YNA Explains What A Naturist Really Is

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The Young Naturists Explain What Naturist Is

Naturist Defined:

A naturist is defined as someone who wears no clothing at home, in nature or at various social settings. However, becoming a member of the YNA naturist community involves much more than simply living a clothes-free lifestyle. The naturist way of life is also about embracing nature, exercise, respect for the people who share this earth and naturally, respecting the environment and mother nature. Naturists can and should actually use nudity as a means of enacting positive changes, both individually and socially.

The term “naturism” is basically interchangeable with “nudism”. So it goes without saying that for the most part a Naturists is a nudist and visa versa. The word naturist is more commonly used in Europe and nudist it the preferred nomenclature  in the united states. But some people, mostly in the USA like to make a distinction between the two. They claim that a naturist is someone who enjoys to be nude while in a natural setting such as a forest, lake or nude beach and a nudist will enjoy being nude all the time and every chance they get. Some claim that nudists are interested in more of a social nudism setting while naturist might be more reclusive. That said, for all intent and purposes and especially in the United States, the terms should be interchangeable. As is, the nudist movement is far too divided and a little unity might go a long way.

Basically, whether or not you call yourself one or the other, both pretty much like the same sort of activity. The activities that they participate in and the locations they visit are the same. Both like to go to the beach, visit nudist resorts, enjoy social nudism and social nudity as a whole.

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Young Naturists America

Why do people become naturists?

Naturists are attracted to the lifestyle by a number of benefits. For example, many naturists notice that they feel more accepted when interacting in nude environments. Clothing has long been an indicator of social status, and groups of naked people are less likely to feel divided by differences that are no longer apparent. This lack of social rank makes it easy to feel more united with humanity. Another reason so many people become naturists is that it returns them to a more liberated and natural state, free from many dysfunctional modern habits.

Those just joining the naturist / nudist community can expect to meet a very friendly and accepting group of people. Naturists are typically inclusive, and newcomers should not worry about not fitting in. However, the rest of society is less tolerant of nudity. Working, shopping, and going out in public at all can make it difficult to maintain a clothes-free lifestyle. Society at large has many misconceptions about naturists, often associating their nudity with sexual misconduct. Learning to deal with the prejudices of family, friends, and acquaintances can be one of the issues that naturists face.

There are several prominent types of communities and facilities available to naturists. Landed clubs own their own clothes-free facilities, whereas non-landed clubs meet at various locations. Landed clubs can often be strict about membership requirements, which may not be ideal for more inclusive naturists. There are also vacation spots that are clothes-free, providing a welcoming recreational environment for naturists. Some naturists prefer to live on permanent clothes-free resorts, providing a refuge from the regulations of mainstream society.

There are many activities that make it fun to be part of the naturist community. Nude beaches are popular destinations for nude recreation and Europe has a particularly impressive array of clothing optional beaches. In countries like Denmark, all beaches are clothing optional. Naturists can also participate in virtually any sport or recreational activity without clothing. During the month of May, naturists encourage everyone to participate in World Naked Gardening Day. Naturists also organize the World Day of Naturism and help put together several international naked bike rides.

No matter what a person’s age or situation, the nudist lifestyle has a lot to offer. The YNA Naturists are people who value interacting positively with the natural environment and other people. Anyone who also values these things should learn more about what it means to be a YNA naturist.

Exploring the Naturist & Nudist Lifestyle

It’s strange to think about all the restrictions and rules that an individual must follow in modern society. While lots of rules are designed to keep other people safe, some rules don’t make very much sense at all. For example, nudity can turn a tame movie into an R or X-rated film. However, extreme violence or murder only warrants a PG13 rating.

In the United States, nudity is treated as a perversion. People shun their naked bodies as if they were marked with a scarlet letter. Instead of celebrating one’s body, people must hide them beneath layers of clothing.

A naturist nudist lifestyle can let an individual experience true freedom. Instead of being fettered by the bonds of society, an individual can express himself or herself physically, emotionally and spiritually in the non-judgmental naturist setting.

In addition, the nudist lifestyle can be a great way to boost one’s confidence in his or her body. Since people often experience feelings of insecurity related to sexuality, nudism can be a great way for a person to break these negative thought processes.

However, pursuing a nudist lifestyle will require one to take a leap of faith. In many cases, it can be challenging to break the societal norms and conventions that one has followed for his or her entire life. In addition, it may take time for one to become used to the exposed feeling of nudity and being naked, especially while in a social setting. However, it’s important to remember that one should not be ashamed of his or her body. Bodies are a celebration of a person’s true self & nature in this world. By pursuing a nudist lifestyle, it’s possible for an individual to experience this for himself or herself.

Naturism and Sexuality

Nudism has nothing to do with sexuality. The only reason people associate naturism & naturists with sexuality is due to how nudity is treated in the United States. In most cases, nudity in a movie is associated with romance scenes and other sexual acts.

While sexuality is a part of human nature, it isn’t mankind’s reason for existence. Since people only see others naked in sexual situations, the brain forms an artificial connection between nudity and sexuality. However, nudism doesn’t have to be associated with these acts.

In a naturist society, people are free to express their bodies in non-sexual ways. Men, women and children are allowed to break the societal bonds that hold most people back. In many cases, this relaxation of societal norms can encourage creativity and personal growth.

So in closing, call yourself whatever you like, or coin a brand new term because at the end of the day is about being naked and accepting people for who they are and not what they look like. Those are just a couple of the ideals that Young Naturists America YNA promote but there is so much work to be done and so little time! So come-on everyone, just get naked !

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