Naked News Alert: This Weekend: 7th Annual Philly Naked Bike Ride

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7th Annual Philly Naked Bike Ride on August 29, 2015

Guest blog by: Matt Deifer & Maria Serrahima

The 7th Annual Philly Naked Bike Ride (PNBR) is upon us! Join us on Saturday, August 29, 2015 in Philadelphia, PA for our biggest and most colorful ride to date! PNBR started in 2009 as one of many rides that participate in World Naked Bike Ride protest movement. We ride in solidarity with over 3,000 riders to spread the message of cycling advocacy and body positivity. The vast majority of our participants ride their bikes, but we also have roller-bladers, skateboarders and runners accompany us on the 10 mile route through the City of Brotherly Love.

cyclists philly world naked bike ride philadelphia pnbr yna

Philly World Naked Bike Ride. Photo: George A. Winstead

philly world naked bike ride cyclists pnbr philadelphia yna

Photo: Nathan Raupach (NaterPix)

PNBR is currently the second largest naked bike ride in the country, with Portland leading the way. It’s our hope, through our grassroots movement, to continue to grow and have riders of all ages, body types and ethnicities join us. Cycling can be for everyone and can seem intimidating to those who have yet to ride. Fear not! This is not a race and we ride together in a huge group at a leisurely pace. Our bike ride is a lighthearted protest filled with color, music, laughter, bodies and bikes all brought together with the common goal of embracing each other as we are, and living a healthy lifestyle by decreasing our dependency on oil.

We’re lucky to be located in a city with a growing reputation for its cycling infrastructure and urban trails. In July 2015, USA Today named Philly’s Schuylkill River Trail the best urban trail in the country! Philadelphia’s increasing number of residents who prefer a healthy and sustainable form of transport, coupled with our city’s improvements, have made Philadelphia a top cycling city in the country. It’s no surprise that the Philly Naked Bike Ride has grown so impressively throughout the years.

As the ride has gotten larger it has attracted many artists and small businesses to support the event. The last several years the PNBR participants have embraced decorating their bodies with colorful messages in record numbers. The growth in bodypaint’s popularity can be attributed to Matt Deifer and his team of artists from It’s become a main attraction of the pre-ride festivities where people adorn themselves with Jackson Pollock style paintings that that include body paint, holi powder and glitter. We also provide a DIY body paint section where riders can paint each other in their own unique style and messages. This year, we have amassed our biggest team of bodypainters ever and we created a fundraiser to purchase a huge amount of body paint supplies.

cyclists body painting philly world naked bike ride philadelphia pnbr yna

Cyclists decorated in holi powder, glitter & body paint at the Philly World Naked Bike Ride. Photo: NYC Pixelista

philly world naked bike ride pnbr holi powder body art yna

Artist Matt Deifer throws holi powder on 3 cyclists. Photo: Nathan Raupach (NaterPix)

philly world naked bike ride pnbr holi powder body paint art yna

Photo: Nathan Raupach (NaterPix)

Body painted couple at PNBR

Photo: Nathan Raupach (NaterPix)


Our team of organizers have also been working hard to provide some really fun post-ride options. These events will be supported by some of Philadelphia’s most celebrated food trucks, restaurants and bars. Details about our afterparties, pre-ride festivities and the route of the ride can be found online 24-48 hours before the event on our official website,

It seems like everyone in the city is excited about this year’s ride and it’s safe to say that PNBR has become a cornerstone annual celebration in Philly! With your help we can become the largest naked bike ride in the world! We want to see thousands of colorful naked, smiling bike riders in the streets this Saturday. Help us make this happen by spreading the word. Grab your wheels and your friends, and join us!

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