Ask Nudie Lee: Introducing your Significant Other to Naturism

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Introducing Your Significant Other to Naturism By Nudie Lee

How To Go About Introducing Your Significant Other to Naturism:

We have a new feature here on the Young Naturists America website! Writer, advice expert and good friend of YNA, Nudie Lee is here to answer your questions on how to balance your life and relationships.

To get things started this Valentine’s Day, we asked people on Facebook what they struggled with. Here is the first question we got along with Nudie Lee’s response.

Introducing you Significant Other to Naturism

Naturist Couple


“I’m a naturist and would like to bring my non-naturist partner to some nude events. What’s the best way to encourage him/her to come along?”


You’ve come along far enough in the relationship where your non-naturist partner accepts your naturist ways. That’s great! The tricky part, as you might know, is encouraging your significant other to participate. A few factors come in play.

  1. Has your partner repeatedly shot down all invitation to previous events? If so, count your blessings that you have found someone who loves and accepts the naturist in you, and also love and accept the non-naturist in them. We all want to share every waking minute with our special someone, but see the nude events as your you-time, like going to the gym.
  2. In any other case, choose your events wisely. For your first outing, try finding somewhere where clothing is optional. It’ll ease your partner into the nudie world, as well as show them just how easy-going a naked event is. Most non-nudists were raised in households where nudity was qualified as bad and brought up in a culture where nudity equals sex. Have that in mind when encouraging your loved one to join you for a night (or day) of nudie fun!

Just make sure you listen carefully to your partner’s concerns and do not try to preach the benefits of nudism to someone who doesn’t understand it. At the core of it all, the two of you are together for reasons far beyond your affinity to naturism. Maybe simply start by sharing a naturist home!

All my nudie love,

Nudie Lee

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  • Elf_T

    I know I am in this same boat. I am the naturist and my significant other is not. He loves me and does allow me  to go because he knows it helps me out mentally to handle the textile world. He has come to the club I go to but when it comes to other events he seems to always work. I have learned that talking and keeping communication is key to making it work. I do not know if he will ever will take part. I take it one day at a time. Time will tell if he ever joins me but for know he sees it as my “me” time and thankfully I do have a mom and step-dad who will go with me and has gotten me into this wonderful lifestyle. Time will tell if I can get my significant other to join my nuddie fun though.

  • sugarless

    COHome  Two things:

    Guys don’t want to look like pansies, and women are the ones who squeeze people out from between their legs, with all the body stuff that supports that function. Women have real relationships with bodies. I draw from life weekly, and most of the artists I know are women, as are the vast majority of models.

  • sugarless


  • j238

    COHome  Remember, the people you see are the ones who made it to your establishment. 

    There are plenty of times when one partner will broach the subject and get shot down immediately.  Other times, the interested partner decides it’s best to keep his or her mouth shut. 

    You’ll rarely get to meet those people.

  • j238, we see both the male and female as the “reluctant partner”.  In our experience, it is actually more difficult for the reluctant male partner to accept social nudity than it is for the female partner.  We’ve not quite figured it out.  At our C/O B&B’s we have many “new nudists” that fall in love with social nudity.  Given the right atmosphere and conditions it can be an easy transition from a home nudist to a social nudist.  Funny that when the reluctant partner is the female…we’ve had GREAT success with them falling in love with the freedom of nudity.  When it is the male, they are much less accepting.  We think guys who are reluctant must have much deeper fears and apprehension than the women do!  Go figure!!  All of our hosts truly enjoy creating the atmosphere where any new nudist can be comfortable and embrace the feeling.

    Good for you that your partner gave it a try and enjoyed it!

  • j238

    It’s pretty rare for a reluctant partner (typically female) to open up to nudism.  Anyone know of actual cases of that happening? 

    In my own case, I asked a lady if she wanted to venture over to the clothing optional section of the beach.  In a minute she said yes.  Half an our later she was naked outdoors.  By the end of the day, she was an enthusiastic nudist.   

    Not too difficult when you’re with someone who always loved being naked in private.

  • Good advise.  The first experience is the most important.  Guests tell us the the big resorts are TOO big…public nude beaches are TOO public…and private get togethers are a bit nervous getting together with friends.  Finding a more intimate setting like Terra Cotta Inn or one of our Clothing Optional Bed and Breakfast homes really make for comfortable first social nudist experiences.  

    But…it is terrific the non-nudist partner is at least understanding about the nudist partner needs…for now.  I always worry that the understanding will have limits.

  • Jilli Puff

    Great advice. I hope my partner will give it a try.