Assateague Island Nude Beach Family Trip

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The Mystery Nude Beach of Assateague Island

Guest Blog by: Jessica Marie

My quest to find the nude beach at Assateague Island Maryland

Assateague Island Nude Beach – I’ve recently become an active member of the nudist community, and I have become completely infatuated with everything about it. So when my family asked me to go to Maryland with them for a couple days, I immediately tried to find out as much as I could about Maryland’s nudist clubs or nudist resorts. To my surprise, after much internet research, I found almost no information about them. Almost no information, because the most surprising bit of information I was able to locate is that the beach I have been visiting since I was a small child has its very own “unofficial” nudist beach.

At one point in time the beach, known as Assateague Island, also a National State Park famous for its wild horses, had been a very popular nude beach. In 1984, a religious group from Virginia lobbied the Virginia section of the shore to pass an anti-nudity ordinance. Since then, several nudist communities have set up on the Maryland side, making it the “unofficial” nude beach of Maryland. There, nudists enjoy the freedom that they desire.

I completed my research on the nudist clubs by locating a few different sites that gave me directions to the beach. My family and I piled into our mini-van to begin our quests. They were looking for ponies; I was searching for nudies. After a twenty-minute ride from Ocean City, we finally arrived at Assateague Island National Park. After we paid a small parking fee into the park, some rangers led us to our destination.

We started to head out to the main beach area when we spotted wild horses near the campgrounds. We got out of the car to take pictures and were stopped by a park ranger telling us we had to remain at least ten feet away from the horses. It was at this point when I decided to ask the park ranger about the nude beach. He said the beach is a myth. I refused to believe him. After all, why would there be an anti-nudity ordinance on the Virginia section of the beach? We finished taking pictures of the horses and move on.

Assateague Island nudist naturist beach MD

Assateague Island Nude Beach

We finally ventured onto the main beach. I packed my water bottle, iPod, and towel, and then set out on a quest to find the legendary nudist beach. I walked for about twenty minutes northward on the beautiful shell-scattered beach, my feet lazily cooling in the ocean. At this point I stopped; the beach was still buzzing with fully-clothed families. Perhaps the nude beach was a myth after all, or at least, no longer existed. I decided to keep going since it was a beautiful day and I had nothing left to lose on the adventure.

The beach was less crowded as I walked another half hour, until finally, there was almost no one else there. Then all of a sudden, a soft ball rolled past my feet followed by a naked man chasing it. I picked up the toy and threw it back. I smiled. I was finally in the right place.

Assateague Island nudist beach wild horses ponies maryland

Wild Ponies in Assateague Island National Park

I spread out my towel, took off my bathing suit, lay down and let the exhilarating feeling of nude freedom overtake over my body. I took a deep breath knowing I could finally relax. And as if on cue, three wild horses came walking out from behind some of the tall grassy dunes. All of the people on the beach went over to hang out with the horses. We even got to pet them before they wandered back over to the bayside of the island.

After some time enjoying the freedom of this beach, many of the nudists started leaving. I decided it was probably time I also left to get back to my family, all the while knowing that I will be back to this wonderful beach oasis of peace and tranquility.

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  • AandBforfun

    where exactly is the nude beach on Assateague as it is a fairly large stretch of beach?


    I have been looking for this beach for years. Do you have any contacts or organizations associate with the local nudist scene please post them. Take care. 


  • dukethejuke

    My wife and I go to the Maryland side of Assateague  Island . Just south of Ocean City. If you go to the State park , 3 bucks a person and when you get on the beach head north. there is 5 miles of pristine beach ahead of you. The farther you go the better. NO NUDITY! as the sign warns. There are no vehicles allowed on this part. you just need to be mindful of the rangers,they do drive looking for nudist’s and will fine you and kick you off beach. Good chance you will not see them. Been going there since I was 35 years and never been caught. Actually it’s kind of fun playing cat and mouse with them. See you there!

  • ThomasPBerns

    Wow, I never heard of wild horses at a nude beach. Must be a real beautiful place.

  • NCArtPhotos

    You generally won’t get rangers to help you find nude beaches that they even tacitly approve of.  That’s because they can get into a lot of political trouble for appearing to “aid and abet”.  We had that down here in NC.  
    Does your group have any members or chapters in NC?  If so, I’d like to get involved and hopefully share my experiences as a naturist.  

    • FelicityJones

       @NCArtPhotos That makes sense since it’s an unofficial nude beach. 
      We don’t have a chapter in NC yet, but we’re always looking for more people to get involved! Please email us so we can talk more – youngnaturists[at] 

  • Richard Schillig

    Great story…well written