12 Reasons Why Nudism Is The Way To Go

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Are You Wondering “Why Nudism” is beneficial?

We keep on getting this question, “why nudism?” For those of you who are wondering why a person – specifically, you – should become a nudist, this one is for you!

why nudism

Why nudism

Are there any benefits to nudism?

Actually, there are a lot of benefits to being a nudist and practicing nudism. Some might be obvious while others might not occur to some people. By the end of this list, you may just want to escape the confines of clothing and run as free as the rest of us!

  1. Less money spent on laundry detergent and less clothes to wash! Face it, people are lazy and would rather be doing other things. If you become a nudist, you can have dinner naked and not have to worry about scrubbing out food stains from clothes.
  2. Nudists don’t care if you aren’t wearing the hottest clothes of the season. You may have previously spent hours at the local mall, picking out the perfect dress, wondering if it’s the right shade of blue; but a nudist lifestyle requires only the color of your skin.
  3. Bathing suits get wet. And after they get wet, you still have to walk around in them, waiting for them to dry out. As anyone who has ever been to a “regular” / textile pool can attest, it’s uncomfortable and sloshy. Nudity and skinny dipping take out the useless textile barrier. All you have to do is jump in the water and then jump out. No fuss required, and a quick dab of the towel and you are dry.
  4. You will never have to wear your grandmother’s ugly handmade sweater. You know, the kind that makes you cringe just by looking at it, what with all the bows and buttons. She can’t make you wear it, because you’re a nudist.
  5. People who participate in social nudism will almost always report that it gave them a healthier outlook on the way they feel about their bodies.
  6. Less sexual tension. Yes LESS sexual tension! It is a great misconception that nudity and sexuality are one and the same. A girl wearing a sexy dress will always look more alluring, inciting and sexual than a nudist who just goes about her daily routine while nude.
  7. It has been proven by many studies that exposing your whole body to the warm rays of the sun can help with all kinds of skin disorders.
  8. Equality. Naturism is known as “the great equalizer.” Clothing is a big indicator of socioeconomic status, and without it, no one knows how wealthy you are or what your job is. Moreover, it eliminates the power dynamic between the sexes, where women are naked objects to be admired by clothed men. In naturism, people are all just human beings enjoying the elements.
  9. Being naked has an overall calming effect on a person’s psyche. Some might even argue that if more people would be nudists, there would be less wars in this world of ours.
  10. Acceptance. When people are completely nude, they feel more vulnerable. This vulnerability increases people’s sensitivity towards others. Not to mention the fact that nudists tend to be more open minded and accepting of others.
  11. You can make jokes about nudity to your heart’s content any time you want. Want to celebrate your birthday in your birthday suit? You can. Exchanging puns and clever quips with other nudists is bound to be fun. Your creative mind can reel at the possibilities.
  12. People listen more. Because most nudists will go to lengths to not seem creepy, they will maintain more eye contact. This in-turn forces them to listen more and look less.

Consider this a partial list and feel free to add your own thoughts and feelings about why nudism is positive and healthy lifestyle.

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Jordan Blum is a lifelong nudie and co-founder of Young Naturists America.
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    Nudism really is quite counterintuitive. One thing I really hate is going to a party or other gathering where there are lots of people I don’t know. But I have the exact opposite feeling when going to a nudist event. We judge people when we meet them – rightly or wrongly – in large part based on what they’re wearing. We make choices about who we do or don’t want to talk to based on that, and at times it’s so overwhelming that you wind up not talking to anyone. Take the clothing out of the equation, and you can start from a place of complete lack of preconception.