Andrea Rosen From NickMom Visits Sunny Rest Nudist Resort

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Jordan Interviews Andrea Rosen From NickMom About Her Visit To Sunny Rest Nudist Resort

On July 3, NickMom aired an episode of their show Take Me To Your Mother that took place at Sunny Rest Nudist Resort. This TV show follows new parent Andrea Rosen as she travels around speaking to mothers of various backgrounds and cultures about parenting.

The episode is titled, “Andrea Visits a Nudist Resort.” The description reads, “It’s that one question every mother has: How nude should I be in front of my child? Andrea goes to visit the Sunny Rest nudist resort and learns the naked truth.”

The show began with Andrea Rosen, taking a bath with her baby boy. There she brings up the question of being nude with her child and at what point might it become inappropriate. So she decided to set out and seek the answer from the “experts” – Nudists. Her quest for answers leads her to Sunny Rest nudist resort where she tries out social nudity for the first time.

Upon her arrival, she is greeted by the owner, Myra (who, by the way, we truly adore!). She talks to people, cracks jokes and tries to learn more about nudists and nudism.

It began as a lighthearted and somewhat awkward first time experience. But at the end of the episode she made some comments that upset many in the nudist world as well as those who advocate for positive body image.

Andrea Rosen NickMom Nudist Episode

Andrea Rosen NickMom Nudist Episode

You can see the episode of Take Me To Your Mother below or go here:

So we decided to track down Andrea and ask her questions about the experience. Below is the interview Jordan had with Andrea. While we have strong feelings ourselves, we wanted to find out from our readers what they thought of the show before we comment ourselves.

Jordan Interviews NickMom’s Andrea Rosen About Her Experience at Sunny Rest Nudist Resort:

Q. Is the show scripted? Or are you just pretty much yourself?

A. The show is not scripted at all. I meet different people, mostly Moms – and talk about different Mom things. And hopefully it’s interesting and funny.

Q. Was going to Sunny Rest (or any other nudist resort) your idea or the producers?

A. It was not my idea, but I was totally game for it. Nudist resorts have always been mysterious to me. And I’m a curious gal. The great thing about the show is I get to hang out with people in places that are totally different from my everyday – and a nudist resort is definitely not my every day.

Q. So one day the producers just came up to you out of the blue and said, Hey Andrea, why don’t you go to a nudist resort?

A. It was a suggestion from one of the producers in a meeting and we all thought it was a good one. So we pursued the idea.

Q. Just wondering, the producer who thought of it, was he / she a nudist?

A. No.

Q. At the time (of the meeting and in the days leading up to your visit to Sunny Rest), did you think you would be able to go through with being naked in a public setting?

A. I always thought I’d probably go topless, but keep my undies on. And that’s what I ended up doing. The show is about me talking to Moms and learning from Moms. It’s never about the actual community, as much as it is about the wisdom I get from the Mothers in that community.

Q. Was the actual experience of visiting a nudist club the same as you had thought it would be? Or was it different in reality (if so, how)?

A. I think every nudist club is probably different. At the one we went to – everyone was completely shaved. I know I wasn’t supposed to look – but I didn’t have sunglasses and I had never seen so much skin in my life – so of course I looked. I am totally fine being naked at home with my husband and child, but I didn’t love being naked in front of strangers. I couldn’t ever shake the sexual element – just that nudity and sexuality are so linked in my mind – I was there for 2 days and that didn’t change for me.

Q. Do you think that the sexual element was something that only you yourself were feeling? Or were people “hitting” on you?

A. No one was hitting on me.

Q. Looking is normal, especially for newbies. Gawking is rude, but it’s rude with or without clothes. You mentioned sexuality – this is a topic we deal with often, especially here in the US. Why is it that you felt such a strong sexual element? Do you think it has to do with yourself and how you personally feel about nudity? Or was there a sexual vibe that you felt from other people who were there?

A. I have a strong association with nudity and sexuality. Probably because I grew up in a modest home. My Mom never walked around nude and neither did we as kids. As an adult, my husband and I are nude at home a lot. I feel totally at ease with my nudity at home in front of my husband and child and myself. So did I answer the question? I think I did feel a tinge of a sexual vibe.

Q. Looking back, do you wish you grew up in a more open environment?

How I grew up is how I grew up. My mom parented me how she felt comfortable. And that was fine.

Q. From your day at Sunny Rest, what do remember most? (Positive or negative)

A. Good milk shakes, silly karaoke, happy people.

Q.. Overall, was it a positive or negative experience?

A. I would say overall it was interesting. There are so many specific pockets of people – and I felt lucky to check this pocket out (even though nobody had pockets). So it was an unforgettable experience.

Q. Is it something you think all people should at least try?

A. Only if they want to.

Q. Looking back – are you happy you did it?

A. Totally!

Q. Has it changed how you look at yourself and / or others?

A. Not really. People look how they look with clothes on, and they don’t look so different naked.

Q. Were you completely nude during your visit?

A. I was topless. And I often had something covering my boobs, like a beach ball. But also, there were plenty of times that my boobs were not covered up.

Q. Did the fact that you were somewhat naked, change the way you interact with the crew who were with you? (Did any of them take advantage of the visit and get naked?)

A. I was the only one out of our crew who got naked.

Q. Just a thought but…. do you think that the fact that the cameras were there and knowing that this will be on TV played a role in the way you felt about the experience? I mean, it’s hard enough to go from fully clothed to naked in public as is (and that is without having cameramen and directors around). Is this also why you think you chose not to take part in the full experience (by being fully nude)?

A. I wasn’t ready to dive in and take my undies off. I would have felt more comfortable doing that without the crew for sure, but even so, not sure I would have been ready to go for it. It’s just not my personal inclination.

Q. Did you feel your heart pounding behind your ears as you disrobed for the first time? (Most people do… What is it about being naked in a public setting that is so scary? Especially when everyone else around you is naked.)

A. Yes, I was nervous. I think any time you do something new, you feel weird about it.

In the last scenes you touch on a couple of core issues that I think are important.

Q. As you left Sunny Rest and you were in your car you said you are fine with never seeing another naked person ever again. This gives the impression that it was an upsetting experience. Can you share what was / is so awful about seeing people in their natural state of being?

A. It was not awful at all. It was just not my cup of tea.

Q. You mentioned not wanting to see yourself naked. Why is seeing yourself naked such a difficult thing to overcome? (By the way, this issue of accepting yourself and your body is something that most nudists are able to overcome through being nude in a social setting.)

A. I was sort of kidding about not wanting to see myself naked. I’m really fine with seeing myself naked. After giving birth, for me the body means something way more – if it functions well, it’s easy to love.

Q. In the last scene in the bathtub you say that you are not a nudist. But you also say that you hope your son will not be one as well. The way you said it, made it look like you were petrified by the mere thought. I was just wondering why?

A. Whatever choices my son makes are cool with me (as long as he’s safe and thoughtful).

Q. So if he grows up and decided to be a nudist, do you think you would you feel uncomfortable seeing him walk around the house naked (or do you think you would have issues with him seeing you naked once he is older)?

A. I cannot forecast the future like that. Right now my son is almost 2 and he has a cold. I raise him day by day and I try to not make myself nuts by imagining future scenarios. But since you posed the question, my answer is, hopefully everyone would be fine with all of it. It’s not dangerous, so it should be fine.

Q. Just so you know, a lot of people in the naturist community were upset by some of those last comments you made during the show. Not one person interpreted it as you joking around as far as we have seen or heard. It actually looked you were pretty disturbed by the mere thought that your kid might want to hang out naked socially as an adult.

In addition, some people in the social activist world were upset by the comment you made about not wanting to see yourself naked, since it contributes to the whole body shame & body image issues that afflict many people today.

A. I didn’t mean to upset a community. I have a fine body image. I was being somewhat tongue and cheek about not wanting to see my own body naked. I see it a lot. And it’s all good.

Q. So if you are confident in the way you look, I am wondering why was it so difficult to disrobe?

A. Because I had never done it before. And new things are difficult.

Q. Looking back, would you take back those comments if you were to do the show again? If so, what would be YOUR reason?

A. I don’t regret having an honest experience. So no, I wouldn’t take anything back.

Q. Do you feel that people that are on TV like yourself do influence society? If so do you think that you have any moral obligation toward the viewers to educate and put out a positive message, especially with sensitive issues like body image?

A. The show is a comedy documentary series. I’m not a journalist. I’m a comedian and writer and a Mom. My job is to talk to all different Moms from all different walks of life. I’m not here to endorse anyone’s lifestyle.

Q. In closing, if I were a newbie curious about naturism, the last comments in the show probably would’ve squashed my interest – any thoughts on this?

A. Being naked in front of lots of other naked people is not my thing. I was honest about that. It’s just not for me. But for people who are into it – great. I represent myself on the show. I don’t represent the people I talk to. Who, by the way, were totally cool.

Q. And last but not least – How did your husband react when you told him about your experience?

A. My husband and baby were with me the whole time. I was still breast feeding, so they needed to be by my side for sustenance reasons. My husband took care of my son while I filmed. And he was fine being there.

So there you have it. If you saw the episode, what did you think? Did it give an overall positive or negative view of nudism / naturism? What do you think of Andrea’s last few statements in the show?

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  • natureboy1776

    I did see the show and commented elsewhere. I think Jordan saw my comments as he addressed many of them in the interview. I think Andrea did a great job, for someone who is not into social nudity and was there on assignment. I am sure most of us would not have been able to have our first visits on camera with our co-workers all around. I think she did a great job in your interview as well. (be careful, this interview was rather aggressive, almost confrontational.) Did I like her constant sexually biased jokes and comments? No. but I understand where she is coming from and forgive her. I was most bothered by the comments of the “mother who told it straight” near the end. As a nudist herself, that mother’s comment was harmful. But as with any entertainment show, her comment may have been editing “magic” and been completely out of context.

    • natureboy1776 Actually, I did not see the comments :/ I realize that it came off a bit aggressive, but it was really not… I just like to get true answers to my questions ;)
      Thanks for commenting :-)

  • MichaelConnolly

    Pity I can’t watch it here in Australia ;(

    • naturelover2728

      MichaelConnolly You cant see the video above? You can also try going to the nickmom site directly.

      • MichaelConnolly

        naturelover2728 MichaelConnolly Nope same there, it says “this video is unavailable form your location”
        I did a Google & found it on iTunes but have to pay $2.99 to watch it, oh well