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Family nudism, nudity in the family and raising nudist kids

| June 13, 2013 | 2 Comments

Nudity, Family Nudism and Raising Nudist Kids

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Family Nudism and Raising Nudist Kids

Nudism  is a way of life, a philosophy for some. It’s not about stripping off one’s clothes to be an exhibitionist. It is about personal freedom and acceptance of the human body in all its forms and beauty.

I grew up in a nude home that supported nudism and family nudity.

It was only natural that my husband and I also practice family nudism. When in private, we and our children  refrain from wearing clothing in our house and secluded garden. We’ve chosen a home that is away from others, allowing us to express ourselves in our own way.

Family Nudism is one form of expression for us. Just as others choose certain clothing to wear, we, in our family, simply choose to wear none.

Family nudism, nudity in the family and raising nudist kids

Family nudism, nudity in the family and raising nudist kids

Our  young kids, ages four and six, have complete acceptance of their bodies. They know the proper names for their anatomy and use them accordingly.

There is no fear or embarrassment about seeing a person naked. My husband and I often speak about how beautiful our children are. Nudity, in many ways, has brought us all closer together.

As a family, we respect the rights and wishes of others as well as most social norms. If  company comes to call, such as other children from from our kids school, or when we go out in public, everyone is dressed. However, as soon as privacy is restored, we are all quick to shed any covering and poof – back to being the naked family again.

There’s nothing like the sensation of the fresh air and warmth of the sun on the naked body. None of us are uncomfortable while nude in the least. There is nothing  sexual about being a naturist and there is nothing sexual or obscene about simple family nudity as well.

We simply enjoy being nude and believe that there is nothing wrong with being in our natural state as we go about our daily lives.

From day one, both my husband and I grew up with in nudist families. We used to gather for special nudist functions so from a young age, we became accustomed to seeing each other’s naked bodies.

Denial of the human body will not be a problem in our family. There was no sense of taboo with regards to being nude, nor was there a feeling that something should have been hidden.

As we grew older, my husband and I grew closer and as time went on, we became a couple. As such, we were ready to explore each other in a other responsible ways too.

One day, they will grow up and find partners of their own. As our children mature, we wish to teach them the same values and hope they will learn to be responsible and caring adults.

We can only hope that they will find others who will accept their bodies and will live in complete acceptance of their natural state if that is what they wish.

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Very nice.  If only more families would live this way.