First Time Topless Girl

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A Topless Girl Story

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Topless Girl At The Beach

Topless Girl At The Beach

Topless Girl In St. Martin

Topless Girl Story – When I was 15, my parents took me to St. Martin for a week’s vacation. I was excited because we were going to the French side of the island, and, at the time, I was studying French in school. On the way to the hotel, my mom told me to stay by the hotel’s roped-off area, because there was a nudist beach not too far away.

She didn’t have to warn me. Back then, I would never take my clothes off anyway. I was a total nerd and had big hips and no breasts. I wasn’t going to show off my ugly body to anyone when I could hardly stand to look at it myself.

I couldn’t wait to go down to the beach and read in the sun. Once I walked out of the hotel doors onto the sand, I noticed almost all the sunbathing women were topless! Mom had forgotten to tell me about this being a topless resort. Maybe she didn’t know herself!

Then I noticed a bunch of teenagers my age who were playing a game of “half nude volleyball” on the sand. I was shocked how comfortable the topless girls were, wearing nothing but bathing suit bottoms or shorts. I wrapped my sarong around me tighter and tried not to look anywhere but straight ahead. I was nervous, embarrassed and in culture shock.

After a while I heard the teens speaking French. One of them said, “Let’s ask her if she wants to join us in a game of volleyball.” I was terrified, but a smiling, friendly girl, who said she was from Canada, started to pull me over to where they were playing. “Come join us,” she said in French. “My name is Colette.”

Colette and I became instant friends. Before long, I felt foolish all wrapped up like a mummy in my sarong. So I took it off. We had a great game and lots of laughs. I stopped noticing the topless girls and just noticed how nice they were. It took me a whole day, but I eventually took off my top, too. After all, even my mother wasn’t wearing her swimsuit top!

By the time our vacation was almost over, I was very comfortable being topless. On my last day of vacation, Colette and I went down to the nude beach and skinny dipped! Coming out of the water completely naked, I felt free and I felt BEAUTIFUL.

I could not wait to go back! I loved my first experience with nudism and will cherish that experience forever!

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