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Video: Nudist Naturist Christians Worship in the Nude

| November 2, 2010 | 7 Comments

National Geographic  –  Naturist Christians Worship in the Nude

Naturist Nudist Christians On National geographic:

Naturist Christians – As part of their “Taboo” series, National Geographic did an episode about nudity as a taboo. Part of it was about Catholic naturists who have church services and Bible studies in the nude! Watch the entire episode below.   It also discusses Wiccans and the “Festival of the Naked Man” in Japan.   The segment about nudity and Christianity starts at 13:43.

naturist christians national geographic nudity taboo religion

Jim Cunningham, naturist Christian in Vermont

Naturist Jim Cunningham leads nude Bible studies in Vermont. He says, “How can they call it indecent when God created in us his own image and likeness?”

At White Tail Nudist Resort in Virginia, Allen Parker conducts Christian church services in the nude.
It seems that some Christians support these naturists, while others call it blasphemy and “find it extreme.”
It’s interesting to see how some naturists see nudity fitting in well with Christianity, and that there are also Christians who find it completely wrong.

What do you think of this, readers?
Some of these naturists might also agree with this quote I once stumbled upon: “God’s original plan was to hang out in a garden with some naked vegetarians.”

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Funny where a search engine sends you, and how I have even more questions about Video: Naturist Christians Worship in the Nude


Religion isn't going to be the answer to "spread our message," but it certainly can be a medium to use. I'm always surprised when I find a Christian naturist site, it seems the conservative message of the religion would clash with the more liberal message of naturism. But, hell, what do I know... I'm a non-practicing, pagan Jew.


First off, hats off to Nat Geo for not blurring anything. Other than that I think the video brings up the age old generation gap problem. Younger people don't tend to be religious, etc... all of the people profiled in the piece were older, middle aged. Winning over a younger generation is going to take more than God. Love the quote "God's original plan was to hang out in a garden with some naked vegetarians." Now that might win over some naked souls.