen 9) or incest (Lot, Gen 19) or lust (David, 2 Sam 11) is present. The Bible may not present any specific examples of the simple nudity that we practice, but we know that evil thoughts come from our minds, not external sources (Mark 7:21-3) and that God created our bodies to be received with thanksgiving (1 Tim 4:4)

The crucial question about this lifestyle is did God’s view of His creation change at the fall? If it did, then there is a moral reason for clothing. If it did not, then the reason for wearing clothing is only to protect us from getting hurt, in many cases by the environment. God can’t tempt us (James 1:12-15) and He commanded Isaiah to go naked (Isa 20:2); so that means that being naked is not a sin. So that means that we have the liberty in Christ to be nude.

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  • n8turboy815

    Remember people that JESUS died on the cross to forgive ALL SINS…PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE, and that includes the original Old Testament (the law) sins of adam & eve.  Because of Jesus and His New Testament (grace) forgiveness…
        Romans 6: 6-11 
           ” We
    know that our old life, our old sinful self, was nailed to the cross
    with Christ. And so the power of sin that held us was destroyed. Sin is
    no longer our boss.  When a man is dead, he is free from the power of sin.  And if we have died with Christ, we believe we will live with Him also.  We know that Christ was raised from the dead. He will never die again. Death has no more power over Him.  He died once but now lives. He died to break the power of sin, and the life He now lives is for God.  You
    must do the same thing! Think of yourselves as dead to the power of
    sin. But now you have new life because of Jesus Christ our Lord. You are
    living this new life for God.”
       Romans 6: 12-13
         “Therefore, sin must not reign over your mortal bodies so that you obey their desires.  And
    do not present the parts of your bodies to sin as weapons for
    wickedness, but present yourselves to God as raised from the dead to
    life and the parts of your bodies to God as weapons for righteousness.” 

       Romans 6:14

         “For sin is not to have any power over you, since you are not under the law but under grace.”
       Romans 6: 17-18 
    one time you were held by the power of sin. But now you obey with all
    your heart the teaching that was given to you. Thank God for this!  You were made free from the power of sin. Being right with God has power over you now.”

  • SusanneYnaNY

    This is a very concise explanation of the biblical view on nudity! Thanks Melissa!

  • SteveYnaNY

    Thank you Melissa for this very “to the point” explanation of the positive biblical basis for nudity. It is very helpful.  Also, I was just reading another very confused commentary from someone who thought the bible condemns nudity, citing the Noah story.  The person went so far as to insult the bible, and the ‘god’ behind it out of resentment based in falsely thinking the bible is against nudity – what a sad misunderstanding.  The bible, interpreted plainly, is a great friend of naturism, and thank you for reminding us again of this fact.