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YNA WI To Host Nude Bowling Party

| October 13, 2012 | 4 Comments

Nude Bowling Party and Packers Game

Nude Bowling Party – What is a Naked Party?  Besides the obvious, what’s the difference between a clothed party and a naked party?    For most of you, this may be a new experience and you have a million questions.   So let me give you some differences and then some details for our upcoming party.

Nude Bowling Party YNA

Nude Bowling Party by YNA Wisconsin

If you’re going to a clothed party and you don’t know anyone, you’re probably going to scope out the room, judge people (usually by what they’re wearing), and stand or sit off to the side.   Then because you’re board, you head over to grab some snacks and beverages which now gives you something to do.   If you’re lucky, someone may make small talk or if you’re one of the brave ones, you might engage in a conversation…keep looking at your watch and make up an excuse to leave at a reasonable hour.   SOUND FAMILIAR???

Now you’re going to a naked party …and this is what you can expect.   You will be greeted at the door by some very friendly people who are glad that you made it.   You will see a lot of people talking, laughing and talking with some friends, some longtime friends and some that they’ve just met.   You’ll be invited to undress to your level of comfort and on your time.   You’ll also notice just how many people will want to get to know you and before you realize, it will be time to get dressed and leave.

You are invited to our Naked Bowling and Packer Party on Nov 4th from 11:30-3:30.   For one price, you will have unlimited bowling and drinks (excluding premium drinks) or for $5 more, you can have lunch included…all while watching the Packers play.   YNA members receive a discount.   What are the benefits of YNA…I’ll write about that in my next blog.

For more questions, please email: ynawisconsin[at]gmail.com

Hope to see you there!

-Chip Hudson

Young Naturists America


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Where in NJ-NY-CT-PA area is this party ? I AM IN


@Randybej Sorry to disappoint you, it's an event for YNA WI chapter - it's in Wisconsin my dear! We should get some nude bowling going in the northeast tho :)


@FelicityJones How about some activities in North Central Ohio?


MANY THANXXXXXXXX, NICE PEOPLES 4 THE BOWLING ARTICLE // peter watling jp / dribblepussy@ twitter