Beautiful Naked Women – Naturist Women and Natural Nude Beauty

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Beautiful Naked Women, Natural Nude Beauty and Naturist Women vs Mother Nature

Beautiful Naked Women – Everyone is blogging these days, so I decided to join the trend and offer you my thoughts on a subject that is dear to me: naturist women. (I sign it as Anonymous because I don’t want to lose any of my naturist women friends…!)

(Guest Blog By: Anon)

Dear Naturist Women:

I wish you’d leave nature alone.

Mother Nature is such an amazing artist! Each human body is in balance in terms of size, shape and color. No two women’s bodies are the same, but each is beautiful and is exactly what it is supposed to be – when it is left alone (!). Change just one thing, and the whole doesn’t work.

Natural Beautiful Naked Woman

Natural Beautiful Naked Woman

It’s about the whole look being in balance. If you wear clothes with bright, powerful colors, you might compensate by using pronounced make-up or your face will be lost. But look what happens when a naked woman wears make-up: her face looks plastic, phony, and the rest of her body looks washed out. It just looks wrong.

Dear Made-up Naked Woman, please wash your face so your appearance will be in balance. You’ll look better that way.

The same applies to hair. Some tinting is going to happen, but please approximate Mother Nature’s schedule and palette.

A natural, naked older woman is beautiful, but she’s unbalanced if her hair tries to look twenty-five.

Beautiful Naked Ladies

Beautiful Naked Ladies – Natural Beauty

And, at any age, there’s the matter of over-all color balance: there’s the woman whose skin tone tells you that she didn’t used to be the red-head she is now, and there’s the darker-skinned “blonde”.

It doesn’t work. They’re unbalanced. They’re not as beautiful as they were meant to be.

Beautiful Naked Women

Beautiful Naked Women – Natural Naturist Women

About pubes: Pictures from nudist magazines of past years show women with pubic hair. More recent pictures show most of the women shaved, and the visual balance with the rest of the body is upset. OK – if you wear a bikini sometimes, it makes sense to trim around it.

But please don’t over-do it. Please leave enough to look natural. Do you think pubes are ugly? I don’t, and I think Barbie is boring.

Now for jewelry and tattoos. (This is a biggie.) I have never seen a naked body part (or a whole naked woman) that looked better because of a piece of jewelry or a tattoo. I understand the appeal of body decoration. It can be fun. The piece of jewelry or the tattoo can be unusual and interesting. It can be pretty. It can make a statement. It can qualify you as a member of a group. I get all that.

bare to bush interview naturist living show pubic hair body image

Pubic Hair Image From The Bare to Bush Interview

If that’s what you want, go for it – I don’t expect you to care what I prefer to see. But be aware that that tattoo or that piece of jewelry draws attention only to itself – and by drawing attention to itself it unbalances the way Nature intended you to be seen.

You might want to make sure that you look different from everyone else, but you needn’t do anything for that – you are beautifully different anyway.

Body Positive Pubic Hair Art YNA

Body Positive Pubic Hair Naturial Beauty Art

You might want the decoration to draw attention away from a different body part that you don’t like, but that just diminishes the whole beautiful you.

I might think, “Oh, she’s gotten a nipple ring” (or a tattoo, or jewelry, anywhere); but I would not think, “Gee, that nipple ring really makes her look great!”. It doesn’t. As parts of your whole body, your nipples really are nicer just as they are.

Naturally Beautiful Naked Women

Beautiful Naked Women Naturally

This treatise lacks gender balance (duh), so please understand that I just don’t care what guys look like. I don’t expect anyone to do anything (or not) based on what I prefer to see, and I don’t necessarily expect anyone to agree with me (although I suspect a good many will). These are just one naturist guy’s opinions.



September 2012

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  • RochelleduPlessis

    @NaturistGuy I know im a bit late but I feel you are correct with how you expressed your view. I also feel that this is the correct forum, if the readers make it so. I am a naturist and i’m covered in ink but I still agree with many things you have mentioned. Ladies, back off! This gent has the balls to truely tell us ladies what makes us beautiful. And he is right, most men don’t want the fake plastic or caked on unattractive make up. If I understand correctly, the beauty is in its’ simplicity, but its us ladies that have to own ourselves and not get so caught up on what others think of us! The issue is balance. :) Well done Anon! thank you for speaking up!

  • AmyHi1

    I usually  have something constructive to say . However this article was so offensive on so many levels! I can’t see why anyone would believe it to be a good idea to post this in this type of forum . When dealing with someone of this  mind set(notice no name calling ) there is nothing I can say that would change his mind . So I will say this I will manicure myself in any way I choose ,get whatever tattoo I wish, ware what makeup I want and I will wear my hair in any fashion I like .If any man cares to object please say so to my face and I will address it in person! This entire article is anti nudist (from my point of view ) and flies in the face of  the things that I hold dear about this life. Acceptance tolerance the value of individuality to name a few .  it saddens me that any man still think this way in this day and age! we neither desire nor require  a mans validation! I will be who I Am regardless and obviously so will  Anon and I will  leave it at that .

  • sherlywinters

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  • jijirose005


  • NaturistGuy

    Nakedvegancooks got to me. I apologize for being hurtful.

  • NaturistGuy

    Yup. There’s a lot I could answer to, a good deal of it expected. There’s just one point I want to make:
    If my friend, a museum curator, decides to make a statement by painting a nipple ring on a nude statue, I will respect my friend no less, I will like her no less. The person that she is will not be defined to me by her decision to paint that nipple ring. I will simply not like the aesthetics of what she has done. I may critique what she has done, but I will not judge her for it. I don’t judge you for whatever you decide to do with your body. Please don’t judge me for having opinions you disagree with.  
    I’m staying anonymous because, as I’ve said before, I’m afraid some of my friends might not believe where I’m coming from, and I don’t want to lose friendships because of what is, in fact, a superficial issue. And no — I don’t really have a friend who’s a curator, but I think the analogy makes sense. I think each of you, undecorated, is a work of art; and each of you is your own curator, making your own choices.  

    • nakedvegancooks

      Hey there Anonymous, “unbalanced”, “doesnt work”, “plastic”, “phony”, “washed out”, “just wrong”, “not as beautiful”, “boring”
      these are all words you have just used to describe women’s bodies. they sound pretty judgmental, dont they? actually pretty cruel too. so dont ask me to “not judge you on your opinion” when your opinion is based in judgement and sexism. (as an aside: what would you prefer I judge you upon? your looks?)
      its totally different having and voicing “opinions” about real women with real feelings over voicing opinions over a painting or a statue. why? because your “opinions” on the subject have an impact on how people feel. Using the nasty and judgmental words you have used above to describe real women makes them feel bad, buys into and reinforces wider sexist behavior. Of course, you know this. Thats why you have hidden behind your anonymity. Thats why you fear losing friends over your “opinions”. 
      You might want women to be “undecorated” static pieces of art (without opinions!), but we aint. Were people, just like you. We dont exist to look pretty or for your enjoyment or entertainment. Thats why your comparisons between real women and statues is additionally inappropriate and betrays perhaps how you feel about women – as objects, for your enjoyment. If we choose to be pretty, we do it for us, not you. And we get to decide what that means, not you. 

      • NaturistGuy

        NakedVeganCooks, you got to me. I apologize for being hurtful.

    • Pseudonymasaurus

       @NaturistGuy  Comparing the female body to an object isn’t exactly a good defense of yourself when you’re being called out for objectifying women’s bodies.

  • nakedvegancooks

    Dear Anon: 
    I’d wish you would leave naturist women alone. 
    Women are amazing! Each woman’s brain is equipped with the ability to make her own decisions about what changes (if any) they want to want to make. So kindly keep your opinions to yourself and stop “mansplaining” our own bodies to us. No wonder there is a lack of women in the naturist movement when this sort of misogynistic commentary is allowed free reign. 

    •  @nakedvegancooks mainsplaining, absolutely BRILLIANT!  I’m going to borrow that one.  Great input Jess.  Cowering yet Anon? ;) The Brits are coming right back at ‘ya 

    • All-Nudist

       @nakedvegancooks “Misogynistic’ is a much-overused term which denotes actual hatred of women, and Anon doesn’t seem to hate women, he just wants to control them and redesign them to suit his purposes!  Perhaps ‘Hefneristic’ would be more apt!  ;-)  

    • Pseudonymasaurus

       @nakedvegancooks Mansplaining. That’s epic.
      For what it’s worth I don’t think it rises to misogynism though. It’s more like a kind of paternalism. “Oh you silly little girls, you can’t even understand what’s beautiful, so let me educate you”. 
      Either way I guess it just proves how far feminism has to go on these issues, at least with some guys who haven’t quite internalized the lesson.

  • EmmaJames

    This is hilarious!
    I have to agree with a lot of what @Pseudonymasaurus  says and @All-Nudist  but I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t add my 2 cents worth.
    I’m very tempted to blog out what I’d like to see in a naturist male but that goes against the whole concept of naturism in terms of body acceptance and inclusivity. Besides which, the list would be too long but I’m not talking about the physical, I’m talking mentally/emotionally and it applies to Textiles not Naturists largely so my points are diminishing with every character I type.
    Anyhow Anon, I think it’s great that you’ve decided to blog (and very noble of you @FelicityJones  to have this attached to your name) but in common with @All-Nudist, I doubt you’re actually what I consider to be a Naturist/Nudist. You have some very prescriptive notions about how a woman should look and all you’ve succeeded in doing is detailing a personal wish list you’d like women to ascribe to. Most men have their visual ideal but we all know, it’s not about what we look like but what’s on the inside and your body ideal makes you look rather picky and petty in all honesty.
    So bravo, good hit, you have yourself a ready readership already.  Three of the fellas are on your side, whether partially or completely and @NYLew  has the balls to stand up and be counted.
    I can’t wait for your next blog but it would be better still if you didn’t hide behind anonymity.  Each and every one of us could blog under a pseudonym to fan flames with an ulterior motive – perhaps a journo for the gutter press for example?  Anyway, it’s tickled me and it’s nice to have a good belly laugh when you’re up in the early hours doing the insomnical bit. 
    Bravo for giving me a hearty laugh!

    • All-Nudist

        @Pseudonymasaurus  @FelicityJones  @NYLew Agree with Emma except about using a real name.  Keep in mind that every woman who knows Anon will be reluctant to be in his company while nude knowing how he is judging them, as he himself implied in his introduction.  Even his friends would think him creepy.
      One of the best things about nudism for women is the feeling, finally, of being accepted as a person and not being judged according to physical appearance.  Women don’t go to nudist venues to be stared at, and knowing that a gawker is sitting across from them is not going to enhance the experience! 
      Stick with a fake name, Anon.  There’s a reason the wolf disguises himself as one of the flock!

  • nakedmike2

    Some plus points, some minus! I don’t go with women surgically altering their bodies(breast implants etc) but I respect the right of every person, male or female to adorn their bodies with piercings,tattoos and the like and to shave or not any area of their bodies! It’s nice to see a woman comfortable in her skin whatever size or shape she is!

  • Pseudonymasaurus

    Sorry, maybe I’m just in a grumpy mood today, but I found this one to be both objectifying and distasteful.
    Like I can’t help but notice how he zeroes in on pubic hair, but makes no mention of shaved legs or underarms? If natural is so superior does he think every woman should walk around with unwashed dreadlocks? The whole thing reads like a weird rationalization to justify a personal aesthetic taste.
    And while I’m a big supporter of people’s right to like what they like and be attracted to whatever styles or physical features they find attractive, I don’t think it’s in good taste to suggest that other people should change themselves to fit your ideal of beauty. And while he does offer a minor disclaimer at the end saying that’s not what he was doing… the rest of the article contradicts that, and I’m not sure what the point of the piece could possibly be otherwise.
    Personally, I think that women are more than capable of judging for themselves how they look best, and choosing for themselves how they want to express themselves, be it with tattoos, jewelry, hair styles or the lack thereof, or what clothes they wear or don’t wear. Guys are free to like or not like a woman’s look, but it’s pretty presumptuous to say that some kinds of choices are inherently better than others. This treatise is no different in that respect than the fashion magazines telling women they ought to look a certain way, and cuts against the whole body acceptance thing that nudists are supposed to be for
    Just my two cents.

    • ds97


    • ds97

      @Pseudonymasaurus The point about shaved pubic hairs might be that the skin in the pubic area is much more sensitive than on almost all other parts of our bodies. We’re not born with the pubic hairs because of aesthetics or guilt/shame (contrary to what is implied by its name in some languages), but they are there for some reason. I bet young girls don’t reflect about this and the risks they take.
      Fact is that young girls with unshaved pubes are being bullied in school by other girls. Of course, children can always find something to bully each other for, but not all things are as risky.
      So could it be that Anonymous reactions (and mine) against shaving in the intimate zones are in fact counter-reactions against the finger-pointing of others that “oh no, you can’t show hair under your armpit or on your arms, oh no, there must not be any single hair peeking out of your bikini”. I guess/hope you’re not the ones doing so, but IMHO this general finger-pointing must from time to time be balanced by finger-pointing in the other direction. Someone telling insecure women that there is not only *one* norm.
      Not that women should follow any norm, but the problem is I fear many do – it must be norms that started the bullying in schools as well. And for that purpose I think it is good that people hear the opposite every now and then.

  • All-Nudist

    Well, at least he recognizes that his opinions won’t be appreciated by women!  But he shares them anyway…
    I guess it’s good to know what some people are thinking, but it’s also a little creepy to think of this guy ogling naked women naturists and judging them by their appearance, right down to skin tone, hair color, mascara and pubic hair.  Sounds Textile to me.
    ‘Naturist’ guy may be a bit of a misnomer.  What do we call someone whose interest in women involves staring closely at them naked both live and in photos, analyzing their appearance, making judgments based on personal preferences, and then telling them what they should do to please him?
    I know!  Male Chauvinist Voyeur!  
    (A thousand pardons ‘Anon’, but you designed the tag yourself!  You need to turn the clock forward a bit; say, to 1989?)
    Honestly, maybe ‘Anon’ isn’t as awful as he sounds, and just isn’t very good at putting thoughts into words.  If all he’s saying is, “You’re fine the way you are”, he doesn’t need to.  Naturist women already know that.  Too bad he made it into a weird instruction manual for proper woman naturist deportment instead.

  • NakedG

    Wow, I couldn’t have said it better myself!  Totally agree with the writer!  Thank you!

  • SpiritSplice

    Yes, pubes are ugly, same as all other body hair, same as facial hair, same as not showering. Just because it is “natural” doesn’t make it good or attractive. To say that it upsets balance is absurd. *Having* pubes upsets aesthetic balance since there is no hair anywhere else on the body. All you are doing is parroting your childhood programming.

    • Druid67

       @SpiritSplice Being a guy, I HATE body hair!  :(

    • NakedG

       @SpiritSplice You must look like some extraterrestrial being without a single hair on your body!  :-p

    • FelicityJones

       @SpiritSplice “no hair anywhere else on the body”? That’s assuming you’ve shaved everything else. Not everyone thinks “pubes are ugly” so don’t assume everyone is of the same mindset. These are your opinions, not fact. 
      Haven’t you noticed shaving pubes is a more recent trend? Look at nude photos from the 70s, nobody did it. Some people shave because it’s trendy, just like when people start dressing a certain way because it’s in style. You might look back at old trends or fashion and think “that’s ugly”, but that’s not what people thought at the time. Same with pubic hair. 
      “Childhood programming”? What, we’re all programmed to think the body should be left alone, unshaved, unpierced? I don’t think so. 

    • ds97

      @SpiritSplice SpiritSplice, your single comment almost makes me forget all other comments here and gets me back to my belief that the only reason for the shaving of pubes is to satisfy pervert paedophilic men.
      But to all you others here, notice I said “almost”. There seem to be other reasons also, that I don’t and probably never will understand. I’m a man, so I can only relate to the fact that I shave my facial hair sometimes because otherwise it itches, but as I’m told, the genital body parts will only itch more if you remove the hair down there, because dirt gets directly to your skin.

  • NYLew

    Imma gonna go on record and say a big BRAVO for this article.