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Young Naturists America (YNA for short) is an organization for all social nude-friendly people interested in naturism, nudism and nudie related activities. At Young Naturists and Nudists America we advocate for tolerance, acceptance, positive body image and many other social causes. We welcome everyone regardless of age, race, color, sexual orientation, tattoos and piercings. Our community of nudists and naturists is based out of the NY / NJ / PA area but we have naked events and promote social nudity all over the world! If you would like to help us impact the world in a positive manner, consider becoming a member or making a donation. When it comes to nudism or naturism, Young Naturists and Nudists America is the premiere, trusted, go-to source for quality information and naked related news as well as naked events and nude parties! And remember... at YNA, it's all about the love!

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Body Image Blogs

Bare Reality: Talking Breasts With Laura Dodsworth

An Interview with Laura Dodsworth, Creator of ‘Bare Reality’ I first came across Laura Dodsworth’s project through a friend, back when she was still looking for women to share their stories for a new endeavor. The stories were to be specifically all about breasts – do you love them, hate them, why, etc. I was ... Read More...
Latest Naked News

ClothesFree Nudist Video Sparks Discussion

A ClothesFree Naked Video At Deep Creek Hot Springs – Naturist or Voyeuristic? Nudist Videos – The Debate begins: For those of you who might not be familiar with it, there is a website called that cranks out “nudist” and “naturist” related videos. I tend to find very few websites that have...

Felicity's Naturist Blog

New Jersey Nudity Laws Guide

New Jersey Nudity Laws and How They Apply To Naturist Events Guide To New Jersey Nudity Laws Given the legal issues that naturists often face, it can be very useful to have a good understanding of state nudity laws. In any state it can be an ongoing battle to pursue naturist activities outdoors or indoors. There are ... Read More...
Dating Naked VH1

From Being Naked and Afraid to Dating Naked – Why Is TV Nudity Doing So Well?

From Being Naked and Afraid to Dating Naked - Why Is TV Nudity Doing So...

Recent Nudist Blogs and Nudism Articles

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What Can Naturists Do To Make Society More Accepting of Naturism? Recently one of our YNA facebook group members posted a statement about the need for us naturists to get more aggressive in promoting our lifestyle. One of the main points was that we can never fully realize a normal life of nudie fun while …
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Topeka Proposes Regressive Anti-Nudity Ordinance Because of One Naked Man Sometimes, for naturists, the law is on our side. I don’t know how it came to be, in a state like Kansas, that it’s legal for people to be naked in public (given there is no sexual behavior), but we’re all for it. However some …
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Polyamory and Living Life with Many Loves We have recently noticed a trend where certain groups may be more open to nudism and naturism than others. We all know the 30/30 theory where it’s estimated that 30% of swingers are nudists and visa versa. But there are a few other groups of people that seem to …
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