Beverly B. Price president of AANR Fired Bill Schroer – WTF?!?!

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Beverly B. Price, The New president of AANR, fires executive director Bill Schroer. WTF?!?

This blog post was written by Jordan Blum.

Beverly B. Price of the America Association for Nude Recreation Fires Bill Schroer:

For those of you who may not be as aware of the political happenings in the Nudie world… The American Association For Nude Recreation (AANR) has recently held elections and Beverly B. Price emerged as the new President of AANR. In addition, earlier this year, the America associationFor Nude recreation had hired Bill Schroer to fill the executive director position, following the resignation of Jim Smock.

Beverly B. Price - Recently Elected President of AANR

Beverly B. Price – Recently Elected President of AANR

Everyone knows that AANR and YNA have not seen eye to eye on many things, but the announcement of Bill Schroer as the new executive director was one that I personally supported wholeheartedly. Dare I say that I was even excited by this news. For the first time in four years, I was excited about what AANR had done!

While I have never met Bill Schroer personally, I have been corresponding with him via email and over the phone for the last 3 – 4 years. Like me, Bill comes from the online marketing and tech world so I knew he would be a vital asset if AANR was hoping to push their agenda (you can read about what they are all about here: Nudist Organizations) and turn itself around. Finally a someone who understands the internet and the value that it provides!

Earlier this week I emailed Bill randomly. I just wanted to see how he was doing and to see if I could be of any service or help. It came a complete surprise and shock when he mentioned that the America Association for Nude Recreation had decided to terminate his employment.

I could not believe it!

Bill has been a vocal and positive advocate and I simply could not wrap my head around this recent move by AANR.

Bill Schroer - Former Executive Director Of AANR

Bill Schroer – Former Executive Director Of AANR

Then I saw the the SCNA newsletter which offered even more upsetting facts about this issue.

In their newsletter they said:

“He [Bill Schroer] was very popular with the membership, and he seemed eager to hear suggestions from everyone on how to make AANR more relevant in a rapidly changing technological world.

It therefore came as a shock to learn through the Twitter grapevine that Bev Price, the newly-elected AANR President apparently walked into his office one day in mid-October and told Bill he was no longer working for the America Association for Nude Recreation.

Sources said Bill told them he was very surprised, as there had been no prior warning. According to the AANR By-Laws, the President cannot hire or fire the Executive Director, only the 14 Board of Trustees can do that. At least some of the Board members have confessed they had no idea this was coming.

Word of the firing rippled across the AANR clubs at the speed of Twitter, with “WTF” being the most polite reaction to what appears to be a very unpopular decision. The only thing the Kissimmee main office will say is: “Bill Schroer is no longer employed by AANR. We wish him well.

Schroer had only been on the job since May. He was AANR’s third Executive Director in three years.”

For the record, I am no longer a member of the America Association for Nude Recreation. But I know that many of the YNA followers and members are. So I urge you to email them and express your concerns about the way they handled this issue.

If you would like to see the America Association for Nude Recreation succeed then you may want to also rant about the fact that they just fired one of the most qualified executives they could have ever hoped to have.

You can email AANR directly at: (please note that this is their main email address and that you may need to email them a few time in order to get any response – that was our experience at least).

This article about AANR and Bill Schroer was written by Jordan Blum and was published by Young Naturists and Nudists America YNA

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Jordan Blum is a lifelong nudie and co-founder of Young Naturists America.
  • LarryWestCoast

    I just got around to listening to my Bare Oaks podcasts, so I just found out about this controversy. It seems that AANR wants to attract new members but they want things to be as they’ve always been. Meanwhile, they seem stuck in the endless debate of what a “true” naturist is or what a “true” naturist club is. 

    Bill’s proposed rating system seemed to be a breath of fresh air. It recognized that clubs differ in their facilities and in their outlook on naturism. It recognized that  people go to different clubs for different reasons. It also used the Internet to promote naturism in a brand new way.

    An online rating system would attract new people of all sorts. If somebody wanted a swingers club, then they could find and go to a swingers club and not bother those who want a family-oriented club. Someone who wanted to bring their kids could find an appropriate setting and could avoid ending up at the wrong place. Someone who wanted a place with 12 swimming pools could avoid a place that didn’t have any. The problem, at least in my book, is that clubs would have to be honest and would have to compete. And that probably scares the heck out of AANR.

    So Bill, go ahead and set up your ratings site. If AANR won’t back it, I’m sure that  there are thousands of naturists who will.

  • BillBowser

    You folks need to realize that it would be wholly inappropriate for an organization to disclose the reasons behind the termination of an employee. AANR is not going to reveal that sort of information. All you conspiracy theorists can let your imaginations fill in the blanks, but don’t you think it would be prudent to assume that AANR did what they thought was in their best interests?

  • JCWls

    On November 10th I sent an email to Ashley Beahan, Public Relations Manager at AANR, asking for an explanation. I have not heard anything back from her as of today, the 23rd. The email I used was:

  • GBSmith

    nudiarist GBSmith
    Just a few follow up comments.  The reality is that AANR needs more money but I don’t believe their only alternative is to try and get it by going against the core values of the members and clubs/resorts.  I think what is more important is for leadership to prove the organization is relevant and necessary.
     I don’t believe your movie rating analogy applies.  Rather than a multiplex you need to look at it as a single screen theater in a small town that decides to show only R and NC-17 movies.  Families at that point would have no local alternative.  
       A small point but I don’t think DesertSun was ever AANR affiliated.  It started as DesertShadows with TNS affiliation but doesn’t have that anymore.  I think YNA is the only group that receives a discount now.
       I don’t believe your generalization that “adults don’t want to practice nudism with other peoples children around” holds.  It may be the case in some clubs and in a resort like DesertSun but at Lake Bronson in Washington state, the club of a friend of mine, there are multiple families with children of all ages.  It all depends on the club demographic and organization but clubs, not resorts, but clubs will wither if they don’t encourage families.
       Applying a definition of nudism that reflects your own opinion and values doesn’t shut anyone out and doesn’t limit anyone that’s interested in body acceptance.  People can do what they want where ever they want with whom ever they chose (within reason) and with that I grant you the last word.

  • nudiarist

    GBSmith nudiarist AANR needs to face reality. I stand by that comment.
    AANR will stay afloat if it makes money. They have fired their Executive Director and are selling their headquarters. At this point I don’t see any evidence of AANR actively seeking it’s 4th ED in just over three years.
    I don’t see how bringing in adult clubs damages family nudism if it strengthens the organization. Let’s be clear – nobody is advocating the abolition of family clubs, or destroying the “nudist idea”. A ratings system merely recognizes that there are different clubs with different policies and different activities. Either AANR keeps losing clubs like Lupin Lodge and Desert Sun, or they change. As of now, it looks like they have chosen to remain stagnant and irrelevant.
    Back in the 1960s, the film industry began a ratings system which revolutionized how movies are made and marketed. At the time some believed that this would spell the end of family movies, and when “Deep Throat” became mainstream in the early 1970s that prediction seemed to have come true. But over time the ratings system has evolved, and will certainly keep changing with the times, but the end result is that now you can go the multiplex and see an R rated film in one theatre, while at the same time the kids can go see a Disney film in another. If anything, the ratings system has given people the means to make intelligent choices on what they want to see, or want their kids to see.
    Did family films die as a result of this? Absolutely not. In fact, Disney, Pixar and other studios have made a fortune marketing family films.
    You can certainly point out the difference between participating in the WNBR of visiting Bare Oaks, but they are both examples of body freedom and acceptance. This is one of the central problems with nudism today, that some wish to impose such a strict definition that they shut out so many that would like to try clothes freedom. Ad nudism has changed over time – it was once forbidden for couples to even hold hands.
    The point about the child pornography convictions at Sunsport is that society is deeply suspicious of family nudism. To many, the idea of adults cavorting nude around children is unthinkable. AANR absolutely has to deal with this issue because so many adults simply don’t want to practice nudism with other people’s kids around.
    If you do want transparency from AANR, then don’t hold your breath. It’s likely that we will never know why Bill Schroer was fired because the vote was taken in secret executive session. And if you really want transparency, you will ask AANR to impose a ratings system immediately because the clubs out there are very, very different. My wife and I visited a club in the Midwest just this year where the signs of “lifestyle” were everywhere. The club was pretty much deserted since it was a weekday, but one trailer has a big sign out front that said “Sex Drive”, and there were plenty of other signs and stickers that indicated that it was a pretty swinging place. This is going on now, and is covered up because of AANR’s one size fits all philosophy. 
    It’s clear that the idea of a central organization to impose values on independent club was spawned in a time when nudist clubs were being raided and people were arrested. Everyone agreed to adhere to standardized rules of behavior so that they could remain in business and not be shut down by authorities. Today that fear does not exist, and clubs are gradually shifting their marketing to adapt to an ever changing world, and they are breaking ties with AANR and TNS.
    My understanding is that the executive board of AANR voted 10-4 to uphold the firing of Bill Schroer. A shift of only 4 votes would have pushed this the other way. There is dissension in the ranks, even though AANR wants you to believe that everyone is of one mind on what they have done.
    Time will tell, but it’s my prediction that AANR is headed for irrelevance really fast, not only for their refusal to change, but because the nearly $100 annual couples membership fee ensures that they are rapidly pricing themselves out of existence.

  • GBSmith

    nudiarist GBSmith

    I think you raise some important issues that are worth consideration and further discussion.  I, like you, have been involved in naturism for about 10 years and have used the resources of AANR and TNS to make decisions about which clubs or resorts to visit.  I agree that Schroer was trying to find ways to keep AANR viable and relevant but I don’t think “facing reality” is an accurate term.  

    AANR will remain afloat if it is able to provide value to members whether individuals or businesses.  For me value is in the form of advocacy on legal issues, a community forum, and promotion of nudism/naturism as a choice in recreation.  For businesses the AANR can advocate for their rights, provide advertising as well as promotion of what may be unique about their venues.  The problem I see with including clubs that advocate swinging as an open and acceptable part of their operation is that it damages the image of family oriented clubs that try and maintain a safe place for children and adults only operations like DesertSun whose members would not be comfortable with open swinging.  A rating system has a down side in that any resort/club that announces that it welcomes “lifestyle” members will lose families and that means their eventual aging out.   Clubs that establish themselves as Gay fall into a different category since society’s acceptance of LGBT is increasing.

    One thing that should be discussed somewhere is the difference between nudism and public nakedness.  Nudism as a lifestyle as promoted by places like Bare Oaks in Canada or any of the landed clubs you could name is not even close to what you see at the Fremont Street Fair or Bay to Breakers.  

    I agree that swinging or “lifestyle” adherents attend clubs and resorts but are asked to be private about it. And I know that there are pedophiles and pornographers at clubs and resorts but that’s just part of society and won’t be addressed by the AANR changing or staying the same.

    I agree about transparency the need for AANR, TNS, and YNA to prove their value in order to remain viable.  For me they’ll do that by remaining true to the values their members have and not just try and trade numbers for dollars.

  • nudiarist

    GBSmith Having been in the nudist world for nearly a decade now, it seems to me that Bill was merely trying to keep AANR afloat by facing reality. In recent years clubs have been lost, notably Lupin Lodge, Paradise Lakes, and Caliente, due to the fact that they allowed “lifestyle” people. In the case of Lupin, BDSM and sexual fetish groups were allowed to hold their meetings and “furry” events on the grounds. For a long time, AANR’s solution to the “problem” was to simply deny that any of this was going on. Just recently Desert Sun was also lost over issues involving the banning of children from the resort. And if you think that other clubs are not hosting swingers, then you are very, very naive.
    If AANR is to survive it need to come into the 21st century and be more transparent about what is going on at clubs, and a ratings system such as that proposed by Mr. Schroer is a good first step. Otherwise the culture of lies and cover-ups will continue.
    It’s no secret that the major nudist organizations in America have been bleeding members. I just got my renewal for AANR for nearly $100, and I’m not going to pay. It’s just too much money for very little benefit. I can join AAA, AARP and the NRA – all three – with the same money, and have a few bucks left over.
    If AANR wants to save family nudism, then it needs to come to the realization that there is adult nudism, gay nudism, young nudism, and public nudism (Bare to Breakers, WNBR, etc). There is no longer a “one size fits all” definition. There are many adults who simply do not want to go to a nudist resort and have other people’s kids hanging around, and if you look honestly at the recent events at Sunsport Gardens where two members are now serving jail terms over child pornography, then you know that in today’s social climate, mixing nude children and nude adults in social settings is becoming increasingly taboo.
    Whatever the reason AANR axed Mr. Schroer, whether it was over disagreements over the direction of AANR, or that they could no longer afford an Executive Director, from my point of view this man was on the right track to modernize the nudist movement. It has also been revealed that AANR is looking to sell its Kissimmee headquarters building, another indication that financial reasons could be behind all of these changes. But without true transparency from the AANR board we are only left with speculation, as usual.

  • GBSmith

    The minutes of the AANR board meeting just posted shed some light on the subject. Among other things Schroer was advocating for allowing “lifestyle” clubs to join AANR plus he wanted changes to the way the board operated.  It looked like he was opposed on almost every point he advocated.  Two sides to every story, it seems.

  • Leslie Ray

    Thanks for bringing the truth out in the open. :-(

  • nudiarist

    livefyrebob nudiarist Leslie Ray My understanding is that the vote was done in secret, so we may never know the reason he was fired. If it has been something salacious, one would think that he would not have even gotten the 4 votes in his favor. This appears to be political, that Price and some others strongly disagreed with Schroer’s vision for the future of AANR, which may have included a ratings system for clubs. This is just conjecture based upon what I have heard.

  • livefyrebob

    nudiarist Leslie Ray 

  • nudiarist

    Leslie Ray The board backed up Price 10-4.

  • Leslie Ray

    In my opinion, I think Bill Schroer is still employed by AANR. Because Price has no power to fire Schroer. Only the board has the power to fire the Executive. So AANR owes Bill back pay and still employed.

  • livefyrebob

    What will AANR be doing in the next year to promote an all-inclusive effort to expand its membership?
    (By all-inclusive, I mean to make welcome all well-mannered people of any and all labels, orientations, persuasions, etc., etc.)

    My AANR dues are paid up through July 2015.  I hope I see action by the AANR Board which will encourage me to renew.

  • livefyrebob

    While I’ve only “met” Bill through email and phone calls, I consider him a friend.  He seems to have his finger on the pulse of how we naturists / nudists can find more acceptance in the United States culture.  All best wishes to Bill and people like him.

  • rapoport

    There’s more to this than meets the news, I’ll bet. A lot of what went on is almost certainly missing in any report so far.
    The only thing I’m reasonably certain of is that AANR has some serious structural problems.

  • Stephane Deschenes

    The only official comment so far was in the Trustees & Clubs Weekly Report on October 24th:
    Effective October 15, 2014, Executive Director William Schroer is no longer employed by AANR.  The entire team at AANR wishes him the best in his future endeavors.
    Another comment on November 7th may be related:
    Your AANR Office Staff has now been relieved of tasks that are not in their job descriptions.

    Of course, that is complete conjecture on my part. I have no more information than what you can read above.

  • homeclothesfree

    The seeming lack of transparency around the firing concerns me. Bill was a public advocate for the clothes free community in my neck of the woods despite being in a highly conservative environment. I believe he was a good choice because of his background in marketing, something sorely needed in clothes free community. I renewed My AANR membership this summer but will switch TNS if there is not more disclosure around what happened.

  • homeclothesfree

    The seeming lack of transparency around the firing concerns me. Bill was a public advocate for the clothes free community in my neck of the woods despite being in a highly conservative environment. I believe he was a good choice because of his background in marketing, something sorely needed in clothes free community. I renewed My AANR membership this summer but will switch TNS if there is not more disclosure around what happened.

  • nudiarist

    Until AANR is forthcoming on the reasons for terminating Mr. Schroer, I am not renewing my AANR membership, nor am I going forward with my own plans to form an AANR affiliated club. Enough of the secrecy, we all need to know exactly what happened, and why.

  • DarioWestern

    Very unprofessional of Bev to just fire him without any prior warning.  :-(