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Nudist Beach Questions and Answers

| November 1, 2012 | 1 Comment

Answers To Your Nudist Beach Questions By YNA

Your Nudist beach Guide By YNA

Nudist Beach – Before we actually go into the subject of the nude beach itself we would like to make it very clear what nudism is. Nudism is far different from porn or sex, as wine is from a cup of coffee and people must not confuse the rather seedy world of pornography or sex for titillation with the nudist philosophy.

Before we get to the Nudist Beach, let’s start with – What is nudism?

Well, the very use of the word is a bit of a but for bar room jokes. BUT many people who are part of this movement really prefer the word naturist because that sums up what they are about much more succinctly.

We all entered the world naked, and this was the way that men and women walked around during a large chunk of our history. Of course the weather played a part in why people ever wore clothing, as it still does today. But as our natural selves, sans clothing, we are all on the same level. The doctor and the mechanic are indistinguishable without uniforms or anything to indicate their profession.

What is a nudist beach?

This should not be mistaken for a topless / topfree beach where the genitals are covered up. A nudist beach is a place where complete freedom of our bodies is the norm and where clothing is an option that is rarely taken advantage of. These types of beaches, for the most part, started in Europe but now can be found all over the world. Some are private whilst others are parts or allocated sections of “normal” textile beaches. There are lots of reasons for visiting a nudist beach, not the least of which is the feeling of complete freedom, being one with nature and the joy of walking around in our natural form as we were intended to be.

A lot of nudist beaches have been such for many years and are not managed by any type of formal agreement. With that said, others have fought and won for their right to exist. The nudie friendly areas are usually “segregated” or are in more isolated parts of the coastline. Sometimes there are signs posted to stop people who don’t feel at ease with naturism to let them know about any possible encounters with naked people.

So what is so wrong about going nude on a beach? For most people who have not experienced it, there is a certain fears and misconceptions that by exposing their genitals and being among lots of nude people people may find it difficult not to get aroused. In reality this type of beach environment is no more sexually charged than a textile beach is, and the experience is far less intimidating than the thoughts that you might embarrass yourself.

For the most part, people on nudist beaches carry on with the same types of activities as a textile beach. Volleyball, water skiing and Frisbee; they just do it without the clothes.

The attractions of going to a nude beach are obvious, as skinny dipping or scuba diving in the nude makes for a totally different experience. If you can get over your initial reservations and give it a try, you may get hooked.

Below is a guest blog that we felt might be helpful for those who wish to hear about a personal experience at a nudist beach by a newbi nudie!

San Onofre Nude Beach

Nudist Beach At San Onofre California

A first Time Nudist At A Nudist Beach

(Guest Blog By Anon which we thought would be of interest to people)

A First Timers Nudist Beach Experience:

The first time I went nude was when I was 22 at a nudist beach in the Florida Keys. The beach was a clothing optional one , and I had always wanted to run along the beach in the nude so I decided that I would do it. Well, that was when I started feeling a little bit of fear about the whole experience. I saw that there were other people there, and I just felt a little bit self conscious even though most were naked.

Nudist Beach

Beware Of The Nudists :)

There was a beautiful red sunset that lit up the sky. After sepending some time psyching my self up I finally I just convinced myself that I was going to do it!

I took off my clothes and then just took off! I ran down to the the waters edge as fast as fast as my feet could carry me. From the moment I started my mad dash towards the water I could not help but feel free, like a child, and the feeling of the wind on my body was outstanding. All the fears that I had bout my body & the way I looked just faded away as I was running towards the ocean. Once the sandy beach came to an end and I reach the water, I jumped into the ocean, and it was so freeing to be totally naked and totally me. Out there in the water, with not a stitch of clothing I felt totally one with god and nature.

naked woman nudist beach

Just a great naked walk on the nudist beach

Then I decided that I wanted to run along the nudist beach. The feeling of the soft sand on my feet was exhilarating and all the while I was filled with pure happiness, being there completely naked with nothing to hide. The nudist beach was medium sized, but there were not a lot of people there and that is where I would recommend starting out… Especially for people who are unsure or timid, the best place to start is somewhere where you will be comfortable.

The thing that I noticed about being there was that no one seemed to care that I was naked. We were all just doing our own thing and the fact that no one was wearing any clothing was okay. I realized that we are all okay as far as other people were concerned. Big, small, fat, tall, dark skin or light, no one really cared about the wrapping I came in.

After the sunset I was heading back to my car when I ran into a couple from England and we sat and talked for a while before I left.

I’m 24 now and I would definitely say that this was a worthwhile experience, and I would definitely do it again. I see things differently since that day. The way I see my body & the way I think about others has completely changed. While I am not a nudist or a naturist, my first experience with social nudism left me far more accepting of the way I look and feel about me!

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