Naturist Camping & Nudist Campgrounds – What you need to know

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A first timers guide to Naturist Camping and visiting Nudist Campgrounds

In addition to nudist resorts and nudist beaches, nudists are able to practice the naturist philosophy at nudist or clothing optional campgrounds. From spring til autumn, or throughout the year in warmer climates, many naturists enjoy camping in the nude. Nudist campgrounds invite people to relax nude / clothes-free, while communing with nature.

The management of these campgrounds, for the most part, believes in welcoming people of all colors, genders, shapes and sizes. The campgrounds are meant to provide a place for a naturist to practice his / her philosophy in a natural surrounding. Naturist families can meet people with similar interests in a safe, family-friendly nudist environment. Many nudist campgrounds advertise a “family friendly” environment, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they are populated with kids. Other campgrounds are for men only. So calling ahead before visiting these places might be a wise move!

nudist campground

Nudist campground with a pool

Naturist Camping – Facilities

Most naturist campgrounds provide a general store for the convenience of campers to pick up charcoal, ice and other simple necessities. Snack bars are sometimes available and a parking pad may be provided in some campgrounds, even for RV campers. Campgrounds vary in their shower and bathroom facilities. Some have indoor facilities and private shower stalls in a public building. Please note that some campgrounds might only have outdoor showers, without having anything in place for privacy. If this might be an issue then it would be wise to research the facilities beforehand.

Clothing Optional Campgrounds

Naturist Camping

Camping Naked

Some nudist campgrounds are, weather permitting, nudity-required. Others may be deemed clothing optional, but require nudity in the pool, lake or sauna. The term clothing optional means that each individual has the right to determine the amount of nudity he/she feels comfortable with. Due to health regulations, the staff may be clothed at all or at particular times. In today’s world, we see many couples where only one of the partners enjoys being nude in a public setting. Therefore a clothing optional campground would be the ideal choice for such couples or families. Some children might not enjoy being naked so for them a clothing optional campground would be preferred over naturist camping.

Naturist Camping Packing Considerations – Not much different than Regular Camping!

Sleeping bags
Padded mats
Propane camp stove
Ice chest
Insect repellent
Don’t forget your towel and something to keep your keys / money in

Nude Camping and Associated Charges

It may be necessary to join the American Association for Nude Recreation, The Naturist Society or YNA to visit some of the nudist campgrounds. There are various types of memberships available depending on the budget. Most nudist campgrounds charge from $15 to $20 for each tent per night, but the rates do vary based on the facilities that each campground provides. Some of the campgrounds are equipped with electrical and water hook-ups for RV campers but some might not. The charge for an RV site may be slightly more than a tent site.

Naked Camping Activities

Some campgrounds cater to a particular interest, while others offer a large variety of activities including:

SportsNude volleyball is generally offered on the beach, grass or sometimes a court. Many of the campgrounds provide walking and/or biking trails, shuffleboards and horseshoes.

Swimming – Beaches or pools may be provided for skinny-dipping. No need for concern over tan lines on these beaches.

Fishing and Boating – Some Naturist Campgrounds are located on lakes, rivers or near the coastline & may offer fishing and/or boating.

Family Night – Campground activities may include a family night where visitors may participate in a talent show, bonfire, drum circles, body painting or a even sing-along.

Special Interest – Naturists workshops or other special interest workshops may be offered at some of the campgrounds.

Playground – Family oriented campgrounds often provide a playground with swings, slides and climbing bars for children.

Other Considerations:

Parents should consider others and supervise their children appropriately. It is part of nudist etiquette to always sit on a towel. Public sexuality and voyeurism is not part of the naturist philosophy and is not permitted in nudist or clothing optional campgrounds.

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I love camping at these places. The people are so friendly and down to earth everyone is so relaxed.


Yes I have. It's not about being able to see nude girls or anything. I really enjoyed skinny-dipping in pool. It's a really cool feeling that you should try sometime.