AANR Nudist Clubs Ratings And Update On The Firing Of Bill Schroer

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Update On Beverly B. Price, Bill Schroer and the AANR Nudist Club Ratings

This post is by Jordan Blum

Did Beverly Fire Bill Over The Issue Of AANR Nudist Clubs Ratings?

For those of you who have been following the story we wrote about: Beverly B. Price president of AANR Fired Bill Schroer – WTF?!?! … Here is what we have been able to find out so far.

Let me begin by noting that I have repeatedly tried to get some information from the American Association For Nude Recreation – AANR directly about why Beverly Price fired Bill Schroer. Unfortunately, AANR had issued a gag order for all those involved so none of them were willing to talk to me about it. But from discussions I have had and after reading their recent blog update, here is what I could piece together.

The basic facts have not changed. Beverly Price did fire Bill, and after realizing that she did not have the power to fire him, AANR called a board meeting to vote on the issue (that is the reverse order of how it should have happened, which is in violation of the AANR bylaws). The vote, from what I understand was not unanimous – 10 people voted in favor of Bill’s termination while 4 voted against it.

AANR has not explained why he was let go. Some people have alluded to the fact that it was because Bill was advocating for the inclusion of lifestyle and swinger clubs into the AANR network. Seeing as how AANR is the credible voice for “Nude Recreation,” I could see how adding lifestyle clubs would make sense. But that is actually a false statement!

Bill only advocated for a rating system. The issue of lifestyle clubs becoming AANR-affiliated was beyond the scope of his recommendation. In effect what was claimed – that he was advocating for the admission of lifestyle clubs – is false. Bill was only developing these to the extent that the board could make an informed decision. He took no unilateral decisions on any of this.

What Bill proposed was a rating system for nudist resorts and nudist clubs. The nudist club rating system could be compared to the Motion Picture Association of America film rating system. I will give you a general example of how that might work.

Nudist Organizations

Nudist Organizations

A rating system would be in place for clubs based on the level of adult activity present at that club.

AANR nudist clubs like Rock Lodge and Juniper Woods would get an equivalent rating of “G” (as in kid-friendly and for everyone).

Other AANR nudist clubs that may have more of a lifestyle / swinger presence, but where no sexual behavior actually happens out in the open would be the equivalent of an “R” or “PG-13.”

The last AANR nudist clubs rating category, the “NC-17” or “X” rating, would be set aside for the newly added lifestyle category. Those would be clubs like Caliente or perhaps Hedonism.

The idea behind the creation of an AANR nudist clubs rating system would not be to advocate for more sex at nudist clubs. The idea is to be able to align the expectations of prospective visitors with the reality of what that club truly offers. While most clubs claim they are “family-friendly,” the reality is they may not be.

Again, it’s all speculation, but it seems like Beverly and Bill did not see eye to eye on this point. This was more than likely what led to her decision to fire him.

This brings up two interesting points about the way this whole issue has been handled.

A – Does everyone have to agree 100% with the AANR president if they want to keep their jobs? In my book, all organizations need to be open to new ideas. The firing of Bill, if the above is in fact correct, is a sign that if you have ideas that might be considered “out of the box,” then AANR will get rid of you fast!

Apparently, AANR’s numbers have been declining rapidly so one would think that they would be eager to hear new ideas and approaches. But as we know all too well, that has not been the MO of AANR – it’s AANR’s way or the highway (which explains why they have not evolved or adapted to the changes in society).

B – Most organizations that I know of would issue an official statement when a high-ranking exec is let go. This transparent approach is key if the organization wants the support of its members.

People support organizations (not just nudist organizations) because they believe in what they do. So to all the AANR members – why aren’t you calling, emailing or doing whatever you can to get to the bottom of this? You should also be requiring that AANR tell you exactly what they are doing and why.

This is your right as a dues-paying member – you should know how AANR is spending your hard-earned money.

(Full disclosure – this does not apply to me personally as I have not been an AANR member for the last couple of years).

So, in closing, please comment below! Let me know your thoughts on any or all of the following:

  • Do you agree with the need to implement a rating system for AANR nudist clubs?
  • Do you agree that Bill should have been let go? If so, then why? If not, then why?
  • If you are paying dues as a member of AANR, do you know what AANR is specifically doing with your money?
  • If you have any insight or know something I don’t, then please let me know!
  • If I was mistaken in anyway about the facts – I want to know! (I am only going based on what I was able to find out and could not get Beverly to give a public statement).

Please note that the opinions and views expressed above are solely my own and do not reflect the official views or position of Young Naturists & Nudists America YNA. Any issues you may have with regards to this article should be directed at me personally and not at YNA – Thank you.

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Jordan Blum is a lifelong nudie and co-founder of Young Naturists America.
  • SoloMojo

    CyndiMartinekPhillips nudiarist Como Vet 

    You do not play the aanr music-you are out. THAT is one thing I have seen, many have and yet they sill pay to be naked and join the aanr and the ONCE much better TNS. I quit both years ago-it’s nothing but a sham. Landed and non-landed clubs may play the family thing but I have had experiences at both venues. You’d be hard pressed to be able to go an entire day at these places and not be propositioned.

  • SoloMojo

    nudiarist Como Vet  well the aanr failings you have right! HOOOT! Before the aanr was around to save our lives,…, Naturists in the Monterey area polices our areas, the weirdoes were high on the bluffs, like 1000′ bluffs, Now that the aanr and TNS have successfully turned their strong arm to helping resorts and letting the free beaches and areas that Naturists and some nudist go to, for generations, go Textile,…, the weirdoes that use to be up on the bluffs but away from our young, our families, etc are now card packing aanr members sitting poolside, RIGHT NEXT TO YOU.

    Since the aanr has FAILED to protect the Naturists, they win by default since the nudist population handed them the keys to the kingdom. They may not be empowered to rate, but the population they fool have given that over and how can a resort fight being rated when the aanr has followers allowing the thinking to be done for them?

  • SoloMojo

    FelicityJones Como Vet  I have to think, what’s the big secret, the aanr has develops a business, slowly allowing the free Naked life to vanish and that leave nudists having to go to resorts. No secret, the aanr wants a monopoly on the nude biz. I’m old enough to remember when you cold go to a beach or River bank in Big Sur CA and be joined by the park rangers on their time off! Now you run the real risk of being picked up just for being naked on a beach that have been FREE for generations,…, Garrapata and Molera are two. It’s a racket, and sadly the Naked Society bought into them. Now we’re suck with them. Well the nudists are,…, Naturists are leaving this mainstream bunch, me included.

  • SoloMojo

    I was told by a friend who really keeps up with this that Bill Schroer  was wanting to take the aanr back to it’s roots, lower the fees and all. THAT would get anyone fired from the aanr. I was a member years ago and saw it as a group of people that invented a business telling all they are fighting for our right to be naked. Well seems more FREE land areas have been lost under their “protection” and the resorts have flourished. I am a Naturist, old school naturist and never had to pay to trek in miles to spend a day in the Creation. Most beaches and river banks of Big Sur are no longer nude friendly and the Cahill Rule is quickly being done away with.  The aanr seal of approval is more a brand on how they want to control who can be naked. We were better off just staying under the radar and not having these heroes “SAVING” our rights. The fees are ridiculous and you get little for the bucks if you do not go to the aanr’s approved resorts. No discounts for a free beach! Give me back my nature-you can keep the resorts.

  • nudiarist

    Como Vet I don’t think membership is a requirement for having an opinion about a particular organization, but I do agree that if you really want to change some entity, it’s best to do it from within. I often disagree with Jordan, but I’ll always defend his right to express an opinion.

  • Como Vet Here ya go: https://youngnaturistsamerica.com/bill-schroer-goes-on-the-record-about-aanr/

  • Como Vet

    FelicityJones Como Vet Where is the follow up information from Bill Shroer? Does it contain direct quotes from him?

  • Como Vet


    “So to all the AANR members – why aren’t you calling, emailing or doing whatever you can to get to the bottom of this? You should also be requiring that AANR tell you exactly what they are doing and why.”

    And you think AANR members should answer to you while you yourself have chosen not to be a member? You spend a lot of energy telling others what they should be doing.  

    You have a nice forum structure here. Why not use it for something constructive?  Something that actually adds value to the nude recreation movement?

  • nudiarist

    Como Vet We’re taking about the firing of the Executive Director of a national organization, not the sacking of a stock boy. AANR’s secrecy over this is completely unacceptable.

  • Como Vet Uh, this issue has nothing to do with privacy…if Bill wanted to keep this all private, we obviously would’ve respected that and not published the follow-up information from our interview with him this week. AANR is keeping their reasons secret from everyone, including Bill himself.

  • Como Vet

    I have yet to see anything but speculation on what happened to AANR’s ED here, backed up by opinions from some people whose only knowledge of how AANR really works comes from newsletters or gossip. I fail to see the value in aimless muckraking, using distortions and misinformation to make a point.  

    Also, for those of you who are working, you really don’t understand the value of privacy when someone is let go from their position? Seriously?  If you were the one let go, you would have a whole new perspective on “transparency.”  Bottom line – Bill didn’t work out and AANR respects his privacy, just like the tens of thousands of other organizations in this country who have no need to cause problems for those who are no longer on their payroll.  Time to move on.  

    It’s nice to see that so many folks care, but unless you are out there on the front lines in a leadership position, this is all hot air.  How about instead of all this online posturing, you put together an actual campaign and then use this blog to get volunteers?

  • GBSmith

    nudiarist pipermac5
    Small point but I think DesertSun was a TNS facility when it was Desert Shadows but I don’t think it was AANR affiliated.
     I don’t think you can have a split schedule since on the adults days, the families and members that aren’t comfortable with swingers won’t feel welcome and won’t come.  And if they don’t feel welcome on those days they’ll likely reconsider their memberships for the other days.
       I agree that Schroer wasn’t acting as an advocate for swingers but I still don’t see any advantage financially or otherwise for reaching out or associating with them in any way and have yet to see any evidence to the contrary.

  • GBSmith

    nudiarist pipermac5

  • Robyouknow77

    CheriAlexander1  Thats great to hear thanks for promoting a g rated family environment its great to see values in clubs

  • CheriAlexander1

    We are no longer a non-landed club. We are a private nudist park and remain Family Friendly & g-rated.We are going into our 29th year during which we expelled two couples, 2 singles; keeping our club unsoiled.Regards,
    Travelites Nudist Retreat
    Cheri Alexander
    On Wednesday, December 31, 2014 2:30 PM, Livefyre <> wrote:

  • Robyouknow77

    CheriAlexander1  Totally agree that there are many non landed clubs that are g rated we even belong to one of those and we are a church going yiung naturist family

  • nudiarist

    pipermac5 Jordan points out in the article that Mr. Schroer was not advocating bringing sex and swinger clubs into the AANR fold, so this is just hyperbole. And I don’t think it’s at all true that we are “down the road to hell” – this statement really shows how little people remember about Ed Lange marketing nudist magazines dedicated to children and teens, something Lee Baxandall referred to as “rancid meat”.
    Ultimately, if clubs like Lupin Lodge are going to welcome BDSM and fetish groups to meet and play on their grounds, members and guests have a right to know. Do you continue to kick out clubs like Lupin and Desert Sun, or do you impose a ratings system to let people know that for a few days per month there might be adults-only activities? Do you continue to ostracize Ponderosa in Indiana because they hold the Nudes-a-Poppin event once a year, or do you simply keep them as a member club and inform people that they might not want to go there that weekend because of the activities?
    I see no reason why any club can’t be family oriented 5 days a week, and adult oriented for the other two days. Hotels in Las Vegas can host a church convention one weekend, and a porn convention the next. Businesses should have the right to operate as they choose within the law, and it’s obvious from what’s happened over the past decade that AANR is really powerless to control them anyway.

  • nudiarist

    CheriAlexander1 nudiarist GBSmith As far as I know, nobody is advocating overt sexual acts at nudist clubs, merely a ratings system to let people know which clubs are adults only, welcome children, or offer more sexy activities such as lingerie dances.
    As for the AANR Bulletin, this is yet another problem I have with the organization – there really is no outreach to draw in new members. Either you are already a member and you get the Bulletin with all the latest news and events, or you are not a member and you have no idea what’s going on. Their website is pretty static, and the news and events page is pretty much all about board meetings with nothing for the general public. I never see any press releases, and their Alltogether blog has only 3 posts in the past 5 months. The AANR Facebook page has only 3 posts in December, and in general that page does little or nothing to promote the clubs.
    This lack of transparency and public outreach seems to me to be signs of an increasingly closed and troubled organization, faced on one hand with declining members and revenues, and a changing society on the other. We can all argue about what to do, but it’s clear that something needs to be done, and soon.

  • CheriAlexander1

    pipermac5 Thank you for your common sense.  I have spoken to a number of legislators and Judges clarifying what nudists actually are as far as I’m concerned.They acknowledge that those organizations that are affiliated with AANR as well as TNS are generally family friendly.

    My husband and I have a 7-acre private nudist getaway, and believe me, it is indeed G-rated.  We are now going into our 29th year (27 as a nonlanded club), and I’m recognized by some legislators and judges as to what I’ve said in the past.  I had no trouble getting a business license. Many of our county’s employees are aware of what we are as well as other public and private sector employees.

    We do not have lingerie dances. We do play volley ball, horseshoes, have cookouts, etc. That’s one of the reasons we talk with prospective members and possibly meet here before hand.  We are single friendly as well.

    I do NOT want to see nudist clubs closing because of the overt sexual behavior.

  • CheriAlexander1

    nudiarist GBSmith In the Jan. issue of the Bulletin, AANR reported that they are looking into publishing a new guide.  They do publish  a tri-fold brochure with all affiliated clubs. I have terminated two couple’s membership and one single over the 29 years Travelites Nudist Retreat aka Travelites, Inc. has been in existence.  Overt sexual behavior is not tolerated in the public areas of most nudist clubs.  

    BTW, did you read the ED column in Nov?

  • Robyouknow77

    as a dad in my mid 30s with ny spouse and chikdreb 7 and 11 in toe i do not go to clubs that are non aanr unless we know several members.  to me aanr means nudist not lifestyle and aanr stands for values at least from our experience i do not think a rating system would be of any benefit either from a bussiness or from a consumer standpoint.  most understand the clubs that cater to lifestyle over nudism

  • CyndiMartinekPhillips

    nudiarist Como Vet Lake Como could never have a G rating because they have lingerie dances and a bar. Matter of fact, strictly speaking, no club could be G rated that I know of. Back in the 70’s before Paradise opened up Como *was* the place to swing. The man that created and built Paradise was a Lake Como member. Funny how times change. For several years Como members who were sex workers, mostly online, lived right on the grounds including one woman that had a dungeon in her home. The manager knew about it and only complained when one of them made a video that showed Como’s lake in the background. There was also an older fellow that lived there who had me come in to work on his computer which I did for several Como members and I found child porn on his computer. I told Como staff but nothing ever came of it. Why bring all this up? All clubs have secrets like this, it just differs in how secret those activities are kept. It’s just like real life which is never G rated.

    But the real point is that AANR has not treated clubs equally, throwing some out for doing the same thing others have done since their inception. Paradise was swing oriented from the moment it opened yet AANR looked past what was going on for decades. That is the problem, not which club is doing what.

  • nudiarist

    Como Vet Rating are a part of everyday life. We use them to choose movies, restaurants, hotels, etc. There is no sound reason for nudist clubs and resorts to be any different, Better that AANR and the clubs agree to a ratings system, or the public will do it for them. Actually, that’s a pretty good idea, for someone to set up a “Yelp” for nudist resorts. This is not going to simply disappear, it will get worse until AANR and/or TNS take some control. Look at what is happening at Maryland Health Society where a woman recently alleged that the club is now more swinger than nudist. http://abcnews.go.com/Health/lawsuit-alleges-maryland-nudist-camp-promotes-swingers/story?id=20105344
    And I don’t know where you get the idea that AANR can’t tell businesses how to operate – they do it all the time. If the resorts don’t like it, they leave. There’s no wiggle room. Lupin Lodge, Desert Sun, Caliente, Paradise Lakes, they’re all gone because they refused to bow to AANR”s unreasonable restrictions on their businesses.
    You think ratings are “scary”. Why? Because it’s honest and transparent? It’s absurd to think that more information instead of less is somehow a bad thing.
    As you said, “we do have tantric sex workshops and fetish parties”, you just don’t want to be honest about it. That is why AANR fails, and that is why traditional family nudism is in danger of extinction in America.

  • Como Vet

    The problem with a rating system is that it smacks a label on everyone who is a member or living at that club.  I have friends who bought places at Caliente when it was still an AANR club who are NOT swingers, but now they are labeled as such. Same at Paradise Lks. 

    And yes, we do have tantric sex workshops and fetish parties and whatever and that’s fine – behind closed doors.  If people keep their sex lives to themselves, it’s all good.  If someone, swinger or not, is harrassing someone else, they get tossed out.  No big deal.  Of course most folks have no problem saying “no thanks.”  Or they can call security.

    These points are moot, however, because AANR has no authority to force a rating on any privately owned business.  I shared this concept with one of our Board members and he laughed.  We are a co-op – people would have to vote to have this rating put on our club and there’s just no incentive to do that, so it would go down in flames.

    And just WHO would be charged with doing this rating?  And what would be the criteria? 

    Again, if people keep their sexual activities behind closed doors, it is no one’s business, least of all AANR’s, what they are doing or not doing there.

  • nudiarist

    Como Vet

    I fail to see how being transparent about some clubs will hurt the “non-sexual” activity at your club. I would think that a “G” rating for Lake Como or other clubs that don’t welcome swingers would be a positive for people seeking that sort of sanctuary. The problem is that people are going to clubs now seeking exactly the type of atmosphere that you prefer, and they are being hit upon for sex. All the things you want in nude recreation will not go away. AANR has lost too many clubs because of their insistence that places like Lupin Lodge and Desert Sun adhere to their strict guidelines. These are independent clubs that want to run their business as they wish. If places like Lupin Lodge are going to market to BDSM and fetish groups, then everyone who is a visitor or a member has a right to know what’s going on. Nobody is threatening to take away your privacy. This culture of lies and cover ups simply needs to stop.

  • Como Vet

    The “lifestyle” has invaded many mainstream venues, to include our military bases. So it is no surprise that some folks think a sexual recreation rating system should be put into place at AANR clubs so patrons aren’t misled.

    But – the unintended consequence is what we need to be concerned about. As most clothing-optional beach regulars well know, you get a new crop of pervs showing up right after media coverage. That is because before that they didn’t know their were naked people out there. The beach ambassadors then step up, push it back and it’s biz as usual until the next media splash.

    The referenced AANR club rating system would just call attention to the fact that sexual recreation was part of the landscape at any given club. WE already know that it is. It’s the pervs for whom this will be news that will be just one of the problems this will cause. 

    No one is suggesting that there should be a Puritan effort to conceal the “lifestyle” part of nude recreation from the general public. But to promote it by including a rating system in marketing materials is likely to open a can of worms that really doesn’t need to be opened.  There is no shortage of lifestyle forums out there – with a quick Internet search you can find what you are looking for.
    Let’s not forget that many people call their AANR clubs “HOME.” Some wait for most of their adult lives to live nude 24/7.  Do you think they want their neighborhood publicly “rated” by the level of sexual activity that some of their neighbors are involved in?

    If you don’t see textile neighborhoods rated by their sexual recreation activities, why would you think it is appropriate for nudist neighborhoods?

    Do you think they want their kid’s school teacher coming across the sexual recreation rating of their child’s neighborhood?  As it is, most AANR club kids cannot have their school friends over even for a few hours without risking major backlash and a visit from DCF. Just wait til “the ex” sees the rating system of the place where their kids are spending summer with Grandma.  AANR has been providing legal assistance to AANR members with these types of issues for decades. Why make it worse?

    There seems to be this idea that marketing nudist sexual recreation will “save” the AANR clubs.  Show us the data! 

    AANR and many other orgs as well as nudist/naturist individuals have spent decades convincing the public that nude is not lewd and that they can enjoy life sans clothing in a non-sexual environment. Why undo all of that? 

    We know that military veterans suffering from Military Sexual Trauma – which continues to rise – (http://www.pbs.org/newshour/rundown/military-sexual-assault-reports-increased-8-percent-2014/)%20are heading to AANR clubs and C/O beaches to take advantage of the “all-over” Vitamin D from the sun for healing in a non-sexual “sanctuary” where they can retreat from military culture. The affect of a sexual recreation rating on these sanctuaries will not be positive.
    All in all, there are many lifestyle venues to choose from, – to include AANR clubs.  But putting the lifestyle label (by association) on all AANR clubs AND its members takes away the very reason many folks choose to be card-carrying AANR member in the first place, and that is PRIVACY.

  • nudiarist

    GBSmith Reality is far different than the stated rules, especially at the one club you mentioned which is no longer an AANR affiliate. Friends of mine visited there recently and they were shocked at the open sexual activity. There is a ton of hypocrisy in the world of nude recreation, and the policy has been to advertise one set of rules and practice another. The “catch-22” here is that if these clubs tell the truth about what is going on, then they could possibly come under scrutiny from local governments which might try and regulate them as sexually-oriented businesses. So while sexual behavior is tolerated, they cannot be honest about it because it could get them investigated as if they were strip clubs. 
    Let’s use Cap d-Agde as an example. Half the resort is naturist, the other half is lifestyle, or swinger. Certainly there are tensions between the two sometimes, but basically they have learned to live with each other, which is what the American nudist movement needs to do. Another example of harmony can be found at Haulover Beach in Miami where the northernmost part is almost exclusively gay. I guarantee you there’s a lot of cruising going on there. And, like her or not, San Francisco’s face of public nudity, Gypsy Taub, does pornography for a living.
    There’s absolutely no reason to believe that a policy of transparency will harm or eliminate family nudism. People who visit these resorts have a right as consumers to get exactly what they expect based upon the advertising, and they are simply not getting that today.

  • GBSmith

    After reading through some of the recent posts and replies I did a quick look at about 6 landed and non landed clubs and in their rules they all said pretty much the same thing.   Behavior that you would do clothed in public is fine and any overt sexual activity isn’t.  Resorts state plainly that kids are ok or aren’t.  This is the “Unspoken Rule” at Caliente:
     “Overt sexual behavior or the appearance of such behavior is unacceptable at Client Resorts. Behavior “never needing an apology” is the norm.”
    So being approached by a swinger at a family club isn’t the club’s fault for not being open about what’s ok or not.  Given that I’m not sure what more a ratings system is going to offer or how it’s going to preserve or increase AANR membership.

  • FFNR Actually Bill does want to set the record straight..we spoke to him last night and will be publishing a follow-up piece soon!

  • I believe that if Mr. Schroer had wanted the facts of his termination disclosed to the world wide nudist community at this time, he would have informed everyone by now. I think it is time to let sleeping dogs lie and allow Mr Schroer his personal privacy. In time he may feel comfortable talking about the experience..

  • nudiarist

    Como Vet  You miss the point on Bill’s firing. Keeping this a secret is terrible PR, especially when 4 members of the board voted NOT to fire him. You can argue the details ad infinitum, but the bottom line is that the secrecy surrounding this action hurts AANR’s image and credibility.
    On the clubs vs. beaches issue, nobody is advocating “lewd and lascivious behavior” at public venues. Obviously clothing-optional beaches require behavior that is not overtly sexual in behavior. What we are talking about is private clubs which are already hosting “lingerie dances”, workshops on “tantric sex” and “polyamory”, and other strictly adult activities. Resorts should be allowed to host adult only events such as romantic getaways because there are plenty of people who do not want to be nude around other people’s children. It’s clear that AANR no longer has the clout to control events at clubs and will continue to lose places like Lupin Lodge and Desert Sun unless there is meaningful change.
    In a previous post you cautioned Jordan about “speculation”, yet here you are making allegations against Mr. Schroer. Are you prepared to back up your statement with real facts, such as the source of your rumor?
    The effectiveness of the GAT is indeed the point. You said that the “Government Affairs program has successfully beaten back harmful legislation for decades”. My point is that is way overstated and they have done real harm in certain instances, such as at San Onofre. In the past I have donated to the NAC because they do a far better job.
    You state “That is not to say that adult sexual recreation is not acceptable in AANR facilities”, and that is precisely why there should be a ratings system. One hears stories all the time about people going to AANR clubs and being hit on by swingers. This happened to my wife and me at one of AANR’s “wholesome” clubs. Personally I’m not offended (the words “no thanks” go a long way), but since “adult sexual recreation” is indeed happening now at AANR clubs, that sounds to me like a ringing endorsement for a ratings system.
    Comparing AANR’s declining membership to other organizations is misleading. The VFW is in decline because of the deaths of so many WWI and WWII veterans. As for AARP, they currently have 37 million members. Yes, some people quit after some issues with their endorsement of the Affordable Care Act, but there has been no “plummet” as you claim. That’s just hyperbole.
    What does AANR have now – 35000 members? There’s no political clout there at all. It’s not enough people to full half of a college football stadium on a Saturday in November. And TNS has to be less, maybe 20000? These aren’t so much organizations as they are clubs.
    Look, AANR charges $93.50 annual dues for a dual membership, and The Naturist Society is $60, but at least with the latter you get a nice magazine four times a year. By contrast, I can join AARP for $16 annually with their monthly magazine and tons of discounts available. If you are going to compare these organizations, then compare the costs and benefits, too, and not just the numbers.
    AANR and TNS can’t really shrink much more without disappearing altogether. While Lee Baxandall split the American nudist movement in two, the time has come to reunite everyone under one roof to increase political power, widen the tent, and develop a more effective strategy for promoting nude recreation and body acceptance in America. As separate entities, they are doomed to keep declining.

  • Como Vet

    1.  Look at it this way – employers have the right to protect themselves from defamation lawsuits, which is why they do not release reasons for termination, especially in “at-will” states like FL. An employment contract is all they need as authorization for not releasing termination justification. The only time an employer must release termination information is when it is requested by another employer who is considering hiring the employee. If Joe Blow calls AANR and asks why they fired someone, they should not expect to be given any information, nor will this information be publically released.  http://librarum.org/book/14371/359.  Your “gag order” comment can be accurately described as common company policy regarding terminations.  Most companies respect their employees enough not to release termination information, except when required, as mentioned above. 

    2.  Government Affairs has nothing to do with maintaining cultural values, so there is no reason to get into a pro or anti swinger conversation.  The role of Government Affairs is to maintain proactive relationships with legislators who may enact laws that could adversely affect the organization. It would be very difficult to sit in the Tallahassee office of a Congressional rep regarding enforcement of Florida Indecent Exposure Statute, Section 800.03 – the state law regarding indecent exposure, which requires a prosecutor to prove the defendant’s lascivious, lewd, or indecent intent – when you are part of a business like Caliente that allows open sexual behavior that can be described as lewd and lascivious.  Defenses to Indecent Exposure charges include lack of lascivious, lewd, or vulgar intent. Why would AANR or Haulover Beach or any nude recreation venue allow open sexuality that could be result in a lewd and lascivious charge?  And even if no charges were brought, statutes like this one and local laws that mirror them could be used in lawsuits to shut down nude recreation – this is happening all over the U.S., as I am sure you know.
    AANR’s GAT is not charged with  making a difference in how nudity is perceived in America. Their role is to deal with legislation and the resulting law enforcement.  Sometimes they are successful, sometimes not and certainly one can argue the fine points of specific GAT endeavors.  That is not the point.

    The point is that it has been alleged that their ED was fired for connecting the AANR brand to what could, under the law, be viewed as lewd and lascivious behavior.  There is no reason for AANR to do anything but protect the brand it has spent decades building. 

    That is not to say that adult sexual recreation is not acceptable in AANR facilities, because all adult behavior behind closed doors and kept private is certainly accepted.   

    3.  The reasons for any business to terminate an employee are usually very complex and only really understood by the professionals charged with the termination process.  You can speculate all you want, but I fail to see the value in this.  Again, you either know the facts behind the termination or your don’t.  And you don’t. 
    Yes, AANR is bleeding and for many reasons. Their numbers, like that of TNS, the VFW, AARP and many other orgs have plummeted.  In times like this, there are many personnel changes and organizational re-structuring efforts.

  • nudiarist

    Como Vet
    1) Can you provide a reference for any law which prohibits an employer from revealing why someone was terminated? From what I can determine, a former employer can say anything about a fired employee as long as it’s factually true. http://labor-employment-law.lawyers.com/wrongful-termination/employees-job-termination-rights-faq.html#5
    Of course, AANR and Mr. Schroer undoubtedly had a contract, and that could possibly legally prohibit AANR from saying anything, and might possibly gag Mr. Schroer. Still, firing this man without some sort of explanation to members and the public is horrible PR.
    2) The word “wholesome” has to be set aside. Many AANR clubs are not “family friendly” anymore, at least not 100% of the time. At my “family friendly” club, of which I was a member for 5 years, I encountered swingers and fetishists, I witnessed people having sex outdoors, I saw single males coming in for hook-ups, I saw older men coming in just to gawk, etc. But this is just human nature. I went to an all-male Catholic high school in the early 70s and most of the guys were sexually active (one close friend got VD), or using/selling drugs.
    It seems to me that Mr. Schroer’s proposal for ratings was not so much to bring swingers and adult activity into nudist venues, but to simply acknowledge the fact that some clubs were actively marketing to a more adult crowd. It’s merely facing up to reality. Either AANR keeps losing clubs like Lupin Lodge, Desert Sun and Caliente, or it begins to allow these independent clubs to expand their tents. If you really want to protect this “wholesomeness” of which you speak, then you need to develop some acceptance and tolerance of those who wish to practice a more adult version of nude recreation. In movie theaters across the country, R rated films play right next to G rated movies in the same complex. There’s no reason why being transparent through a ratings system will harm family nudism – in fact, it will probably strengthen it because it will reinforce the rules and definitions by which people behave. Right now you have this “one size fits all” policy which only fosters a climate of lies and cover ups.
    Yes, AANR’s membership is declining, but I’m not convinced that AANR’s GAT has made any meaningful difference in how nudity is perceived in America. Most of the strides in body acceptance have been made at the grass roots level with events such as the World Naked Bike Ride, the Fremont Solstice Parade, Fantasy Fest in Florida, the Spencer Tunick installations, and the Bare to Breakers event in San Francisco. Lina Esco’s “Free the Nipple” campaign and film have done more to bring public attention to topfreedom equality than either AANR or TNS have done in their entire existences.
    As a point of fact, AANR’s appeasement policy with the California Department of Parks and Recreation undermined the efforts of the NAC in helping to keep San Onofre Beach clothing optional, doing real harm to the cause of free beaches.
    3) I don’t think that anyone with any inside track to the goings on at AANR would dispute the so-called “speculation” in this article. Jordan might not be 100% correct on his assessment, but he’s pretty much right on the money. AANR has put a gag order on all it’s organization people, but people are leaking things little by little, and eventually the truth will be clear. What is not being discussed is specifically why Mr. Schroer was so abruptly terminated, and if that reason was valid, or if some effort could have been made to correct the issue and keep him on. We do know that at least 4 members voted in his favor. 
    What’s counterproductive here is how AANR is currently operating, apparently from a very defensive stance. They’ve gone through three Executive Directors in three years, they are selling their headquarters, they are bleeding members and clubs, and the membership dues for a couple has risen to nearly $100 per year to compensate for the dwindling numbers. It’s clear that things are at a tipping point.

  • Como Vet

    1. Your call for transparency about the termination of an AANR employee or any other employee reflects your lack of understanding of HR policies and U.S. labor laws. Changes to employment status is protected privacy information. AANR would be in violation of these laws to release any information about their ED’s firing. Stop turning this into something it is not.
    2. Protection of the AANR brand is critical to the success of their Government Affairs program that has successfully protected family nude recreation from legislation that could make it illegal. In most cases, poorly constructed legislation designed to restrict strip clubs and prostitution may have the unintended consequence of restricting family nude recreation in appropriate places such at AANR clubs and clothing-optional beaches like Haulover. AANR’s credibility when dealing with legislators and government agencies would suffer if their brand included swingers and sexual recreation. You can’t expect lawmakers to take you seriously about the wholesomeness of family nude rec when your marketing materials rate member clubs according to the type of sexual activity that goes on there. AANR’s membership is declining, but their Government Affairs program has successfully beaten back harmful legislation for decades. This needs to be protected.
    3. Your assessment of AANR’s leadership and management issues is nothing more than speculation and counterproductive. Either you have the facts or you don’t. You don’t.

  • CyndiMartinekPhillips

    jfoxvog Why should we change AANR so it’s G rated? Nobody would go to them on vacations because there would be no alcohol or dances. How did you decide nudism was G rated? What criteria did you use? If that is how you want it how do you explain why AANR allowed clubs like Paradise Lakes to belong for decades?

  • GBSmith

    FFNR GBSmith
    I agree with your points but I wonder if there’s been any other analysis about financial gain to the AANR other than potential increase in membership.

  • GBSmith I would think that AARN and other organizations similar to these would benefit greatly. The organization that keeps their membership well informed about what is available at all location. Many bad and ill composed reviews are done on the various clubs because individuals go in blind to any club and when they are surprised by what is or is not offered these same individuals leave and bad mouth the location because it was not their cup of tea. 

    By being open about all clubs and being non judgmental in what they are putting out to their membership, allows everyone the opportunity to make educated decisions as to where they want to spend their recreational time.

    Maybe then a benefit to the members is being offered . Having this information provided would increase membership.

    As a footnote. People who are a part of the lifestyle community are in all locations regardless of what one might think. No different than out in the world wide community at large.

  • nudiarist

    GBSmith AANR would benefit by being open and truthful about the nature of activities at their affiliated clubs. For a couple of years a club in California was allowing BDSM clubs to hold meetings in their facilities, and furry fetish groups to hold “human fox hunts” on the grounds. For a while AANR tried to deny that anything like this was happening, and there was an attempt to cover it all up by asking these groups to simply not advertise the venue on their web sites. Naturally the truth finally came out, and that club is no longer in the AANR network. Several other clubs have been lost because they don’t adhere to the strict and archaic guidelines. It’s my understanding that Ponderosa Sun Club in Indiana, which advertises itself as a family nudist resort, cannot be an AANR affiliate because it hosts the “Nudes a Poppin'” adult event once a year. There’s no reason why clubs cannot be family friendly sometimes and adult friendly other times. As for legal support, there are tons of swinger clubs in the US and Canada and they are not hassled by law enforcement. For one thing, they are not “adult entertainment” because they are not hiring performers and charging people to see them, and they are not prostitution because people are not paying for sex. The adult film industry thrives even though they are hiring people to have sex for money and people are paying for the privilege to see the movies and photos which are the product of these activities. 
    You want “demonstrable, tangible benefit” of ratings? Well, the clear downside of not adopting a ratings system along with an acceptance of different lifestyles means the end of organized nudism in the United States. The two orgs that we have are way to small and divided to agree on how to even fight for the right to have free beaches. We need a bigger tent with a more tolerant attitude. Hardcore nudists are often so rabid about being accepted themselves in society that they are blind to accepting others who are like-minded about body freedom.

  • GBSmith

    I’m curious as to how the AANR would benefit from a rating system.  There’s not been a recent guide published as far as I know but would there be a financial benefit to include clubs that market to swingers or would they start accepting ads for the Bulletin and the e-news?  Would the AANR extend marketing NS lobbying for these clubs and would they provide legal support if issues were to arise about nudity combined with open acceptance of swinging?  For something like this to go forward there has to be demonstrable, tangible benefit for both sides and I guess I haven’t seen what that would be yet.

  • jfoxvog

    Only the clubs that would be rated “G” should be part of AANR.  This is what nudism stands for.  A rating system of those outside of AANR, by AANR, could be useful.

  • gentleyes

    First of all Jordan, I would like to thankyou for providing the clarity you have, on this issue.  Yes, I agree with the need for a rating system, absolutely!  Given the accuracy of your article on Bill Schroer, no, he should not have been fired!  The “Why not?”, is simply because new ideas are how we need to evolve into the mainstream as nudists.  The AANR must be pragmatic, not dogmatic, in order to evolve and sustain itself into our very diverse culture throughout this country, and the world!
        Personally, I am very disappointed that the AANR doesn’t have a rating system in place.  It is very much needed.  Everyone needs to be properly informed about the venues available to them, wherever they go, to be able to make the choices best suited to their interests.  One size does not fit all, and it’s time to make adjustments for diversity.  The AANR should respect all lifestyles-per belief, just as all lifestyles should respect all nudity-per individual!  The AANR should be the out there serving its membership, as an example of such respect, to the mainstream, otherwise, They’re no better than those who oppose social nudity on any account.   
         I am a member of the AANR.  As such, it is my hope that in time they will grow and evolve as stated.  
         I believe in the premise that Nude is B.E.S.T.!  This is to say that Nude is Beautiful – Ethical – Sexy – and Therapeutic!  When I say Sexy, I am speaking for our spiritual countenance as a whole!  This is the essence of our self worth, unhindered by secrecy – inhibition – doubt – and betrayal.  
         The rating system would provide the transparency needed, that is diminished by diversity.  Let’s face it, not everyone lives like Ozzy and Harriet!
         Stay Nude!  Be Happy!

  • nudiarist

    GrowlerMillet nudiarist If the press releases are “wrong”, as you say, then you are accusing AANR of deliberately spreading lies. As for letting Bill go, it is my understanding from a couple of sources that he received a phone call from Beverly Price and was told to clear out immediately. And yes, I would like to hear Mr. Schroer’s version of what happened, but I think that everyone is lawyered up and nothing official has been said. So much cloak and dagger from an organization that is lucky to have 30000 members today, making it more like a glorified club than anything else. You want to strengthen nudist and naturist rights? Then we need a brand new organization which is more politically motivated and advocates for true body freedom, and not simply interested in catering to private clubs and resorts. What are you paying these ridiculously high dues for? What has AANR accomplished in the past decade other than screw up relationships with clubs and members, muck up the situation at San Onofre, play musical chairs with Executive Directors, and  propose to sell their national headquarters with no stated plan for the future. Hey, I’ve supported AANR as much as possible over the past few years, but enough is enough.

  • GrowlerMillet

    nudiarist GrowlerMillet I think some of us are in too much of a hurry.  Let’s wait and see what we learn.  A lot of times the press releases and the rumors are very wrong.  Maybe there were good reasons to let Bill go, or maybe there weren’t.  It is done now and unless Bill chooses to pursue it, why do you?  Perhaps it was a mutual parting of the ways.  Perhaps Bill exceeded his authority in a way that was not acceptable.  I think we need to strengthen our nudist/naturist rights organizations, and I am willing to stay in AANR and TNS even when they do things I don’t agree with because I hope to keep my voice heard so that I can contribute to steering the organizations in the positive way I want them to go.  How about you?

  • IsisPhoenix

    FFNR Yvonne – beautifully said. I absolutely agree. Transparent information can guide people to the right place. When we are clear with what we offer, seekers can also find clarity within their own desires. Clarity brings integrity and alignment into a community.

  • IsisPhoenix

    So first of all Jordan, let me express my gratitude that you are speaking so openly about these issues and trying to piece everything together. I commend you for attempting to keep us all in the loop with what is going on with AANR which is a very prominent establishment in the nude community. Regardless of if we agree with what’s going on there or not, the members have a right to know. Gag orders are horrible and create shame and secrecy, which seems to go against AANR’s main ethics.  The lack of direct communication around large decisions that effect the members raises my eyebrows.

    I personally am absolutely in favor of a rating system with clubs and encourage transparency, communications and healthy conscious dialogue between all naturist organizations.

  • CyndiMartinekPhillips

    pipermac5 There are no hard won gains. Most people have no idea what really goes on and many think it’s all about sex.

    And the “sex clubs” have been in AANR for decades and just ignored. Where have you been?

  • pipermac5

    On second thought, since we already have a serious perception problem with textiles, and particularly among church-going textiles, maybe we should implement that rating system AND make the ratings public. Since textiles already believe that we are perverts and sex-fiends, we may as well confirm their suspicions. That way, when a Christian nudist goes to church, if anyone suspects that they are a nudist, they will automatically be told to hit the four-lane and never come back, that is unless they repent of their evil lifestyle and renounce nudism.

    While we are at it, let’s rename AANR to AANR&SC, for American Association of Nudist Resorts & Sex Clubs. That way, even if we do manage to get someone to believe that AANR, formerly ASA, was founded by a Baptist minister, it will be abundantly-obvious how far down the road to hell our lifestyle has gone.

    Of course I am being facetious with this, but only to illustrate a point. That point being: Are we willing to throw away all the hard-won gains we have made in public perception of our lifestyle by bringing sex-clubs into the fold of main-stream nudism? Are we ready for that? Are we willing to be bystanders as we watch our chosen lifestyle be driven even more underground? I want MORE freedom to live as a nudist, not less. How about you?

  • I agree that a rating system should be in place. The clubs themselves should be allowed to offer the information as to their own ratings without prejudice and these supporting organizations should continue to be non judgmental as we all claim to be. It is not AANR, the FCN and any other organization that pays the bills at the various locations and the Owners of these clubs and resorts should be allowed to express what is and is not available and or allowed. Hence a well informed decision can then made by those individuals that wish to visit the location to meet their needs. Educating people is paramount and eliminates any guessing, embarrassments and or surprises at the end of the day.

    These organizations need to move with the times as well as the Club Owners. 

    The bottom line is that if someone has a need to be fulfilled or a certain desire. Be it nude sunbathing, recreational nudity, a certain lifestyle, ect.  these individuals will find there own homes in good time anyway. 


    Yvonne Gibson
    Club Owner of Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch

  • GBSmith

    I emailed the head of our region and this was her reply:
      “Because of confidentiality to protect Bill, even if I knew more I couldn’t share it.  Did you see the recap of last weekend’s meeting in the eNews?  That will give you some idea about differences that Bill had with the board.”

       I took a look at the blog post and in addition to the ratings proposal it looked like the board opposed Schroer on 2-3 other points so it looks like there was trouble that was more broad based.

  • RoscoeArnold

    • Do you agree with the need to implement a rating system for AANR nudist clubs?

    No. If a club wants to have the support of a national organization, and be a participating member club, then they should follow the requirements of membership. A rating system about swinging levels would also confuse the general public even more about nudism/naturism being non-sexual. Accreditation could be a great option though. Instead of paying dues for automatic membership as a club, they could apply for accreditation. 

    • Do you agree that Bill should have been let go? If so, then why? If not, then why?

    No. Bringing new ideas forward is how a declining organization can reverse the exodus of members. Not all ideas work out (New Coke, Crystal Pepsi, etc.) and not all ideas should be followed through with (Qwikster). If the board and the president did not agree with the idea, they could decide not to go through with it. It is not like the Executive Director can create an executive order, ignoring the board.

    • If you are paying dues as a member of AANR, do you know what AANR is specifically doing with your money?

    I am a member. I would like more information on the activities (political, lobbying, member benefits). An annual budget listing on the website may by beneficial. I want to see AANR succeed in nudism/naturism gaining more support in communities everywhere, and removing my financial support would go against that plan… and with too many people removing their own financial support we are seeing less and less success. 

    It is similar to a zoo that lost their accreditation… for not having enough money coming in and not paying employees on par with other zoos. The result? Even less money coming in from grant options and other sources. With now less money for upkeep and animal care, they could need to house animals elsewhere, and in such having fewer visitors, that spend less money? It is like a downward spiral. We have an opportunity to change this with the AANR. As members, we can start to change the org from within. 

    Yes, Bill’s firing is a bump in the road to change… but hopefully it is a learning experience for the board and the members. We need more members to be active and have their voices heard… instead of removing financial support of the oldest and most known organizations. Politicians and courts know the AANR… it needs to change, but also needs support to assist in that change.

  • nudiarist

    GrowlerMillet nudiarist We’re talking about an Executive Director, not a stock boy. Full transparency on this issue should be demanded by every member of AANR, and by the owners of every club. And if AANR wants new members, they need to assure everyone of interest that this firing was justified. Secret executive session votes and vague public statements do not reassure me, nor anyone else with some semblance of intelligence about this issue. Three Executive Directors in three years, the selling of the headquarters building, an erosion in the base of clubs and members are not evidence of a healthy and forward moving organization. If there was good reason to fire Mr. Schroer, one would think that an organization in trouble would try and find some way to stem the tide of criticism, skepticism and speculation, or, perhaps, the silence on this issue is a sign of an organization in more that mere “trouble” – an organization on the precipice of death.

  • GrowlerMillet

    nudiarist GrowlerMillet

    As an employee, rather than a member or board member, yes, Bill could be fired, but since we don’t know the specifics, we should keep an open mind, and a tolerant outlook. 

    Maybe there was a good reason for Bill to be fired, maybe not, but until we know all the facts, and we probably never will, then we should just accept that employment is never permanent and if you can’t get along with your employer, then you need to seek employment elsewhere.

  • GrowlerMillet

    FelicityJones GrowlerMillet  
    Hi Felicity,

    Thanks for your reply!

    I don’t think you really mean to call me blind, because you know I am not.  

    I do not support everything that AANR does, and that goes for the things that Bill S. did and  wanted to do in the name of AANR.

    I think you mean to claim that I said that only Members can comment – but really what I said was that only members have the right to AANR internal information.

  • CyndiMartinekPhillips

    ChristopherJudson The bottom line is that AANR allowed clubs that weren’t family friendly for decades and ignored what was going on at places like Paradise Lakes simply because they could not afford to lose their biggest source of members.  They are hypocrites. 
    Actually if not for 100% clubs AANR would have already gone under. Being forced to join AANR when joining a club doesn’t make your membership like what you are doing and what you are about.
    After AANR ignored Bill Martin’s club Natura years ago, ignoring what he was doing and how he was doing it while not protecting the AANR members that lived at the Florida Naturist Park from his abuses sealed the deal for me.

  • nudiarist

    GrowlerMillet Apparently when people try and change AANR from within they are fired.

  • nudiarist

    GlennGamblin AANR is not going to rate clubs on cleanliness and quality of amenities because that would be counterproductive financially. At least at one club I know, the members usually have to clean the toilets because management simply doesn’t do it. (there are tons of other issues there, too). Also, some of these clubs are 100% with AANR, meaning that each and every member of those clubs is forced to pay annual dues to AANR, or they cannot be a member of the club. This is how AANR stays afloat, so if they start rating their network clubs and the ratings are bad, they are shooting themselves in the foot. With big clubs like Desert Sun, Lupin Lodge and Caliente leaving recently, AANR is left with the mom and pop operations which are fading fast. The idea of one organization existing to dictate how independent clubs are run is archaic, and doomed to failure. AANR can cling to their bylaws and ethics all they want, but without a sound business plan they are sinking fast.

  • nudiarist

    livefyrebob Keep in mind that AANR is also selling their Kissimmee building, and there is no talk about replacing Mr. Schroer, at least publicly. How much more can they shrink?

  • GrowlerMillet Well good thing they have blind supporters like you to defend them.
    As if only non-members can comment on the politics of a major organization. Maybe in your little world, dude.

  • GrowlerMillet

    “Do you agree with the need to implement a rating system for AANR nudist clubs?”

    No – either they are AANR approved or not and if not they do not benefit from AANR recognition.

    “Do you agree that Bill should have been let go? If so, then why? If not, then why?”

    There are not enough facts to go on – you are going on hearsay and speculation.

    “If you are paying dues as a member of AANR, do you know what AANR is specifically doing with your money?”

    Yes,  because I read The Bulletin and attend meetings – do you?  Oh, that’s right you aren’t a member and it is not your concern.

    “If you have any insight or know something I don’t, then please let me know!”

    I know not to jump to conclusions and rely on hearsay and speculation.  Bill had some good ideas but many of his plans did not keep with real nudist values.

    “If I was mistaken in anyway about the facts – I want to know! (I am only going based on what I was able to find out and could not get Beverly to give a public statement).”

    You have not given any facts about why because you do not know any.  You are not a member and are not given information that members are given.  If you want a say in the AANR organization, then join and volunteer your assistance. Please do not denigrate a fine nudist organization just because you don’t agree with them.  Support the organization you agree with, create your own (you have, and I commend you for that,) or influence the organizations you want to influence, from within.  There you may find people to support your influence.  Throwing stones is not the way to resolve differences.

  • livefyrebob

    Should we be setting up a fund for AANR employees who will be let go if AANR shrinks further?

  • GlennGamblin

    I, for one, would have appreciated a “rating system.”  Not just in terms of the level of “adult activity” but also in terms of cleanliness, quality of rooms, food, all sorts of things.  AANR gives you a list of clubs, where they are (sometimes the links work, sometimes they don’t) and it’s up to you to find out (from online reviewers or FB Friends) if it’s worth what they’re charging.
    Go home, AANR – you’re dead.

  • nudiarist

    pipermac5 A ratings system would be a policy of transparency.

  • nudiarist

    ChristopherJudson A rating system would ensure that the clubs you visit are family-friendly. AANR network clubs already vary greatly in clientele and activities, best to be upfront and honest about what’s going on rather than continuing the culture of lies and cover-ups.

  • NotanlinesGuy

    We don’t think the rating system is such a bad idea for nudist resorts. It’s a known fact that a fair amount of nudists are also swingers, but are able to keep the two separate when needed. With a rating system you would know if there is any of that allowed at all, or if it was a totally family friendly resort. I like the descriptions of the rating system you gave here.

  • pipermac5

    I don’t think that we should need some form of rating system, particularly since AANR advocates for NON-SEXUAL nudity. What was done was underhanded and bass-achwards, and there needs to be public accountability by the board and its members for their actions.

    I can’t support AANR as long as its management refuses to be open and transparent.

  • nudiarist

    I have been advocating a ratings system for years. I agree with Bill 100% on the idea. I am so upset at this regressive action by AANR that I am not renewing my membership. I urge everyone to do the same.

  • Please note the UPDATE to this article. It was previously stated that Schroer advocated to include lifestyle / swinger resorts in AANR. This is false. Schroer was only proposing a rating system for nudist clubs and resorts.

  • ChristopherJudson

    Bottom like I think AANR sponsored clubs need to be family friendly and I support anything they need to do that!