Being Naked Outdoors and The First Time I Was Nude Outside

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First Time Naked Outdoors and Being Nude Outside

(A Guest Nudie Blog)

Being Naked Outside and Nude Outdoors For The Very First Time

First time naked outdoors and being nude outside – I have always heard of nudism and naturism but never really gave it too much thought. I have to admit that when I first saw a news report about a local nudist resort, I was the only one in my family not to say “what weird and perverted people these nudists are.” But the truth is that I was actually envious of them. They were walking around, completely naked outside, in what they were born with and none of them seemed to mind what the world thought of them. They all seemed perfectly happy and none of them seemed to have any body image issues whatsoever.

So I figured I would give it a try by seeing what it felt like to go about my daily routine nude. So the next time I had the house to myself, I decided that I would get naked and do everything from cleaning to homework in the nude.

To my surprise, it felt great to be completely naked. I was surprised to discover that it did not feel sexual at all… being nude was a simply a feeling of just total freedom.

As the years went by, I got my own place and moved out of my family’s home. I used to go to the beach a lot and always wondered what it would be like if I just dropped my swimming trunks and jumped into the water naked. But my beach was not a nude beach and I knew it was not the place to try skinny dipping for the first time.

The changing area at the beach was without a roof. I heard a few people comment on how they would freak if a helicopter or a plane flew by while they were naked. It was far enough from the local hotels that no one on any of the floors could see in. I remember getting naked and wondering what would happen if I left the booth before putting on any clothing. I kept thinking about how great it would feel to be naked outside.

Things just moved on from there. One time, I mentioned to a close friend about my fascination with being naked outdoors and he thought I was crazy. I think he told some of my other friends, which explains why they wouldn’t hang out at my place to drink beer, eat pizza or play x-box anymore.

Then, to make it worse, the girl I was dating at the time found out about my desire to be completely nude outdoors. From that point on she kept pestering me why I was so interested in a “nudist” lifestyle. I told her my reasons, but she took it to mean I was looking to become a “swinger” and that it was a “perverted” lifestyle.

Needless to say, we broke up soon after. I never once had a physical intimate relationship with her but to this day, she probably speaks of me as nothing but a pervert. But just to play it safe, for about year and a half, I stayed quiet about the subject of social or public nudity.

Then, at the local community college, I took an art class. Naturally, at some point it came time to draw a nude life model. We drew two nude models – one male and one female. They stood there, both naked, with such reserve and calm and didn’t seem to care what others thought of them. I asked a few classmates about the models and they told me that it was a paid position but that they were just your “everyday people” only nude.

So I put out an ad and asked if anyone wouldn’t mind modeling nude for me at home. Behold, my ad was answered. Her name was Rachel (named changed to honor privacy). I told her that I wanted to draw a nude model in a home setting, doing everyday things, but nude. To my surprise, she said “no problem.”

The day came for the sketch and first I thought an ice breaker session would be good. She was from Canada originally and she moved with her family to the USA a few years earlier. She even told me they had been to nudist beaches and at times, spent family time in the nude. She was a great model and did some basic poses. To my surprise, to her, it all felt completely natural.

being naked outside nude outdoors life drawing nude sketch yna

I took a photo first and sketched her next. I offered her a robe to wear in between sketches, but she didn’t want to put it on. She even walked away to the kitchen to get a drink and went to the bathroom, all in the nude. I told her of my “secret” desire to have a nudist lifestyle free from judgement. She decided to challenge me to pose in the nude with her for the last photo. I took her up on her suggestion and after seeing the image, I was astonished at how natural we looked, like we didn’t even notice we weren’t wearing clothes.

I knew after that, I had to find out more. I was scoping out areas for a good long time for the upcoming spring. I knew of this church I went to a long time ago with my friend and his grandmother. It was way out in the sticks and behind the church, the property ended at a ditch. From that point on there was a field, then a meadow and beyond that there was nothing but wooded areas for miles. There was only one street light on the road, and the only other light was the light from the church’s shed. I had my plan – In spring I would go past the property and try being naked outside for the very first time!

Then, as if just for me, it happened. We had a very unusual warm streak of weather for 2 weeks in January. The first night, I drove to the church and noticed that the residence near the church had their lights on, even late at night. This put me a little bit on edge because I knew they could see me pull into the parking lot. Once you pass the parking lot and drive on the grass, you can’t see past twenty feet. It is that pitch black except for the moonlight. But on that first night, I couldn’t go through with it.

The next night, after work, I decided to drive past and see how I felt. At twelve thirty they only had their living room light on and I could still see movement but I decided that it was the right place. I needed some coffee, so I drove to a convenience store where I had a cup of coffee and listened to the radio for a while. Then I decided I would drive back and see if these people were the type that left their lights on all night. It was now close to 2:00 am. The lights were all out so I decided that this would be it.

I went to a local pharmacy (15 minutes away) and purchased a small flashlight. I drove back and waited in the lot. I waited for 30 more minutes. Not one person, car, or even cat went past. It was only filled with the sound of the leaves rustling in the wind. I drove my car onto the grass and all the way to the ditch, where I knew the property ended. I waited another 10 minutes. The neighbors didn’t hear me at all. I looked around and realized I was “safe.” I went behind the car away from the road and began phase one of undressing.

I took off my boxer shorts and T-shirt and only wore my sneakers, pants and hoodie. I decided the less clothes, the better. I started walking, jumped over the ditch and walked down till I was about 10 feet from the woods. I looked back and saw the road, but I knew from my earlier scouting that if anyone came down the road, they wouldn’t be able to see me.

I found an area where the tree branches would not get in the way and began to undress. First my shoes, then my hoodie and then I paused. Underneath my work pants I wore nothing. I took a deep breath, slid them off, folded them neatly and placed them on a nearby tree branch. I was completely nude outside! I wasn’t scared, ashamed or anything. In fact I wanted to give a shout of triumph but decided not to press my luck. I walked away from my clothes, which had my wallet, keys and everything else I needed in the real world. I was going to use the flashlight, but the moonlight was enough.

first time naked outdoors nude walk outside moonlight yna

First time being naked outdoors under moonlight


Before I knew it I had to be at least 100 feet into the woods and a good way from my clothes. It was great. I hiked nude and for a few moments I thought I was being followed by a small animal. But that was not the case.

Before I realized, it was an hour later and I knew I had to go back. I used my light to find my things but oddly enough, I actually decided not to put them on. I wanted this newfound naked and free feeling to last forever and was not ready to give it up!

I walked all the way to my car naked and got dressed there. I did it! I spent time nude / naked outdoors like a true nudist! I went back the next two nights.

If you are still deciding whether to try it or not then I say go for it. The freedom of being nude and the feeling of being yourself completely naked outside, especially in nature, is simply amazing!

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  • v6guitar

    Encouraging and educational

  • larryleone267 Just one little important thing to note – the phrase “nudist colony” is no longer used. Today we say nudist club or resort. Colonies are for ants and lepers ;) Hope your experience was a positive one after getting past the initial jitters :)

  • larryleone267

    My first time was at a nudist colony. I backed my car nesx to some bushes, and opened the front door of my car, so no one cauld see me undress, when two young ladies walked up behind me. I said to my self why am I hiding.

  • Joseph P

    FelicityJones Eddie Gamble 
    If you live with someone who doesn’t know you’re a closet nudist, then I’d go skinny dipping and wet a pair of trunks as a ruse, in case you’re asked where your wet clothes are.

  • nomadicnudist

    I remember trying to find places to skinny dip or hike nude.  I’d always be looking over my shoulder, worried about people seeing me.  It wasn’t that I didn’t want to be seen, it was that I didn’t want to offend.  Last summer I joined a landed club.  No more looking over my shoulder.  Problem solved.Great story,  J Blum.

  • Steve Yna NY

    Great story. Its funny – getting nude the first time is like when we stand at the waters edge, afraid of that first plunge – but once we take it, we wonder why we ever hesitated. Its just too bad that society is so afraid of our natural state, that we have to go to so much trouble – we should just be able to walk our door naked and free!

  • MarkRunNJ

    For my first time, I wasn’t alone but I didn’t know anybody either. I never did any streaking or walking cloaked only by the darkness of night. As a runner, I preferred to air dry after a shower. Every subsequent shower led to a longer duration until the time I finally put clothes on since putting clothes on had always been the custom before. I read up on nudism in books that I ordered in the mail, from literature from the ASA at the time and from books that I dared not take out from my college library. I was in love with the idea of social and outdoor nudism but never really pursued it until some years later. My first time was at Gunnison Beach at Sandy Hook, NJ. Wow, what a strange and glorious feeling of freedom and an instant understanding and appreciation of it.

  • Eddie Gamble

    Sounds like me when I was a kid. I did it in broad daylight several times, in a wooded  area I thought was secluded, until one day my Mom said to me “I spoke to Mr. Smith today,,,,,he said ‘tell your son to keep his pants on'”  Boy, talk about guilt!

    • FelicityJones

      @Eddie Gamble lol that’s embarrassing, way to ruin it for you! I think it’s nice how so many people have done this..I don’t think I ever would have w/o my parents’ encouragement. They were like, yeah just go skinny-dipping in the back, nobody’ll see you. I guess you always gotta be on alert for people tho ;)

  • NickAlimonos

    Great story. Reminds me of many a nude escapade.

  • MichaelConnolly

    Yep, can relate to that first feeling of freeness…. was a long time ago for me though, I started going nude in the bush when I was about age 13…. 33 years ago! these days I don’t feel comfortable in the bush clothed ;)

  • All-Nudist

    Love it!  Brings back some memories, even about running around outdoors at night or out in the fields, far from people, when I was a kid.  Had kind of forgotten about that! Isn’t it amazing, the things those of us infected with the nude bug will do to get naked!