Ask Nudie Lee: Won’t Nudism Hurt Our Sex Life?

| May 31, 2016 | 3 Comments

Nudie Lee Explains Why Nudism Doesn’t Take Away From Sexy Time

Q. My girlfriend and I aren’t nudists, but are interested in trying social nudity. My major concern is that after we start spending a lot of time together without clothes on that our special sexy times won’t be as exciting because being naked will just be normal. What is your experience?

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Nudity doesn’t desensitize people to sexuality

A. Hello you two,

For many people, nudity is exclusive to showering and having sex. So nudity becomes a trigger for arousal, and there’s excitement around the mystery of what another person’s bits look like.

But losing that trigger doesn’t mean losing desire altogether. Sexuality is in the mind, and people experience sexual feelings whether clothing is present or not.

So just because you see your partner naked more often, doesn’t mean you’ll find them any less desirable when it comes to sexy time! You can start by trying nudism at home, and you’ll see it doesn’t negatively affect your sex life. In fact it may lead you to having more sex and better sex because nudists are so comfortable with their bodies.

If you find the sex getting a little stale, it’s always easy to leave more to the imagination with some lingerie.

Have fun!

Nudie Lee

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