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Naturist Family Association For Nudist Families

The Association Of Naturist Families:

Naturist Families – There is a new “Families Association” in the USA other than the American Association for Nude Recreation, this group is the American Naturist Families Association (ANFA). Even while they appear to be one in same, each group serves its own purpose.

Just like AANR, American Naturist Families Association is a non-profit, donation-based organization and is based in San Pedro California. Although they have their own facility for nude lifestyle activities and are a charter club of AANR, they are a way of life naturist group, not a recreational nudist club or resort.

Recently, ANFA has successfully collected enough member contributions to file as a 501c3 charity organization that holds and promotes events for the purpose of raising funds for several different charity funds each which is designed specifically to help unemployed or under employed families pay bills, obtain food and clothing, as well as providing youth with educational activities at little or no cost to the family.

American Naturist Families Association

American Naturist Families Association

Unlike ALL other nudist organizations, who provide nude recreational facilities and activities and require memberships, gate fees, and other fees at a cost that is usually unattainable by most middle, low or no income families.

ANFA strives to provide recreational activities and events which help to educate youth on the moral and wholesome way of life and help them learn body acceptance, interaction with nature, environmental conservation and family values in a way that helps promote the concept that nude ISN’T lewd or sexually deviant while teaching acceptance to all people regardless of social class, race or ethnicity, gender, or religious upbringing.

American Naturist Families Association

ANFA helps collected funds for needy causes by organizing car wash events

According to the founder, Michael Beals of ANFA ”Naturism is a wholesome way of life that helps reduce depression, sexual tension and misconceptions and increases positive social attitudes and respect toward people.”
In addition to living the principles of nudism, their main focus is on teaching the importance of family and family acceptance to better help other family members cope with individual needs and opinions.

Starting next month, Michael has agreed to share articles on the Bare Times covering many topics such as news information and updates on programs, charities and fundraisers along with naturist family values.

American Naturist Families Association

American Naturist Families Association

Car wash events are quiet a common way for ANFA to raise funds to help the community. These fundraisers provide funds for funeral services, utility bills to keep families with infants and young children from being disconnected, pay for youth activities and transportation costs as most families rely on public transportation and cannot afford the costs of travel to any of the resorts or activities hosted by other recreational nudist clubs or affiliates.

ANFA has held two car washes this year. One was to assist a low income family with funeral arrangements for the death of a young single mother who left behind a two year old child. The second fundraiser was to help ANFA collect funds to enable the group to obtain a non-profit status.

American Naturist Families Association

American Naturist Families Association

American Naturist Families Association regularly organizes clothing drives, furniture donations and toy drives to help families in need due to changes in their financial situations, housing or family sizes. Some of the charitable organizations they support include Kingdom Causes in Signal Hill CA, World Impact, Watts Powerhouse Church, The Oaks Camp, American Cancer Society and Tourettes Syndrome Association of Southern California.

When collected, donated items such as clothes, fans and a/c units are taken to several local churches where ANFA arranges to find families in need; they work with the churches to deliver the units where they are best suited.

One of the main charitable organizations that ANFA is associated with is KINGDOM CAUSES, a charity group which help furnish living quarters for the homeless. At this time ANFA is trying to help raise funds for utilities donations since they have a lot of requests from families under disconnect orders. They encourage anyone in the Southern California area to come out and help by purchasing things or donating yard sale items.

ALL proceeds will be issued to LADWP, Edison electric, or The Gas Company, in the names of the families that have been suggested that need help. Since it is a cold season and jobs are sparse, there most certainly is a dire need for families who are lacking the funds to pay their bills in full.

More information, activities and calendar of events can be found on either of their website links at or; one can even get involved in the Naturist Families social stream by adding their Facebook friend page.

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